*flails about wildly*



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I'm trembler. I am a hundred years old- well, in comparison to most of you. I tend to divulge personal information all too freely.

For starters: I hate people who pretend to be mentally ill, because I've seen the insides of psych wards many times and "Lololol I'm crazy and misunderstood" doesn't cut it.

I like to draw.

My pressure points include being held at gunpoint, and getting kicked in the mouth.

I dislike being killed.
Why hello there! Welcome to Iwaku where people are often killed for no reason reason when browsing the forums, so I would stay clear of the Asylum forum. o_____o;; Don't go in there, I swear.

I hope you enjoy a little roleplay with your drawing. >:D
I share your loathing of people that diagnose themselves. I also don't like being killed. >:[ So I can already tell we'll get along just fine.

I am Fluffy, the most adored person here. >.> I'm better than cheesecake because I have the flavor of ambrosia and I'm just awesome.

Enjoy your time here at Iwaku, there are plenty of helpful people to contact if you need them. I'm willing to offer my services as well.
Welcome to the site.
herro and welcome to the Iwaku and... and... You draw? let me see some of them drawings of yours. All of mine are horrible T_T
Welcome to the forum. Be sure to post a Role Play Resume in the OOC thread, so we can learn more about your likes. I'm Rory, one of the three admins on the forum and the best BSer of all of 'em.
Hiya, looks like we're both newbies here! Have fun ^_^
Shut up Ike your doodles PWN! Get too much better and I'll be drafting you to illustrate my book...

*starts typing... erases it...*

*starts typing... erases it...*

*starts typing ... erases it.... sighs heavily...*

Welcome to Iwaku. Looks like I joined the ranks of the officially diagnosed just in time!

(I say we hogtie it and sacrifice it to Fluffy.)

But I mean that in the politest most appropriate way!
Haha love the title of this thread. Welcome to Iwaku! Have a great time here! :DD
@AI, groar T_T ok if you say they pwn *walks off with more confidence in self… and tail between legs*

Oh! and before I forget, if you have any questions just ask I will help the best I can.
L XD Wow, welcome to Iwaku ^^
If you have any questions or need any help getting started, I'm here to help! :D
I hope you enjoy it here! You sound like you will =D