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    After a rather rough landing, people of all backgrounds began to file out of the transport ship carrying their things or rummaging through the pile of belongings the crew had brought up from the cargo hold. Among the group was a young girl, Callie Sullivan. Reddish brown hair swept the shoulders of her jean jacket, hazel eyes (currently greenish in the sunlight), gazed out over the busy marketplace in awe. It seemed to have grown even more since her last visit. Her thought process was broken as she lurched forward suddenly, barely maintaining her balance. A stranger had rudely pushed past her, apparently in a hurry to get somewhere. She pulled her bag further up onto her right shoulder and ventured out through the chaotic mass of people. Persephone. What a lively, beautiful place. Well, once you got past people's attitudes, anyway.
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  2. Domicus rolled his eyes-- the two humans who stood before him, weapons blazing, did not phase him. After all-- they were only mercs. "If I were you, I would have put the gun down already," came his soft voice-- soft, but confident. A cocky eyebrow rose, a lazy smirk crossing onto the doctor's handsome features. "Honestly. Oh- and pull the trigger if you'd like. Wouldn't phase me one bit, sir."

    His blue eyes widened as he heard a loud, earth-shaking chuckle, "Lookat him! He wants to get shot!"

    It happened in slow motion, to the doctor's eyes: first, Domicus's hand came out and swung the left merc's jaw, making the man take a stuttered shift to the side. The other mercenary jumped slightly, but the blaster was already out of his hand. "What... are you?" came the thug's voice. "I'm Domicus Tydlr of Osiris-- an award winning doctor-- heir to the Tydlr legacy. And I hate being followed. Capiche?" The thug nodded as the doctor smirked, "Good. Now hurry along, hm?"
  3. Ayala sighed, and stepped out of a pub. She had been here for a week or so, looking for a job flying or helping do something on a ship. So far, She had had no luck finding anyone. She looked around at her surroundings; dust, dirty homeless people, etc. She frowned, Persephone was supposed to be a beautiful planet...not this. "Suppose its just here then..." The girl said to herself, walking through a large crowd of vagabonds. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a well-dressed man punch another man, surprisingly, it had effect. She looked at him curiously and walked over to him. "What was that all about?" Alaya asked him, placing a hand on her hip
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  4. Callie smiled to herself as she made her way through the crowd. Vendors called out for attention, children chased each other around with toy guns. So much excitement! The girl stopped to admire the craftsmanship put into the shoes at one stall in particular. "Pretty nice, aren't they? Tell you what, special low price just for you, sweetheart! Every beautiful woman needs beautiful shoes, am I right?" A short, stocky man with an abrasive voice offered her. Callie gave a shy smile and politely declined. "I'm sorry, sir. They are very pretty, but I couldn't afford them until I find a new job." The merchant lost interest almost immediately as another couple women stopped to look.

    As she turned away, a scuffle nearby caught her attention. A very handsome man who appeared to be well off by his fancy clothing and confident posture had just sent two mercs away with their tails between their legs like pups. She wondered about his story. She wasn't sure just by observation if the mercenaries were after him or working for him. A dark haired woman appeared, hand on hip. Callie wondered if this could be his wife or something. She casually strolled in that direction, checking out various shops along the way. I'm not eavesdropping. Just curious is all. No harm in knowing who's who, right? Better chances of finding a job if I know who to ask and who to avoid, She thought, in attempt to ease her own guilt.
  5. Domicus brushed off his shirt, rolling his eyes as he watched the two vagabonds walk off. He smoothed the velvet coat as a laugh ripped from his lips,"Hopefully no one heard that... I do not need more mercenaries on my back." A woman's presence made him shiver slightly; he hadn't expected it.

    He smirked, "Just some dullards who wanted to turn me in. Simple. I didn't know them."

    Dom sighed, rubbing his hand-- it ached profusely. However, after a moment, he snatched her hand and kissed it gently. "Domicus Tydlr. Hello to you, Miss...?"
  6. Ayala blushed, and pulled her hand back, rubbing the skin where his lips had met. "Ayala. Ayala Roy." She said, giving him a smile. "Why were they after you?" She continued on, asking him curiously. "Are you a criminal or con of some sort?"
  7. He smirked at her, chuckling to himself, "Well, it is nice to meet you, Ayala." He was quiet for a moment, folding his arms across his chest, "Ah, that is for you to know, one day-- and no, I'm not a con man. I am just a noble doctor, miss. I go by the name of Domicus Tydlr. Are you a criminal of some sort?"
  8. Zane stood outside the transport ships doors on an elevated platform watching people exit. He was hired a week earlier by the transport company after an argument turned deadly. It was incredibly boring but he would take whatever money he could get. The job became interssting when he saw a well dressed rich looking man beat up two heavily armed mercenaries. Not wanting things to escalate he made his way over. The man was now talking with a women. "Excuse me sir, do you have any ID?" He said authoritavely.
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  9. Domicus's attention snapped to the other man, a pompous air coming around him. "Excuse me, sir? Do you have ID?" He rolled his eyes, brushing the man off, turning to look at the woman with a smirk. He crossed his arms in a territorial manner-- to show that if the guy tried anything, the Doctor would most likely... fight back. Or there was the option of running. This guy looked... frightening, especially up close.
  10. "Of course not..." Ayala said, and then looked over at the...large man that had just spoken. Not as tall as he was burly though..."Do you know him?" She asked, looking back up at Domicus
  11. "I ain't gonna ask again wise guy." He said menacingly. "Identification, now." Zane hated rich snobs. They thought they were better than everyone else. He set his hand on his holstered pistol as told the man to show identification.
  12. Callie saw the rising dispute, and kept her distance. Maybe these weren't the people to request work from. With another nervous glance in their direction, she decided to check out the ships docked here. The brunette continued to wander around, looking over each vessel with consideration as to it's story and what sorts of people might run in. Some were large and fancible, others were small scows, older and newer models, a few were even retro-fitted for human transport.
  13. "Why, thank you for such a compliment," Domicus said, rolling his eyes as he offered the man his ID. "Not one bit," he whispered to Ayala. He pulled his coat closer to him, shivering slightly.
  14. Zane looked at the mans ID. He ran it through a mobile database. He took one quick look at it and then at the man. "There is a small problem sir. Please step back onto the ship." He said. By now the ship was empty and the dock was mostly cleared of people. Zane saw the bounty Dominicus' family had put on him. Returning him to them would get Zane enough money to get off this shitty and rock and away from any other shitty rock in the system.
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  16. Domicus eyed the man suspiciously, "Sir, there is nothing wrong with my ID. I believe you are sorely mistaken..." He averted his eyes, one thing strong in his mind: Domicus Tydlr was about to break for it.
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    Ayala looked up at Domicus curiously. He almost looked...scared of being found. It was obvious he was hiding something
  18. "I don't make, many, mistakes. On the ship or I will use force." This wasn't going to be easy. This guy beat up two heavily armed mercs. Zane would have to be careful of his next moves.
  19. "Ahhh.. Funny thing, runnin someone's ID and all that."

    A voice called from further into the cargo ship. It sounded groggy at first, but then a strange confidence edged it's way in. A fairly thin man strolls out from around the corner, and leans up against the wall. He is rubbing his eye as if it were bothering him, and it takes a moment to regain his composure. Next to him is a hairy little creature. The dog stares doe-eyed up at the man, sits beside him, and yawns loudly. Rubbing the dog's head, the man continues to speak,

    "Only lawmen ask for that. Now, I dunno about the rest of you, but I don't get the feelin' that this here ja hwo has got a badge.
    Do ya?

    So, if you aren't an officer, that that must mean you are a bounty hunter.
    If that is the case, then that means this here 'doc' is a no-good sher toh!

    Tell me doc, wha'd ya do?"

    Translation (open)

    Ja Hwo- Fellow, slang for a gun
    Sher Toh- "Snakehead", leader of a criminal organization or operation.
  20. Callie stopped as one ship, in particular, caught her eye. It was a cargo ship, a little worn looking, but she was the kind of girl to admire older ships, houses, and the like. They almost always had some wild stories in their pasts. As she was speculating where it might have been since it's creation, a man stepped out with his dog. "What a pretty pup!" She exclaimed, "May I pet him?" She looked up at the ship's captain with a friendly grin. However, the fellows making a scene had caught his attention. She looked their direction again, also wondering about the doctor.