EXERCISE Five Word Challenge: Renewed

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  1. Five Word Challenge

    This challenge is to test your vocabulary skills! It is here to teach you some new words and help you incorporate them into your roleplays or other writing forms.

    The rules:

    1: Shoot for a minimum of 1-3 paragraphs. If you'd like to write a longer entry that's perfectly fine, too.
    2: Be sure that all five words presented in the challenge are used.
    3: Write as you would for a roleplay post or a story. This could be anything from describing a scene to a certain character's point of view. Whichever you are more comfortable with.
    4: Remember to have fun with it!

    The words:

    - Desultory (adj.): Slow, sluggish.
    - Incipient (adj.): Beginning, at an early stage.
    - Sumptuous (adj.): Lush, Luxurious.
    - Dissemble (v.): To deceive.
    - Oblique (adj.): Angled, slanted.
  2. "I don't believe you to be a desultory type of person but you are starting to prove me wrong, Jate."
    Turning the man's eyes narrowed on the kid just behind the bars of the cell he was to guard.
    "You have been trained since the incipient time of eight to be a guard here YET you dissemble my attentions to allow some girl to go free?"
    The warden was obviously not happy, his tone of voice rising with each word spoken.
    Kicking the bars in exasperation he listened for a moment as they rattled.
    The jail was of course not built perfectly and was quite a few years old.
    The bars were oblique in most cells, heck, you'd be lucky to find one without any flaws.

    The kid's face was flush red with embarrassment.
    Or so he wanted his mentor to think.
    He dissembled him easily enough, his true intentions had been a full jail break but the fact that the girl had only gotten away was a bit disheartening.
    "I understand..." He ground out between clenched teeth that were bleeding slightly from a kick he'd received trying to escape.

    "You think it's fair to the prisoners here to have to watch you day in and out enjoying your sumptuous lifestyle?! Eating fancy crap and bringing in all sorts of riches from your new wife?! You just want to receive attention and when your friends and acquaintances wouldn't give it to you you force these people who have nothing left to deal with it! You're disgusting and don't deserve to run this jail!"
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