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Your First Kiss.
NO! Not your first experience with the Rock band KISS
Your actual first kiss!

Was it magical? Were you in love with that person? Was it with the person who you are still in love with today?

Like most of my first encounters, I was drunk at the time, and it was neither magical or memorable. I was a late bloomer so I was also 19.

What about you?



There was small peckish kisses that I wouldn't consider my first kisses.

So, my first REAL kiss was with my first boyfriend. And for some reason, being a guy that never kissed a girl before either, he thought a French Kiss would be a good idea. I was not expecting a sudden tongue. Nor did it he it RIGHT OR WELL OR SUBTLE. It was quite possibly the grossest thing ever. D:

I repeat. Never French Kiss as a first kiss. D:<
Uncle Frank.

My first kiss was disappointing. >>; With my second boyfriend.

I was... 15 or 16. I forget. Wasn't in love, but infatuated for sure. My boyfriend kinda pressured me into kissing him because for more of the first year we dated, I never kissed him. When I finally did, I told him "I'mma kiss you now. ^///^" and... he didn't even kiss me back! He just stared at me all dumbly, then waved at me and left. D:< I like to pretend it never happened! That kiss took so much courage for me to do.
It was during my sophomore year of high school, I was in Orchestra class, I passingly mentioned to a T.A. that I hadn't kissed a girl yet. So she grabbed my face and gave me a kiss. On the mouth, even!

awethome :B
I'll let you know when it happens... *sigh* excuse me, going to go make a noose.
Freshman year in highschool. I became friends with a hot senior, and so we kissed. :I Apparently I'm attractive, or some such nonsense.
I was six...And I was like going to marry that girl or something. lol
I was thirteen and dating some loser in high school; it was in a pool hall and I was trying to act really cool but I had to duck out and call my best friend in the bathroom.
I can't even remember dude's face anymore though. >w<
I'm married to the woman.

And Tegan, they can't kiss you on the mouth from behind. You can't be that flexible.
I've never kissed anyone, at least not for when it counts. I don't count when you are like 7 or whatever XD
You know, I don't actually remember my first kiss?

I always kiss on the first date, though. Sometimes tongue, most times not. But I always have managed to get a kiss on the first date.
First kiss when I was a kid was when I was nine I believe. My mom took me out with her friend (and her 8 year old daughter) because we were visiting them in Russia. The girl and I ended up going under the table because we didn't care about what our parents were talking about...and we just sort of kissed once on the lips.

First romantic kiss was with my first girlfriend when I was fifteen. It was our first date, and I offered to walk her home (it was fairly late and windy and I offered her my jacket to keep her warm). When we got there, we sort of just stood in front of her house looking at each other. There was a full moon. I just smiled at her and kissed her, she kissed back. Then proceeded to make out for like twenty minutes before she went inside.

thats so sweet, i became diabetic. thanks a lot, jerk.
I was fifteen, don't really remember, was too high.