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  1. -Fantasy plot.-

    Bio: History is filled with the changes of seasons; and all that they do. The fall of apexes so that the dust of the dark ages may decorate our world. Societies once grand leaving but ruins soon to be claimed by the testament of time.

    A shift from the energy that is light; to the baneful scorn which is the age of darkness. For deep between the dimensional nets which separate our planes of existence. An ancient race is stirring; conspiring as they await their return. For every 400,000 years they rise from the void and set into motion the end of an age. Allowing a new world to be conceived from it's ashes. The world of men, demons and even the God's is soon to be contested.

    Illusive and enigmatic at best they leave no proof of this cycle of seasons. And so as we live our simple lives; a storm is brewing soon to strike our shore.

    You are whoever you decide to be. A being trying to live out it's life and deal with it's problems. When suddenly you find yourself being sucked into a world far beyond your comfort zones. Facing horrors and trials you previously couldn't fathom. What would you do to ensure your survival? What would you sacrifice?

    Evolution dictates survival belongs not to the strongest, fastest nor the most intelligent beings. Rather toward those who adapt to the changes in their environment. This rp is not just combat themed; it's course will alter based on your choices. Nothing is set in stone. But drama, romance and character development is a must. Lol

    At first the Rp will begin like any other, a group of strangers meeting within a small town like they were guided by the hands of fate. This group will face the enemy at some point; and have to spread word of their coming. I would like this to be a long term rp. But if you only wish to tag along for a thread or two that is fine. I welcome all with open arms.

    -Character sheet.-

    Passive abilities:
    Personality/Bio: (Welcomed but optional.)

    (No limitations on race. However I just ask you don't bring in a God character as in overly powerful. Any questions or comments...please PM me. Thank you and have a lovely day.)