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  1. This game is simple. Simply post what you originally thought of/how you originally viewed the person above you. Don't post EVERYTHING at once, or you won't have anything to type for a repeat. ^_^
    There's nobody above me, so...
    I never knew you existed. o_o
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  2. I thought you were a girl D:!!!
  3. I was jealous of your nice boobs. o______o
  4. I thought, "Who the fuck is this girl that's suddenly appeared and why is everyone brown-nosing her? Fucking Simica-shit all over again. I should tell her to piss off now and get it over with."

    True story.
  5. My opposite... o_o
  6. "Is that Archy?"
  7. "Heh, the guy's an ass...but he's a funny ass at that..."
  8. "Ah cool, a reference to the Iliad. Those warriors were really awes... no wait, he's a dog. -__- "
  9. Pompous at first, but I grew accustomed to you :P
  10. ...I thought you were a girl too. ._____.;
  11. ((T_T Seriously? T_T))
    Asmo's controller.
  12. Another thing I thought of recently is that it'd be cool for Derek and Amara to flirt with each other. Just thought that since they have similar power sets it'd make sense for some kinship to develop between them. Plus, Derek's the one guy Amara doesn't have to worry about burning by accident. When they do their brief cameo in Philly, are we going to have them contribute in the fight much? Because I have a hard time seeing them staying out of it.
  13. "Asmo is just like my boyfriend. o_____o WEIRD."
  14. "is she new? Wait no...who is this Xinjmai guy who talks with her? did they join together?"
  15. "Maybe he's just spelled Myrmidon wrong..."
  16. I just saw Miru I take I'll have to write for him...>.> <.<

    "hmm...he seems friendly enough...not sure how long he'll last though"
  17. "If he's with Kitti, he should be nice. ^_^"
  18. "I'm gonna ban Archy for this."
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Not open for further replies.