Flying north for the winter.

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  1. Ello all

    So if you've been reading the other threads in the arrivals section lately you'll see a lot of people coming from the same place... yea I'm one of those...

    Anyway as a quick and dirty rundown;
    * I am Australian
    * I'm twenty seven
    * I love tigers... actually all predatory cats but tigers especially.
    * Been RPing for over ten years having started somewhere in my early teens.
    * I'm not a strong advocate of One on One RP's though I've had a few over the years that have appealed to me, I just prefer group dynamics generally.
    * I have GM'ed in the past, but spend most of my time as a player these days.
    * That said I have been working on resurrecting the concept of a RP I was in about 10-12 years ago that I will probably put up here in the next few weeks.

    If you haven't found the 'dirty' yet you're either not looking hard enough or I lied about that part... I'll leave it up to you to decide which. :scratchchin:

    As an aside: Holy shit so many smilies!
  2. *runs from shadows* greetings stranger *meows and jumps on shoulder* I am HollowEastword, its good that you like wildcats then you won't mind me at all, I do not bite (to hard) *jumps off shoulder and runs back in shadows*
  3. Howdy Gat!8D welcome to the site!
  4. lol, another of the migratees is here :p
  5. I was here yesterday Kad, just haven't posted till now :p

    Cheers Diana, Hollow, thanks for the welcome.
  6. Aha! Grammar errors! YOU'RE SLOWING DOWN MWAHAHAHA!

    Also great migration and etc.
  7. It just doesn't stop, eh?

    How is that RP coming along, anyway? Balanced the dragons yet? ;p
  8. Not certain if they're balanced yet, that changelings need some work still then I need to expand each race. I'm bsically building the whole system up from more or less scratch using Kad's and Brovos traits system variations as a guideline, so yea, might take me a little while.
  9. Hey, welcome to Iwaku.
    And.... We have yet another cat... called Gat.
    Is your name John by any instance? *cough*SaintsRow*cough*
    A Rappy PoleHaying to you!
  10. Actually I've used Gat as my screen name since I started online really, well before the Saints Row character. My name is actually Matthew so its pretty easy to see where it came from.
  11. Oh, nevermind then.
    Matthew.... Gat.....
    Matt.... Gat.
    Ok, got it.