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  1. This game is simple. Simply post what you originally thought of/how you originally viewed the person above you. Don't post EVERYTHING at once, or you won't have anything to type for a repeat. ^_^
    There's nobody above me, so...
    I never knew you existed. o_o
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  2. I thought you were a girl D:!!!
  3. I was jealous of your nice boobs. o______o
  4. I thought, "Who the fuck is this girl that's suddenly appeared and why is everyone brown-nosing her? Fucking Simica-shit all over again. I should tell her to piss off now and get it over with."

    True story.
  5. My opposite... o_o
  6. "Is that Archy?"
  7. "Heh, the guy's an ass...but he's a funny ass at that..."
  8. "Ah cool, a reference to the Iliad. Those warriors were really awes... no wait, he's a dog. -__- "
  9. Pompous at first, but I grew accustomed to you :P
  10. ...I thought you were a girl too. ._____.;
  11. ((T_T Seriously? T_T))
    Asmo's controller.
  12. "Seriously, who the fuck is this girl? And what's this alliance shit people are talking about? I'm not allying with that smiley-ridden bitch!"
  13. "Asmo is just like my boyfriend. o_____o WEIRD."
  14. "is she new? Wait no...who is this Xinjmai guy who talks with her? did they join together?"
  15. "Maybe he's just spelled Myrmidon wrong..."
  16. I just saw Miru I take I'll have to write for him...>.> <.<

    "hmm...he seems friendly enough...not sure how long he'll last though"
  17. "If he's with Kitti, he should be nice. ^_^"
  18. "I'm gonna ban Archy for this."
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Not open for further replies.