FMA Based RP?

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  1. Basically, this would be an rp with OCs, maybe some major and minor characters from FMA and FMA: Brotherhood, where the characters have to go through similar events in both versions, but with a lot of changes. It would be a more serious and emotional type of rp, so it would probably benefit if you can post at least three lines.

    Other than that, I'm currently working on the rest of the details, but here's what I have so far for the basic idea and plot:

    The Ishbalan War ended about four years ago, with most of the Ishbalans in hiding, and many alchemists losing quite a bit from not being as needed. Within the military there are plans to be set in motion that will turn the entire country upside down and inside out, making changes that could be potentially disastrous or extremely helpful. Most Ishbalans try to live as peacefully as possible, but the government is having trouble accepting that. Several of the higher-ups have taken it into their power to ensure that certain plans are going to be made in secret with no knowledge outside of their small groups. There is a feeling of peace among most of the citizens, but most of the State Alchemists and some other government members, even some of the Ishbalans and citizens are starting to notice changes and having feelings of danger.

    So, other than the rough draft of the plot, which I know needs a lot of work, I would like to see if anyone is interested. You can play as an Ishbalan, a State Alchemist or any of the other types of roles in FMA.

    I would like at least 5 or 6 people interested before I start anything. And if you do want to play a character from the original series, or help me out with the planning and helping me out with other GM things, just PM me about it and we can try and make this not so rough.
  2. I now see what you were squealing about all day while writing, you had this planned. I guess I'm in, it's not that bad of an idea.
  3. Im in Alchemist all the way
  4. I can't wait for this to start, it's one of the best ideas you've had in a while, next to the Fight for Etricius, but that seems to be dying sadly.
  5. So, two more people and I'm making an OOC thread.
  6. I guess one more till the OOC is made. ;)
  7. I love the willing participants of Iwaku, now I don't have to go around harassing people to join the RP.
  8. I'm in! :D