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You know how in RPs, you're not allowed to fluff?

* Fluffing is when you have no idea what to say in an RP, OR you're just a nitpicking, overly detail oriented person. IE: Spending more than a paragraph on something insignificant. sometimes it includes phrases that don't make ANY sense.

But haven't you ever felt like you just wanted to talk about that FUCKING PILLOW THAT YOU'RE RESTING YOUR HEAD ON IN THE RP!? DO IT HERE. But only say what you're describing at the very end.


I'll go first.

It was the nicest shade of a beautiful, wonderous, white. The kind of white that a nurse in a really good hospital wears. The kind of white that everyone's teeth is supposed to be. It had a smooth, almost waxy, plastic-y feel to it, and it had a nice, polished finish. It was so shiny that you could see your reflection in it. It was always so cold though, like it would never warm up, even in the summer, when the sun flared and the heat grew to be over a hundred. The best thing about it was how quiet it was.

The body of it was so oddly sculpted, and in hind-sight, maybe there was a way to make it look a little more normal. I always worried about little creatures or big bugs finding a way to get inside it, but still, it was a source of safety to me, it felt like my sanctuary as I would ignore the rest of the world's problems to sit there. It was a wonderful toilet.
in hind-sight . . . It was a wonderful toilet.


Also, I wouldn't dream to complain if I read this in an RP! Awesome!

Anyway, I do fall prey to this habit pretty often... I'll try to purge myself of some overly flowery description in here tomorrow~