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  1. Unlike;so many here I am not from RPG. I am actually a writer from Tumblr. I used to play in the Mass Effect RP until so many people started leaving from out of the clear blue. I too grew mightily bored of the whole dull day in and day out affair of scarcely finding a single poor soul to divulge my pent in creativity. And it so happened that I stumbled across this little site for the story tellers at heart.

    I prefer to be called MALU. (But you may call me Master, My Lord, Your Amazinginess. Anything to flash my ego around.)
    While I feel there are those out there who will continually best me in writing, I know I will not disappoint in the gifts I have to offer.

    So let me entertain you,
  2. Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku Malu!
  4. @Santario

    Thank you, I appreciate the kindness. I was wandering about the site and saw the blog. It says that we can use them for whatever we like basically. So I was wondering if we can put a thread there? I want to write a thread as quickly as possible and my plots have a mix of sexual content, just plain romance, or maybe things that are just for fun. But I don't know where to put them all!
  5. @Sinmalu

    It would be just like a regular post but you could use it to itemize your plot ideas. If you want to see how the posts look you can look at my blog. I use it for my characters.
  6. *curtsy* Welcome to the site, my amazingness~! ^o^