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  1. Alright, so what is Flash Fiction? Flash fiction is essentially a very short story that is made up, and consists of 150-350 words. (I did say it was short right?) It has nothing to do with your personal life or anyone else's, so you're free to let your mind wander and create whatever it likes. If you're worried about the word count I suggest you type this exercise up in Microsoft Word or Word Pad since I'm pretty sure they have a word counter embedded into the program. Just to reiterate -

    Write your own Flash Fiction. It has to be between 150-350 words and cannot be something about your personal life.

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    Okay just to be clear. It can be about anything right?
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    Turning 18

    The nurses are rushing around with blood pressure measuring carts. The doctors are typing away in the computer room. The dining room is bustling with zombie teenagers and the sound of chairs moving. Here at Fairview Adolescent Mental Facility, Sam calls it his prison for two weeks now. He is almost accustomed to the feeling of wearing a cold blanket around the facility. The staff would ask him how he is doing, and the doctors would say hi to him, and he knows that they are all trying their best to appear caring, but it still feels so damn cold.

    “Hey Sam, leaving today?” Asks Amy. Amy always sits next to Sam in group activities, and sometimes they’d talk.

    “Uh… Yeah. I guess so.”

    “It’s been long enough!” Amy chuckles. “Not gonna lie, I don’t think I’ll miss ya though. Don’t feel bad, nobody misses anybody around here, I figure.” Amy gets up to get her food.

    “Good morning, Sam. How are you today?” Sam jerks at the sound of Dr. Washburn. He looks at her expectantly.

    “Ah… Hem… I’m good.”

    “Good. I’m sure you’ve heard the news that you will be discharged today?”


    “Well, Sam,” Dr. Washburn sits across from him, trying her best to look sympathetic. “In our document, your mother is your only legal guardian.” Dr. Washburn pauses for a moment. She seems like she’s trying to find the right word. Finally she takes a deep breath, “Well, Sam, your mother was taken by her coronary heart disease at 3 this morning. The heart attack was too sudden, and she passed away immediately after that.”

    Sam pauses for a moment. It’s that moment where he wants to pinch himself to wake up from this weird dream. It’s that moment where he can’t believe what he just heard. “What’s gonna happen now?”

    “Since you turned 18 last week, Sam, we can legally discharge you without a legal guardian.”

    Sam mumbles silently to himself, “Whoever said people never grow up, I guess they never turned 18.”

    338 words
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    Nelly wakes up in a instant to the sound of crashing glasses in the kitchen. Her heart racing, thoughts scramble, She walks to her closet and pick up a bat and flash light.
    “he..hello?” She say shakingly.
    No answer. She moves swiftly and quietly down the hall way and makes it into the kitchen. Nelly looks around trying to find the person who knocked over her flower vase.
    Angry as can be she shouts. “Come out who ever you are!!!”
    She moves deeper into the kitchen and looks around. She hears something scratching on the floor. Moving from the table to the other side of the counter she peer around it to see a shadow. It’s small and furry.
    I wonder what it could be.. Nelly thought. A rat, cat, puppy?
    She gets on her knees and moves towards the figure. Two eyes suddenly appear. The figure slowly moves towards Nelly and comes out of a shadow. A kitten.
    “aren’t you just the cutest thing! But wait, how did you get in here though?” She got up and walked towards the back door. She realized he still had a dog door. It was unlocked.
    “So that’s how you got in. Come on, let go get you cleaned little guy” She smiled and walked towards the bathroom with the kitten in her arms.
    *224 words*
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