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    Dive into a world filled with love, battles, death...and so so much more. Join a band of mercenaries who's leader is a run-away prince. Together, take down armies and do incredible things! Choose your class, your weapon, and your side. Journey through new and mysterious lands in order to get to your goal. Develop relationships with teammates and make new friends along the way~

    Hey guys! I'm Apollo, and me and my friend are wanting to do Fire Emblem roleplay with a group of people! Currently, we do not have the site set up since we're still looking for members, but we'll get it up there soon! We plan on hosting it at ProBoards!

    If anyone is interested, could you comment below or contact me?

    If I get enough people, I'll send the link out-

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Oh and by the way, this roleplay will be casual. But! You are expected to write at least a paragraph per reply.[/BCOLOR]

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  2. I would be so interested @Apollo ! Let me know if you need help too, I used to moderate a pro board site in a roleplay I was in a year or two ago :)
  3. Always interested in anything FE related played most (just missing thracia) and was sad that there wasn't much more FE related rps here.
  4. I'd volunteer for this.
  5. Fire Emblem's neat. I'd probably look into this once you get it all set up.

    What kinda setting would this be in? One of the existing ones, or something original with the FE themes/lore/etc in mind?
  6. I must join! This is like a blessing!
  7. Potentially up for joining. More information will be the tipper.
  8. I'm interested.
  9. I'd be interested in this!
  10. ...Neat. Definatily caught my eye with this.
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  11. Awesome! I can't wait to hear from you :D
  12. CURIOUS. I do like Fire Emblem.
  13. Count me interested.
  14. I may have the slightest feels for fire emblem.......... I love it, so I'm in all the way until I finally die by pandas.
  15. I'm interested!
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