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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!

What was the name and how did you come up with the idea for you very first RP character?

Mine was named Kumo, I made him for a bounty hunter RP. I based him off of Ran from "Green legend Ran", he had kind of a dual personality too. The other half I based on Akuma form Street fighter 2.
Very first character...

It was a 18 year old catgirl named Yuri. She was a nature lover and a demon hunter, from what I remember and she wore a kimono. I had a fascination with Japanese culture at the time, so I applied a lot of that to her image and got a lot of inspiration from animu.

I still have said fascination, just don't make every character with a Japanese name anymore. :P And I am not a weeaboo, dammit.
My first character? Ah, a long time ago, it was... His name was Mith, and he was a Dragon and the Lord of the North, at the time, and who was the first to marry someone from Earth, instead of another Dragon from his realm. He was an idiot overall, but was fairly competent as a warrior and Mage, but was finally surpassed once again by his elder brother, his niece, and great niece and nephews.
Laura...a young lady that was taken (no not by aliens) and then had experiments performed on her. Was fused with a scorpion when they realised she had a higher resistance for pain than other test subjects blah blah blah....Used soi fon as a LOOSE mold for her body/face. Had it so that her system turned the alcohol that she would drink into a poison to subdue or kill enemies with. Could shoot darts with the tail that was made for her by a clan that she later was...yet again...taken unwillingly by. (The char spanned across a few sites.) The tail stabilized the poison and made it easier to control the doses in the darts. -Rambles on and eventually gets to a demonic chipmunk and then shuts up.-
My first FORUM rp character was Sailor Virgo in a Sailor moon zodiac RP. XD I don't remember her full name and she's one of the few charries I lost the bio for. BUT I still have the artwork I drew for her. o____o She was a surprisingly original design for a fan senshi. None of that "looks like __ but with __" stuff.

The RP didn't last too long, but it was the first time I played with Ocha and we've been roleplaying together since. XD

...Now... my first character that I played pretend with and wrote stories for was called Diana Jones. (no relation to Indiana Jones. XD) And she was either a Detective/FBI Agent, or an escapee Alien Princess depending on what I was doing. XD TURBO MARY SUE. I've since taken all those cool charrie aspects I liked and made two different characters out of them... >>;
....pretty much WMD.

though at the time he was a generic space marine (possibly dark angels)

ot maybe it was the mary sue son of death bloke, i forget.
So like Diana, my first RP was the same Zodiac Senshi game. I was Sailor Taurus, her first name was Maya and her senshi attributes were heavily based on what I knew about generic Taurus. The girl herself had a decent back story, she wasn't the pretties, the strongest, or any of those other annoying attributes. I even wrote a few flashback stories for her and some of the other characters. Sadly all that stuff got lost a long time ago, though I'm sure I'd be embarased by them now.

Now Diana has me thinking about my own little Mary Sue that I made in Elementry school who evolved as I got older. Her name was Sahara Rita Yoshi, she was an orphan and was an amazing martial artist at a young age that knew different styles. She was half white, half Japanese, her boyfriend was a native american with red hair, her best friend's ancestory was from the middle east and the leader of their little group was african american and of course dating the best friend. But it was all about Miss Yoshi fighting off the evil world orginization and having a secret identity and her friends helping her. Thank goodness I never wrote ANY of it down.
Oh ye gods... he was a generic bad dude. Knives, bucked authority, had a first post describing how he kills some of the Evil Queen's arrogant security roadblock troops because they looked at him the wrong way, just so I could establish how bad he was. This was years ago, back when I was stupid. I wouldn't hang out with myself at that age, let's put it that way.
Well, my best friend pulled me into the online world and my first online characters were A) My ranger from dnd that had died the previous day so we burned the character sheet and B) our V:tM vampires Ravenor and Melesio - however, my first original online character was Red.

Red was freaking awesome - him and his counter part Blue. My best friend played Blue and I played Red. Shape changers who were constantly the color of their name who constantly talked in riddles and pretty much just screwed with anybody and everyone. Most of the time they would argue amongst each other about pointless facts doing so in a round about riddley ridicolous way that taxed the brain and provided endless amounts of entertainment for those who chose to interact with them and for playing him as well. Red took that part of my insanity in my brain and flourished it into a living breathing being that turn into a couch with a loose spring to get a sample of some poor bastards blood to create an ineffective voodoo doll he'd run around with slamming into the wall screaming, "Did feel that good sir?" until he had their distraction completely he fake stabbing them in the back with his knife hand - where as Blue would stab them in the back with his knife hand so they could feed. Cause, you know, every crazy shape changing freak needs to eat souls so they could turn into the shapes of animate objects who's souls they ate.
First character? Yeah definitely Dr.Krad Dusk. Started out as a generic mad scientist similar to Dr.Wily, just wanting revenge on the people and generally being a madman. Although he gradually moved away from building robots to instead creating monstrous spiders, airships and weapons of mass destruction. The first RPs with him didn't last long..But in the second one he was in he got better.

He is no longer one-dimensional, has a much more clear motivation, more demented, more intelligent and not necessarily as pure evil as he might have been earlier, sometimes willingly working with others to stop greater evil. He even resorted to being more of a weapons dealer than a mad scientist later on and enjoyed profiting off of various conflicts/wars. So yeah, glad I could fix em up like that, proud to call em my first character. First villain as well.