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Five Favourite Comedians of All Time

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Darog, Dec 29, 2014.

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  1. As the title suggests. Who are your favourite comedians? doesn't matter how offensive, how silly or how deadpan they are, list them here! and give reasons why, also post examples too of what you think is their best, or what you would show to someone who wanted to know the comedian.

    I'll have my own list up shortly.
  2. Fluffy is and always will be number one...

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  3. #1 is George Carlin, hands down. This ought to require no explanation, Carlin is a fucking legend. His piece on euphemisms is one of my favorites.

    #2 is Bo Burnham. He's got a great mixture of silly bullshit and very intelligent jokes, all mixed in with crude language and songs and other non-standard stand up comedy delivery methods. This video shows it off decently.

    But then from there it's not so clear cut. I like a lot of comedians and after the two above they all sorta conglomerate into two groups of comedians I like a lot and ones that are just alright. I guess I'll just go with the first three from the great group that come to mind.

    Lewis Black can have #3. He's kind of an angrier and more bitter George Carlin, which I quite enjoy. This bit should suffice as an example.

    Eddie Izzard gets #4 because why not. His delivery is amusing, fully of nonsensical little detours in longer jokes and a lot of physical humor, but still generally pretty intelligent stuff. His long joke/story about Moses is hilarious.

    And for #5, eh... How about Daniel Tosh. The over the top intentionally offensive stuff amuses the shit out of me. He doesn't do anything really fancy as far as his delivery goes, but the content of his jokes cracks me up. Here's a good example of what I mean.
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