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Kohaku Ryuu

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Sooo, How about a Full Metal Alchemist Roleplay? Group rp preferred, it would be a group of alchemists at a novice level setting out in the world to study different forms of alchemy, and find an area that suits each character. We can decide up front who gets what power, whether two people share abilities, tandem abilities, where one person converts a material, and the other uses the new materials, whatever we can think of.

I plan on making it a rather long RP, so I'm looking for people who are interested in sticking around for a while.

Also, no canon characters, and I would prefer new alchemy, with logical explanations.

Now that that is over with, who's with me?
What do you mean new alchemy?
I just mean non-canon alchemy, like nothing that they used in the shows. No roy gloves, no human bombs, that sort of thing. Make up something new and exciting.
Will it go by the FMA timeline at all? (Like are we starting when the Elric brothers just burned down their home, or when they've arrived at Central or when it's ended (and if it's ending, is it by the Anime's ending or Manga's ending, because I remember them to be quite different)

Or is it just set in a world with alchemy, similar to the world of FMA, but overall has very little to do with the actual FMA story?

Will we ever run into the FMA characters :D? That would be cool if the GM could implement that~
I haven't seen the show in a while, but from what I recall, it seems like something I'd take interest in. However, as has been said, you should be tad more specific about the time this takes place in. But personally, I'd prefer as litttle reference to canon characters as possible. I often find aspects of the charcter are left out or misinterpreted, and it's not really what I like to see.
Hmmm, Well, it'll take place in a timeline somewhere in the middle of the series. Depending on the stance our characters take on their own alchemy will depend on which characters they will have to fight, but I could throw in a few canon character NPCs to pal around with or fight. Who wants to fight scar? lol. but yeah, it will have little to do with the actual show or manga, and we will be making our own plot as we go along. General truths about the series still hold true. The central library can only be accessed by state alchemists, no human transmutations, and I would prefer that nobody sees the gate. I rped on a site that I'm basing this plot off of for two years, so I have a rather large knowledge of home-brew alchemy, and RP experience in the genera.
Yeah, I completely agree with what Rogue Sandwich said... I also don't remember the details of each episode/chapter plot specifically enough to role play accordingly without misconstruing an event or misrepresenting a certain person's character/purpose.

So I think what you said is perfect (assuming my understanding is correct)~ It is the basic principles of FMA, but with our own characters :D I imagine if it's out own story, we won't really interact with canon characters all that much ^^'

I think it's more exciting this way~! Since we get to create the story and what happens ^^
Yeah, if there is a canon character, it won't be in for long. Example, would be Bradley overlooking a state exam for a minute then leaving, should any of us choose to pursue that avenue. Their appearance would have no real influence over the overall plot. As for bosses or allies, we could always discuss those kinds of things later.
I'm in. Lets see...

The "Demon blade" Alchemist. Hehe, has a nice say to it.

Pretty much, long swords. Like the Long Swords in Monster Hunter.

I likes.
Me too ^^ I'd like my character to be a state alchemist as well, except perhaps she fails a couple times? Not sure what type of alchmeist yet, I'll have to think about that~
Very interested.
It has been a long time since I have done anything FMA related, so I might have to brush up on the content of the series again.
Well, that's enough to start the OOC. I'll throw it up tomorrow some time. I've got work now unfortunately....
I can't believe I never noticed this before. I'd be interested in a FMA RP. :D
I kind of want to but....


I'll work up a character sheet and see if I feel like I fit here ^^