Florida Businessmen Charged With Bilking Medicare For Penis Pumps

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Woooooooooooooooooow, what's next medicare is covering poppers?
They are perpetuating the system by providing those who probably should not reproduce a means to do so.
As I posted on Facebook, this should come as no surprise. This story is brought to you by America's penis, after all.

And now, for a theme song:
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....haha that just makes me laugh...I'm sorry but for the most part I can't STAND medicare -_- or rather I should also add a LOT of people who use/abuse medicare -__- I get an earfull in the pharmacy from medicare patients who don't want to dish out 2 dollars for an antibiotic say for their kid because it's "too much" while they're driving a brand new SUV or something
I have no comment on the story other than I'm not surprised, but in response to Alan's theme song I have this.

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It's not like penis pumps are super expensive. Why go to the trouble of committing medicare fraud (which is actually pretty easy, but still) when you can just pop over to your local porn shop and spend $50 (at the most)?

They must have done it for the lolz, that is the only explanation.
wait i just thought of something I always do I'm thinking of medicaid patients...so disregard my last statement...though medicare can be rather annoying at times as well -_-
Thank you

So glad I moved away from and disowned that state... hopefully forever, except for occasional family visits.
.... I still can't believe this....
How shameful of him.

They don't even woooooooooork! Besides, it's not the size that matters, it's how you use it. AMIRIGHT, OR AMIDOINITRITE?
Hey now, let's be nice to the impotent. We younger folks can't possibly imagine what it must be like to snag that drop dead sexy broad a third our age and with twice our libido...only to Epic Fail at that critical moment.
Raz.... why must you make me lol so hard?