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    "I need a fireteam I can depend on and, until you prove otherwise, you’re it."—Sarah Palmer
    It's be a while since I've written and lead a Halo Roleplay, and trying to do one after Halo 5's events has only made it harder. So I've decided to take an old idea of mine and decided to remaster it to help sate some Halo RP urges, all the while keeping it nostalgic and fun! I hope to accomplish this by implementing character development into a story already written (via Halo 4: Spartan Ops) while also creating another within, that can be expanded upon in possible later Roleplays.

    The basis of the Roleplay is you'll be taking the role of a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier on Fireteam Crimson, the four man team you played as in Spartan Ops, and instead of being the strong-silent types we were portrayed as; you'll have your own dialogue and interactions with each other and your surroundings. There will even sections in this RP where Crimson is interacting with one another on-board the UNSC Infinity's S-Deck, sparring against one another in War Games simulations, building personal relationships, and simply giving life to the Spartans we were so glad to be. This includes alterations to the cannon, slightly. You'll be creating an original origin for your Spartan meaning they can be prior service. That includes: Marines, Navy, Army, Airforce, Military Police, State Police, and veteran Spartans such as the S-II's and S-III's. There will be an ability balance to stay true to each class' strength, but also keep them somewhat on par.

    S-II's physically are the Apex Soldier due to their makeup. They were chosen for their superior unique traits that others seemed not to posses. And for these traits were perfect candidates for the S-II Program which after augmentation resulted in them exceeding all expectations.
    1. Running at speeds exceeding 55 km/h or 34.2
    2. Capable of lifting at least three times their body weight without the aid of their MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor
    3. Completely overpowered trainers wearing Mark I exoskeletons, outrunning their automated targeting systems and dismantling the heavy combat suits with their bare hands. A kick by John-117 sent one flying 8 Meters! FLYING!
    4. 20 millisecond reaction times
    5. Able to lift 4 times their own weight out of armor, significantly increased when clad in MJOLNIR Armor.
    6. Grow 2x stronger as they age.

    Spartan-III's were the cheaper and more expendable creations, but proved to be just as good (if not better) than SPARTAN-II's.

    1. Unarmored S-III's possessed the strength of "three normal soldiers", ran around 18 MPH, and Spartan-IIIs were also described to have been moving with "speed and reflexes that no Covenant could follow". "They dodged, snapped necks and limbs, and with captured energy swords, they cut through the enemy until the field ran with rivers of gore and blue blood".
    2. Approximately 300 S-III's fought against thousands upon thousands of covenant, including air support and were winning regardless; until 7 cruisers glassed the battle area.
    3. An S-III in SPI Armor was good enough to subdue and twist Kelly-087, a S-II's, wrist and escape her arm lock, only to be over powered.
    4. Also grow 2x stronger with age.
    Then came the Spartan-IV's who many fans are not impressed with, but command respect despite it. Their augmentations consist of both chemical and surgical, giving them the best of both worlds. But being augmented as adults resulted in them being on the lesser ground of Spartan power.

    1. Run fast enough to "outrun a horse", can breathe methane for an hour, can retain the nutrition factor of six meals from eating a raw tree.
    2. According to Edward Buck, the ocular implants enable him to see in the dark and read the fine print on release forms "from across the room", along with enhanced hearing ability.
    3. They're shortcoming of age requires them to rely heavily on MJOLNIR Armor GEN.2, in theory they are equal in strength to an S-II clad in GEN.1 Armor. when wearing GEN.2 Armor.
    4. Have a designated routine to keep in physical fitness.
    Everyone will be wearing GEN.2 Armor and it can be assumed that your character's performance will be slightly exaggerated. This due to the factors of age, training, and capability of a Spartan. S-II's in GEN.2 Armor would be far beyond any comprehension, but for the fairness of the RP it will be toned down a bit and nerf in some way. The same will go for S-III's, because with enough time they too could be just as good if not better than an S-II in GEN.2 Armor, making them just as dangerous and requiring of a nerf. They'll still be in their Godly tier, but a little less just so it keeps fair.

    You'll have access to personal weapon loadouts including all cannon UNSC Weapons throughout the Halo Universe, including those in the Halo 5 Reqs with the exception of: weapons with Forerunner attachments, Forerunner weaponry, Covenant weaponry, Power boosts, and Mythic Weapons.

    The RP will play with the ordinance drop function used in Halo 4 Multiplayer. It'll be accessible only to the designated leader of Crimson, who'll call in support drops when necessary. It's usable for vehicles. There will also be an added realism factor as far as the Halo Universe goes. Which means:

    • All weapons are capable of performing a headshot, and a headshot is an instant kill. For automatic weapons like the MA5 Series and the M7 series will require at least two to three shots for a headshot. Shotguns, Battle Rifles, DMR's, and Sniper Rifles are one shot; instant death.
    • Shield strength will be debatable, Spartan Abilities like the ground pound and charge are in, and in field combat you are able to make use of Forerunner and Covenant plug-ins like Active Camo or a Hardlight shield.
    What do you think? Please leave any and all questions you have! All comments are helpful!
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