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  1. Okay so...this is my board!

    A few things to note:

    I do not rp with people who, in the first post of a run of the mill highschool rp, have their character run over, shot and and have a building fall top of them for no good reason. Drama is good, excessive drama isn't. (I also do not do highschool rps so there's that too).

    All the ideas below are subject to alterations. I do not, in any way, want to make a rp partner think I'm forcing them to play a certain character. What is posted below are guidelines, a general plot I've thought up and am interested in. If it peaks your interest or makes you think up some different version please let me know! An rp works best if both people build off the initial plot idea.

    I do not like hammering out all the finer details of the rp, however I do like having an established base of introduction. To make sure we're both on the same page, this may mean I am explaining things to you, or vice versa I am asking questions to be clear.

    As you’ll notice below I have many plots listed, which should let you know, I’m open to just about every genre, just tell me what you’re interested in! Likewise I don’t always want to rp my plots! Send me your own, or alter mine and suggest them to me!

    Mostly I am intersted in Male characters with male characters, as a special note and a complete admittance to the fact that I've fallen hard for the new show, if you would play Matt Murdock for a non-marysue female character I have yet to fully think through, you would win all the internet, trust me.

    Anyway, onto the ideas/genre/fun and games.

    Fandoms Avengers
    Matt/Female OC
    Mass Effect
    Female Shepard x Garrus

    Atlantis Genre- Medievalish/Fantasy
    Era- 1300-1500
    (alternatively willing to try a modern setting, pm if interested and we can discuss)
    Location- Der. Atlantis, I’ve decided it will be located somewhere off the west shore of Europe.

    Setting- Atlantis itself will be modeled after styles of dress and architecture from both Europe and Asian and traits from other areas that one character may not be aware of. With several technological advancements, ie lighting, running water etc.

    Main characters- Prince of Atlantis, Person of Atlantian blood who washes ashore there.

    Plot- Atlantis, in all it’s glory has barriers to keep unwanted visitors away, as well as make it invisible. Only those with Atlantian blood (and therefore the talents that come with it) can cross the barrier. Few leave the island nation to travel the world, and fewer still settle down to raise families when they find love. The second character, for one reason or another, is shipwrecked and washes ashore on Atlantis (anything from being a stowaway, to a captain, even a scholar, a mere traveler, we can decide in discussion).

    This is where the story would pick up from, known travelers to Atlantis are rare so of course it sparks royal interest which gives way to our characters meeting and staying in contact with one another. It would turn out the traveler carries the blood of Atlantis which granted them safe passage but that is merely the beginning.

    This plot would/may also include monsters and creatures from myth and lore, elementals, or other powers, and other fantastical creations. It's Atlantis, that gives us a lot to work with-especially if they have a mythical way to keep unwanted outsiders from entering their borders. Trouble is not only caused by the outside world of course as all is not paradise within the borders.

    Can be tweaked to be modern of course with Atlantis just not with the times of technology and can eventually lead to a trip off the island too.

    Idle Gods Genre-Egyptian Gods

    Setting- Could be set back in the day, or in the modern world which would be equally interesting and challenging.

    Character- In this one, I'm set on who I want to play, Horus, who you wish to play is up to you, please refer to whatever sources you’d like to use for information concerning them.

    Depending on who you play is how we can base the rp, certain gods and different relationships with one another so it's hard to pre-plot this one.
    Set would be an amazing choice considering all the drama between Horus and Set, but there are many great choices.

    Of wolf and man Genre-fantasy, werewolves etc...most likely past setting
    Although alternatively the plot can easily be altered to fit a modern setting.

    Characters- two wolves XD more explanation below

    Plot- Werewolves, having the ability to transform between three forms at will, human, wolf and a strange combination between the two, each had it's advantages, humans were crafty and skilled with their hands, wolves were quick, and their combination, werewolf form carried strength.

    Like their wild cousins they live in packs or villages so far into the forests that they rarely see human contact.

    Several branches from this one, two members of the same pack meet.
    A lone wolf attempts to join the pack
    two packs feud because of food shortage, after the battle those left alive are taken as new members to the winning packs village...

    Any other ideas you have.

    Sci-Fi Monopoly Setting- Future, space ships and possibly planets.

    Characters- bot, Rebel person (probably a ship captain or the likes most likely not extremely high ranking in the rebel group)

    Plot: If ever there was a military force to be admired it would be the League, the interstellar defense units which keep the peace among different planets and species. Ha, it was a pretty front to the largest dictatorship in the universe. Needless to say rebel groups have stationed themselves on several 'hostile' planets, hostile to the League anyway.

    The League's secret weapon is no huge beam cannon, though those do come in handy, rather it rests in their special class of soldier's Bots. There is but one Bot per fleet ship, or several thousand regular soldiers. The Bot's design allows them complete access to the ship, physical reflexes are nothing compared to thought, in the blink of an eye a bot could throw a ship into hyper drive, far faster than orders can be given.

    Of course with these super weapons, able to protect, and control massive ships easily, they are never to fall into enemy hands. A lucky opportunity lands a rebel ship with one very disgruntled Bot, prisoner of the rebels, and going to be hunted down and killed by the league, to keep from giving away any secrets, could it get any worse?
  2. If your still looking, the Atlantis role play sounds interesting! I haven't done anything like it before so I'd like to try~ If you would like to see my writing style I have two other active role plays your welcome to look at. It is pretty typical for Me to post 3-5 paragraphs. If your intrested still, pm me? Or just a message on my profile? Thanks!
  3. I really like the idea of the werewolves. I have never played a werewolf in any kind of RP, so I think I'd like to.

    I CAN play males but I was wondering if for that specific one that I play a young(ish) female? One who acts like a male and even dresses as one, and might not even be discovered as physically female for a while...
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