Firefly, the second generation! (Looking for a male character)

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  1. I started this idea with someone before, not the plot that I have in mind, but the general idea of using the children of the original crew as characters. And before you read on, I will be playing Kaylee and Simon's daughter!

    -Clears throat-

    The crew of Serenity has long since retired, everyone branching off to live their own version of a peaceful life, including getting married and having children. The crew still got together once a year, bringing their families along with them. The children of course kept in touch, planning on taking over Serenity once they were old enough.

    The roleplay will start with my character and your character (Whichever pairing you choose, although not sure who Jayne would have a baby with. lol) meeting up to gather the others together. However, along they way the ship is hijacked and they are taken prisoner.

    That's all I have for the plot at the moment, but I have lots of ideas!

    If you're interested feel free to send me a PM, or drop a line here.
  2. I could totally play Jayne's kid, if I could think of who he might've knocked up. Really, how many couples are there to choose from, as far as cannon goes?

    And suddenly I realize it's been so long that I can't remember half the crew's names x-x

    I'm interested, anyway.
  3. XD

    It would be Malcom and Inara (Although a few people would say Malcom x Kaylee. >_<)

    Wash and Zoe. Of course Wash died in Serenity, but she could have been pregnant at the time of his death.

    River and Jayne???? LOL! That would be hilarious and wrong, but it's a possibility.

    And Simon and Kaylee, just because I really want an upbeat character who can say 'Shiny' all the time.

    Yes....I am very strange.
  4. Inara and Wash, those are the names I couldn't remember.I'm glad I admitted it instead of saying what I thought, 'cause I only just remembered that "Anora" is actually the queen of Ferelden in Dragon Age xD

    And oh jeez, River as a partner for Jayne just sounds silly.. And possibly dangerous. They'd have scary kids lol. But yeah, if Mal had a kid with any of the crew, it'd definitely be Inara. To me, the relationship he had with Kaylee felt more like a father/daughter type thing.
  5. Yeah, Jayne and River having a kid would be scary as hell. Mal and Inara definitely as a couple though. It still sucks they killed off Wash. >_<
  6. Yeah, he was my second favorite character. Too many feels. Actually, too many feels through the series too. Should have gone on longer though.

    Really though, who else could have been Jayne's lover?
  7. There's a few, but I can't remember their names off hand. (They were all minor characters)

    There's that one planet they went to that had the statue of Jayne and thought he was like a Robin Hood type of guy when really he fucked up and sent all the money he stole flying out over the town. I think he hooked up with someone there.

    Then there's the one companion from the episode where they were stuck in the...brothel? I don't know what to refer to it as. Anyway, they were in there trying to keep the guy from stealing the one girl's baby. I remember that one because she kills him in the end. lol

    Other than those two, I can't really think of anyone.
  8. I hate not being able to remember names, but I definitely remember both of those instances. Maybe I could just say he/she doesn't know their mother?
  9. Jayne, taking care of a baby on his own? That poooooorrrrrrrr kid! lol

    But yeah, that would work.
  10. xD Seriously. I love Jayne, but I pity the kid he raises alone.

    Okay, so, do you have any specifics in mind for the pairing?
  11. Our characters would be the only two on the ship, going to pick up the others to start off on their adventure, but before they can pick up anyone else they end up getting hijacked. (Maybe some ex-Alliance still trying to throw around weight as if they matter. Or something like pirates who just want to rob the ship and sell the two on it as slaves.) They're locked up together, trying to figure a way to get out, and of course once they do, they go off to gather the rest of the group. I haven't thought up too much past that, but I'm pretty good at coming up with ideas. :)

    And if you're referring to romance, I say we play it by ear. :P I forgot to add that. lol
  12. Alright then, sounds like fun. Do you care which gender I play? I'll be honest, it'll be way easier for me to dig up a female character.
  13. Alright, but I can't play a male main. >_< I've tried, and they suck.
  14. Works for me. The only pairings I'm not really into are male/male. Any guidelines for how I should make this character, or do you even plan to have character sheets? Either way is fine with me.

    Also, are there any plot points we need to discuss before we start?
  15. Hmm. I think since they know each other we'll probably have to use a character sheet. As far as plots go, I haven't given it too much thought other than the basics that I laid out, but if you want to throw something in, feel free to.
  16. Alright, I'll go dig around on my laptop and try to write a sheet. I figure leaving out a history section wouldn't be a big deal, right? Just the basics, I'd think.
  17. Yeah, basics will work.
  18. Are we gonna post the sheets in this thread, or elsewhere?
  19. I'll post mine in a thread and send you a link.