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First Two Planes We're Visiting

  1. Innistrad

  2. Phyrexia

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  3. Ravnica

  4. Zendikar

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  1. This would be a roleplay based loosely around the MtG (Magic the Gathering) saga. Being that the multiverse consists of a massive array of different planes/realms, where the rp begins/ends would be entirely up to you guys. Likewise would be what the PC's are regarding race, class, and so on.

    Here's a few concepts behind MtG if you're new to it all:
    The multiverse is this infinite space connecting a plethora of "planes". It's easiest for me personally to think of planes like planets, and the multiverse like outer space. Each plane is unique and differs from the next in wildlife, residency (who lives there if anyone), political/environmental affairs, and generally the way it looks.

    Now instead of scientific space travel, moving from one plane to another is typically called "planeswalking". The general idea is that planeswalkers are the only beings capable of planeswalking (duh? right? lol). What makes a planeswalker is not what race a person is but whether or not they were born with a "spark". This spark thing has something to do with your inner spirit and what-have-you. Anyway, even if a person is born with a spark it must "ignited" before they can planeswalk. This usually happens following some major event in the person's life that changes them forever. Most people born with sparks go their entire lives without igniting them. Apparently a person can have their spark removed which is not necessarily lethal.

    The MtG multiverse does have science but it mostly deals with magical workings executed by the infinite list of creature types (race/species). Alchemy is also a thing, along with artifice, etc...

    Hmmmm what else?
    Oh yes, colors!
    The MtG consists of five main categories depicted by the colors blue, red, white, black, and green.
    Blue: Think of water magic, mind control, illusions, deception, etc...
    Red: Think of fiery wrath, blowing shit up, dragons, speed, hit you before you hit me...
    Black: Death and control over the dead, necromancy, plague, do as I say or sacrifice what you love...
    White: Protection from EVERYTHING, defensive, life force, healing, stopping the nasties dead in their tracks...
    Green: "I am Grut"
    lol No but seriously green is the epitome of aggro, either big creatures or high numbers or both, some healing capacity, environmental, home court advantage kind of thing...

    Then you have color combinations referred to as guilds (dual colored) or shards (tri-colored), which basically work off the strengths and weaknesses of each color they embrace.

    How we go about this is up to all of you.

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  2. I would love to do an RP using the mechanics of the game, but that would take a little bit too much explanation.
  3. Not much more than any other D&D style rp. If I had a partner we could simply provide some of the basic, easier to understand concepts of the game and have the players fill in the blanks with their own ideas.

    For instance we could have them fill out pre-designed character sheets with of course guidance and explanation.
    Then the plot would basically consist of plane-based issue like "Stop/Assist Lilliana in literally raising Hell". Each player would have a specific set of abilities/spells which they choose however must work in line with their race and class.

    This is not at all intended for beginner level roleplaying.
  4. Still sounds like fun.

    And I haven't mentioned that I'm in yet, have I? Well, I'm in.
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  5. Awesome! I'm glad someone here does think it'd be kinda fun.
    So any ideas of what plane to begin on? Or a completely made up one would be all hunky dory...

    Phyrexia or Zendikar are popular planes that people generally tend to love.
  6. Ravnica. Has to be Ravnica.
  7. Ravnica, CITY OF GUILDS!
    I'm perfectly o.k with that ( <3 Ravnica ). I'd be all about the Golgari.

    For those who don't know what I'm talking about: Golgari = Black + Green
  8. As a professional mad scientist (and more mad than scientist), I reserve Izzet.
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  9. Maintaining for either Azorius, Boros, or Simic.
  10. I would love to try this.. Innistrad :D
  11. Oooh, Innistrad's a good choice to. Granted, Wizards hasn't had a flavor misstep in years. As for mechanics, well, let's just forget Affinity ever existed, shall we?
  12. Thank you, but if we get rid of affinity, lets remove indestructable then too.
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  13. No no, can't get rid of mechanics. Without certain mechanics certain NCP's (famous cards) will useless, powerless, dimwits.
  14. We'll have to have a poll then for the plane we begin on. Keep in mind that we can by all means just chase each other around the multiverse like a bunch of Chandras and Jaces.
  15. Chalk up a vote for Ravnica!
  16. The vote looks tied so far...
  17. I'll go ahead and start up the OOC.
  18. Where would we find that? This would be the first time i have role played on this site.
  19. I'm currently typing it up. :)
    Oh and I've gone ahead and decided to start on Ravnica. Everyone seems to want to do guilds so I think Ravnica will make things easier to start the ball rolling.
  20. Innistrad will be next...I suppose?
    The poll will never end and I'll keep an eye on it in case you guys change your minds.
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