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  1. Some time ago an rp friend of mine insisted i should watch Full metal Alchemist brotherhood and once i did i completely adored the show so after a while i started thinking of an FMA roleplay. I think i came up with a good one.

    My idea for this rp would be a conflict that takes place before the main series where Edward teams up with my OC, a state alchemist from the northern nation of Drachma to take down a rouge Drachma alchemist who is wreaking havoc across Amestris. Of course Drachma would turn out to have ulterior motives.

    For this idea to work i need a partner willing to play the hero, Edward Elric. Despite him being one of my favorite anime characters i never did any good playing as him so that's why i decided to take the Drachma alchemist instead. You are free to take any secondary characters you wish whether its a canon one or an OC.

    What you can expect from me?
    I like to think i am incredible easygoing. If you have an idea i'l be completely open to it and i'm very understanding of whatever schedule you may have. In general if i see your trying i'l stay silent about whatever flaw you might have or i'l at least be nice about it.

    I will be online to rp every day. At least a full hour, probably longer.

    I am Dutch but i have often been told my English is quite good for a foreigner. That's what it is though. My English is good but not perfect.

    I am no Grammar Nazi. I'm perfectly willing to overlook any slip up as long as you try your best. I feel i don't have any right to complain about it.

    What do i expect form you?

    That you put some effort into the rp. As long as that condition is met everything is negotiable.

    If you have your own idea's of how things should go then by all means say so. A rp is very much a team effort.

    I am always open to corrections to my Grammar. Just don't be a jerk about it.

    Well, this is an FMA rp so for this one liking FMA would be nice :D
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    Character Name: Ivan Konstantinov
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 14
    Birthplace/World: Drachma
    Occupation: state alchemist/Colonel


    General Appearance: Ivan is a slim, raven haired boy standing slightly taller then Edward. His eyes are a deep shade of purple and his skin is pale. Ivan's right leg is an automail. For his clothing Ivan wears a black fur coat with a white trim around the neck, black pants and gloves that hide his personal transmutation circle scared into his skin. Ivan's face still posses many boyish traits which along with his tender frame would have made him look very innocent where it not for his cold, often judgmental glares.
    Strengths: Ivan has excellent eyesight which makes him an excellent marksmen and always aware when something seems off.
    Weaknesses: Ivan does not posses a strong build. He is a skinny lightweight with very little muscles. This makes Ivan very vulnerable in close combat.

    The Chilling alchemist: Ivan received his title because of his ice related alchemy and because his glares and frosty attitude contrasted his almost innocent appearance so much it unnerved them.
    Primary alchemy: Ivan's alchemy formula allows him to freeze everything he touches whether it be water, weapons or his surroundings. Should a wound be big enough and where he to touch it his powers where enough to freeze even the blood inside someone's veins. All other schools of Alchemy however he posses to only a mediocre extend.


    Current Goal/Purpose: A secret to all. Ivan keeps his goals to himself and no one else. For the time being he is content with merely rising in the Drachma army.
    Talents: A true staff officer of the army. Ivan has a working knowledge of military strategies and good administrative and organisation skills. Ivan is also a good medic. While its not a good talent Ivan possesses a vile sort of cunning when it comes to his own advancements. While his skills are rightfully praised many of Ivan's promotions come from his talent of taking crucial actions at the right moment....when his superiors can't possibly miss it.
    Inabilities: Judging people. This applies to not only to others but also to himself. Ivan thinks to lowly of people to judge them correctly, often looking down on them. He also holds a to high opinion of himself. This problem often leads to Ivan underestimating his opponents to an extend something of his intelligence shouldn't.
    Fears: Small or closed off room's and the dark make Ivan nervous. A prolonged stay in a closed off room would cause Ivan to break down completely.
    General Personality: Most people that speak to Ivan would conclude he is as cold as his Alchemy element. Ivan barely seems to care about other people other then what they can bring to the mission or his own advancement. Any solution to problem would be chillingly practical. He is not unkind though and tries to be polite whenever he can because infighting benefits no one. In Amestris however Ivan's attempts to be polite often fail for one reason. He is a blatant Drachma supremacist, never letting a chance lay to sneer at the ''Tiny'' and ''pitiful'' country he is staying in and praising his own nation to high heaven.
    Inner Personality: Not nearly as loyal to Drachma as he appears, in fact Ivan harbors great resentment for the generals he blames for playing with people's lives and their strive for power above all else. The affection for his homeland is far more of a second nature adopted to survive and advance in his oppressive homeland then any kind of patriotism.
    Ivan keeps them to himself alone but he has far more emotions then he wants people to know. He genuinely enjoy's every moment a normal boy would experience to the fullest, thankful to experience at least some resemblance of the normal life he could not have.


    General History: Ivan came from the most humblest of backgrounds. His parents where both factory workers and when he was ''old enough'' he was put to work in the factory as well The work Ivan was made to do was cold, dangerous and paid so little he and his family still starved despite having work. At the age of 8 he escaped the factory to take part in ''The alchemist revolution'' A government program meant to spread the benefits of Alchemy to all of Drachma. When all the pretty words had been spoken it soon became apparent the program was little more then a glorified training camp aimed at mass producing state alchemist for Drachma's many wars. The training Ivan received here was aimed solely to be of use on the battlefield. Schools of alchemy that where deemed ineffective in war and even the basic respect for alchemy itself where disregarded. Despite being a state alchemist Ivan would never identify himself as an alchemist. He was a soldier that could use alchemy and nothing more.

    At the age of 10 Ivan completed his Alchemy exam and became the youngest state alchemist in Drachma, a feat impressive solely because of how many other children had been forced or tricked into becoming alchemists. In the following three years Ivan would fight in many conflicts. Thanks his intelligence and his habit of staying close to those of higher rank Ivan quickly rose in rank. At 11 years old he distinguished himself in the siege of Alesia peak in northern Amestris but in that same battle he lost his right leg.

    When Ivan was 12 he was part of an army employed to crush a rebellion. It would be the start of the most horrible time in his life. The army he was part of was crushed and Ivan himself was captured. For the better part of that year he would spend in captivity, locked up in a cage barely bigger then himself and in complete darkness. After a long time had passed Ivan was saved by the famed general Alexei but the event had left him with a lifelong phobia to everything related to his imprisonment.

    Present Life: The general that had saved Ivan took him under his wings and the worst year of his life was quickly followed by his best one. The general was one of the leading figures in the country so as his protege Ivan lived as royalty. He got to be clothed in the finest clothed, ate the finest food and lived in the most beautiful palace. Through the general he met almost everyone of importance and the important missions kept coming in. Two years after his imprisonment everyone in Drachma had heard of Ivan, the chilling alchemist. As quickly as his life had gone uphill again it threatened to fall to dark times just as quickly. After a failed campaign general Alexei seemingly went mad. He had his troops murder generals who had opposed him and with his loyalists marched south to Amestris where he wreaked havoc on the country. Not wanting a war with Amestris at this time Drachma disowned the general and promised Fuhrer general King Bradly their aid.

    Ivan had been left behind in Drachma were his masters actions made him the target of scorn and distrust. Seeing his chances for the future decline with the same speed at the general's sanity Ivan decided to take a mission that would clear his name once and for all. He easily convinced the government to make him the state alchemist responsibly for bringing General Alexei down. As his protege he knew more about him then anyone else after all. Any information he brought back about the enemy country would be worth much as well.

    There was another reason Ivan wanted to go to Amestris. He had heard many rumors of this ''Philosopher stone'' that supposedly destroyed a country overnight. Drachma would have need of such a weapon and more importantly Ivan would benefit immensely if he where the one to find it....perhaps to the extend he no longer needed Drachma.

    Both to track down his general in this foreign land he needed a partner who knew these parts and if he where to find the Philosopher stone then an expert on the subject would be good company. In other words he needed an Amestrian well versed in the red stone that would also aid him in fighting Alexei. The person who was all three of those things was an Amestrian State Alchemist.

    The full metal Alchemist.
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