Fluff Romance?

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  1. Fluff romance. Person meets person, becomes infatuated, romance ensures. Possibly high school setting. Rated LGBT on case it ends up as that.

    ...wow I'm cliched. XD

    But seriously, anyone?
  2. Me? lol

    I'm interested.
  3. *outstretches hand* then we shall!
  4. Awesome! So what's next?
  5. We shall now talk about the plot!
  6. You're right! XD

    You mentioned high school setting, I assume it'd be something like studentxstudent or studentxteacher?
  7. Yep, whichever you want to do!
  8. I guess I'd pick studentxstudent. Do you have anything in mind for the plot? I haven't rp for awhile so none for me right now, but I'll try to come up with something.
  9. I don't have a plot. I mean, it could be standard fluff, but we could work in some family issues and such.
  10. Ok, that works for me! XD
  11. Perhaps we do something where one of our characters is either slightly abused or has family issues?
  12. Sounds good, let's do 'slightly abused'. And he/she could be a new/transfer student ?
  13. Certainly! Who wants what, and what abuse?
  14. I'd say physical/emotional abuse?
    I don't mind which character I'm playing so it's up to you.
  15. Which one would you prefer to play? I can play both too.
  16. Then I'll play the one that is not abused.
  17. Will you play male or female? I play either
  18. I'll play male.
  19. Any specific way you'd like to start?
  20. No, not really. I'm generally flexible so it can be however you'd like it to be.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.