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  1. Hey there! I'm Kattekerma, you can just call me kat, that's fine. Anyway, I just wanted to check and see if anybody was interested in the game Fire Emblem: Awakening. It's like one of my favorite games and more people need to be into it because it's amaze! So yeah, if you're interested in roleplaying it or even just talking about it, just shoot me a PM or reply to this thread.

  2. I was just playing that game.

    Do we choose who we wannabe?
  3. I might be interested. What's the plot/setting/etc?
  4. I'd be interested so long as canon characters aren't involved.

    What time period are you thinking? I'm personally fond of the Holy War, and I would prefer not to set it immediately after awakening because we kind of have to establish a canon at this point (setting it, say, two hundred years after awakening lets us leave it vague enough we don't need to).
  5. Wow I didn't think anybody would be interested! Well, we could obviously have it set sometime in the future (after awakening) or an alternate to Holy War or something, with mentions/ties to canon characters if you don't want them there @Valentyne

    As for plots, I have various ones that surround the characters of awakening, putting them into different settings and such, as for that, we'd probably have OCs or we could just take on the roles of the canon characters, maybe even use someone's Avatar is they so pleased.
  6. You guys can PM if you want!
  7. By using someone's avatar, do you mean literally the avatar from the game (as in, they have the mark and have gone through the war etc) or just using that character without them actually being the avatar (so they don't have the mark etc)?

    I don't like the idea of using the actual avatar because:
    A) It focuses the story a little too much around them, if the rest of the characters are OCs; chances are the avatar will be more important than everyone else.
    B) It forces us to establish a canon, which is tricky business that can be hard to agree on and makes things complicated.

    I like the Holy War as a period because most of the canon characters aren't around yet, it lets us flesh out a couple mentioned but never even named characters (the former rulers of Plegia and Ylisse) whether they're in the background or not, and regardless of what the plot is, it gives us an interesting setting.

    I was in an awakening RP not too long ago that never went anywhere because of certain problems, but we had basically decided to set it at the end of the Holy War, and the plot was someone attempting to steal the Jewels/Fire Emblem (which would have let us neatly set up where every Jewel ends up by Awakening).

    On that note, are we going to use a formalized class system? Not stats, just class. It gives it a more Fire Emblem feel, but at that point we have to jump into deciding what game's class and weapon system we're going to use. Awakening's is the obvious, of course, but I have a good argument for the GBA games' lying around if we go that route.
  8. Sent you a PM!
  9. I might be interested. :)
  10. @Valentyne I didn't mean mark of Grima or anything like that, I just meant their avatar for the tactician class if they weren't up to creating an OC. They'd be just about as important, or unimportant as any other character. It was just an option if someone wanted to use their avatar. As for classes, yeah, we'll use them because it gives us a basis of what the characters are like.

    However I'd like to hear your thoughts on it, as I'm still unsure of where I want it to actually take place
  11. Alright, I'm cool with that.

    As far as classes, lemme grab this quote from the last fire emblem RP I was in.

    On where to set it, I figure Ylisse would be a logical starting place and the plot could go wherever, unless a plot calls for somewhere else.
  12. Which set do you prefer? I'm only familiar with FE13's, but I'm sure I can adapt to the others if you're leaning more towards another set of games' weapons system.

    Yeah, I'd have liked Ylisse as a place to start. It's just a matter of what we choose to do with the plot. Because we can start in Ylisse and over time, we could go elsewhere or even change Ylisse to another country, because Ylisse wasn't always called that. It's just a matter of what we want to do plot wise.
  13. I think that FE4-8's system is by far the best option, as I said in that quote. It has the weapon triangle and the trinity of magic without having a confusing secondary trinity of magic. As far as adapting FE13's classes to it, I propose:

    New Classes:

    Light Mage (1st tier, Uses Light Magic) > Bishop / Valkyrie
    Bishop (2nd tier, promotes from Cleric/Priest and Light Mage, uses Light Magic/Staves)

    Changed classes:

    Everything that gets Tomes now gets Anima except for the following exceptions:

    Dark Mages, Sorcerers, Dark Knights (except when promoting from mages), and Dark Fliers now get Dark instead of Tomes.

    Valkyrie now gets Light instead of Tomes.

    Cleric/Priest now promotes to Bishop/War Cleric(/Priest).

    I don't think I missed anything, that should be the simplest and most logical adaptation.
  14. Then alright, that's what we'll use! The changes seem simple enough. Now onto incorporating a plot. As we're using Ylisse, is it safe to say we'll be taking snippets from the plot and branching off?
  15. That depends on what time period we're going for. Like I said, I'm partial to the Holy War, but I can go for pretty much any time. Setting it far before or far after Awakening saves us the trouble of establishing a canon, however (and avoiding mentions of canon characters and the like if we don't).
  16. We could start with holy war and see where it takes us with a definitive going towards post-awakening. So that way where we start affects awakening's plot and then the after affects of that AND awakening play out afterwards?
  17. When shall we start this? I will give you a small heads up. I have work tomorrow and possibly next week. So I wanna let you know.
  18. I'm wondering when are we gonna start as well.
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