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  1. This game is simple. Simply post what you originally thought of/how you originally viewed the person above you. Don't post EVERYTHING at once, or you won't have anything to type for a repeat. ^_^
    There's nobody above me, so...
    I never knew you existed. o_o
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  2. I thought you were a girl D:!!!
  3. "That is unfortunate." Kunari said softly and laugh, "You know, Victoria made a rose cupcake for me. It was adorable."
  4. "Yes, they're all growing up so well. Ichiru is a little unruly but he loves his sisters."
  5. "He's more than unruly." Astaroth offered her the last of the food.
  6. My opposite... o_o
  7. "Only John never notice." Kunari chuckle and look at Ashley, "They are a comfort and I love them but Ichiru and Evelyn are my everything. Even Diane can't compare."
  8. Kunari smile faintly, "She's still mine. I don't care what he says."
  9. Kunari smile, "She's so quick on her feet and a fast learner. As much as it pains me, that's all him. She could easily give John a run for his seat."
  10. "We probably need to research some."
  11. ...I thought you were a girl too. ._____.;
  12. ((T_T Seriously? T_T))
    Asmo's controller.
  13. "Seriously, who the fuck is this girl? And what's this alliance shit people are talking about? I'm not allying with that smiley-ridden bitch!"
  14. "Don't sell yourself short. He never had your grace."
  15. "That much is true."
  16. Lucius smiled at her.
  17. I just saw Miru I take I'll have to write for him...>.> <.<

    "hmm...he seems friendly enough...not sure how long he'll last though"
  18. "We're paranoid of people being afraid of her. Micheal always taught us the two flames were too dangerous to cross... you know this."
  19. Anya finish the glass of blood and lay down.
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