Flight Rising: The Unexalted

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    The Unexalted

    There are those destined for greatness and those destined for service. There are those who will be leaders, inventors, entertainers, makers. Then there are those whose purpose is to serve their gods. We thought that was who we were, servants. Priests and assistants and those who would leave the lair and be exalted to service.

    We were wrong.

    For one reason or another, we failed. We did not perform, we did not live up to the hopes and dreams others had for us. And after a lifetime of training for spiritual service, we were each left without necessary life skills, albeit the areas each were deficient in were different.

    We would find each other, the orphans, the failures, the Unexalted. And we would find a new purpose. Maybe someday, we could find a new home.


    The Flights of the World occasionally have orphans, like any society. Around the world, several orphans were hatched on the same day. The stars, some said, were in curious alignment that day. They spoke of those who would fall short and, in doing so, hit the mark they were made for. They spoke of the lost children who would find the key to the world. And they spoke of how a sliver of darkness would threaten all the world held dear. But really, who listens to fortune tellers?

    But years later, these orphans would find themselves newly adult. Each trained in the ways of an exalt priest, each rejected for one reason or another. With nowhere to go, they would find themselves in a small settlement on the Windswept Plateau, little more than a way station of a town meant for trade and restocking before the plateau’s inhabitants once more went on their ways.

    Who are The Unexalted?

    You are one of these orphans. Born from a found egg, trained from birth to be a priest, hopelessly awkward about at least one aspect of life, you have made your way to the Zephyr Steppes and the Crosswinds Lair. Here, you will meet others who have somehow found this place or been guided here. This is the beginning. Life will forever change.

    What you will need:

    -A Flight Rising membership. You must have FR and the ability to read up on the lore or watch the videos to play. This RP takes place in the world of Flight Rising and will draw heavily from it.
    -An unhatched egg. Once everyone who is playing has one, we will open them and build our characters based upon what we get.
    -Optional: Supporting characters based on your lair denizens. While you don’t have to use lair based characters, you can if you want, whether for backstory or anything else. Just be sure they don’t surpass your orphan in story focus.

    Character Sheet:

    Lair born in:
    Description: (Please post your dragon here and detail clothing and possessions as well)
    Biography and personality: (Personally I find these are more fluid when written together. You are also allowed to separate these sections)
    Special Social Quirk: What aspect of society does your dragon fail at due to prolonged focus on priestly training?

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