Fire Mystery

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Setting: Modern, small town.

Story Idea: Two firemen or fireman and paramedic get called out to a large unexplained fire. There have been a few strange fires popping up in the city lately and this was another to add to the growing list. But this fire is different. On call our characters hear a strange sound in the once proclaimed empty building. Fearing someone's life is in danger they go in. They barely make it out and found no trace of the sounds.

After the fire, the two first responders start to hear and see strange things; they are small at first but grow in time. Soon they find out that it's only the two of them and they decide not to share with anyone so as not to look like crazy people or worse, threaten their jobs with medical leave due to PTSD. Their team is already concerned about them as they have been acting strange lately.

The two go on a private search in the city and in documents from previous fires for the source of the strange noises and sounds they are hearing and the closer they get to the truth, the worse their visions become until they finally discover the truth that someone has been trying to keep hidden.

The dynamic of the characters can vary. I will be playing a male fire fighter, new to the fire station. They could perhaps not like each other at first and then develop a friendship or more. Romance is ok but should not be the central theme.

There are supernatural elements involved though it is based on a modern era where humans are not known to have any extraordinary abilities.

I'm open to plot ideas and I love character development!

1. Able to write in multiple paragraphs and at least an intermediate level
2. 18+ so we can comfortably go dark in the story if needed with intense moments, language, violence etc.
3. Write at my pace, which is about every day or sometimes every other day.
4. Third person with character depth. No boring or perfect characters.
5. Real life pics for characters, no anime please.

PM Me if Interested in Writing the Story!
Not open for further replies.