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  1. I've had this idea floating around my head for the past week or so, it's not really that developed yet though. I'd prefer if we could make up the plot as we go. Soo, here goes nothing!

    Your character is the football teams quarterback. He's loved by everyone and is considered the most popular guy in the school. He's pretty smart and excels at anything to do with sports. My character is a nobody. He's an outcast and is often bullied by his peers. The only thing he's fairly good at is his academics. He's clumsy and slow at running.

    For the second semester of the year, both of our characters get put into P.E. class together. My character obviously fails at the class and your character notices. Instead of making fun of my character, YC actually offers to help MC through the class. They get to know eachother and eventually develop feelings.

    I hope that made sense, if it didn't then whatever. If your interested PM me! There might be some smut later on in the roleplay as well.
  2. Are you still looking for someone to do this? :o
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  3. Yes, actually! I've been waiting to do this idea for a while! I'll PM you and we can discuss things further into detail.

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