Fire Emblem Awakening: House Rule & Preferences Talk

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Normally I'd merge this with the other Fire Emblem Topic (Staff feel free to do so if you feel it's more appropriate) but I didn't want to suddenly derail that thread when the OP had a specific question in mind.

Any ways, what I'm wondering about is House Rules & Preferences.
Specifically, what bonus restrictions do you put yourself on? Or what setting do you prefer?

For myself I prefer Hard/Classic with Speed or Defence Robin as the settings.
Hard because the AI is actually challenging, but not "Lol! Every Enemies a Fredrick!" ridiculous.
Classic because in all honesty perma-death/constant restarts has been with the series the whole time, and to suddenly lose it not only feels cheap, but it trivializes most levels to be far easier because suddenly you can Kamikaze.
Speed or Defence Robins because it suits all roles, Speed makes him more adaptable, Defence increases survivability.

Then in regard to House Rules:

-> No Pair Ups
Pair Ups for me once again trivialize the game. Your units gain enough stat boosts to mow down the enemy, and on top of which it effectively halves your army in regards to formations, severely limiting the kinds of tactics one can do.

Other's I'm dabbled in are limited Seal Use and limited or no random missions.
But with stuff like the Child feature (and fire emblems forever plague of it being insanely hard to raise late game low level units) those missions seem a bit too required to get so many units combat ready.

While Seal Use? Limiting it does help make it more like the old games, where every character has a specific role and you work with it. But at the same time the Seals allow for far more customizability per unit, which leaves me torn.


Speed Robin>all Robin

The main reason for this is... Well, on Lunatic you get doubled in the fucking prologue if you're not +speed. Secondly, Robin is your most reliable early game magic user. He's sturdier and faster than Miriel and doesn't need to be hardcore babied like Ricken. Additionally, because mages almost always deal good chunks of damage, getting two hits in a round against anything that is not in the knight (gets doubled by everything anyway) or cleric (high res) branch is far superior to just dealing 2-5 more damage in just the one. Only a few high res units will be able to stand the oncoming onslaught and mage killing is easy anyway. Robin's potential as an offensive unit is far too great to delegate him to tanking hits. In fact +spd -def is one of the most popular builds next to +spd -luk. All Robin wants out of a single round is to kill things and not die, speed aids both of those.

And I think this is really important to mention. If you do plan of torturing yourself on Lunatic without whoring yourself out to the outrealm dlc; go through the pain of levelling Kellam. He won't be Oswin but he's still really worth it. The trick to the harder setting is to have both characters that can take hits consistently and other characters that can kill consistently. Then to not get swarmed. Using characters as all-rounders gets them killed. Easier said than done, but it's a total game changer.

Of course if you're playing hard or normal this doesn't matter as much, but optimisation doesn't matter for hard or normal anyway. Yeah... I had to get that out of the way. Because I played the crap out of this game.

ANYWAY. Custom challenges. Hard mode without pair-up is a fine way to go though. As for seals, you'll probably be using like one master seal and one second seal per unit at best if you don't go and grind like a tool. Child chapters... Well, they don't be Est depending on when you get them. Get them late enough and they're so disproportionately strong to their exp gain, getting them caught up isn't so hard (they actually fixed this exploit in the upcoming Fates.) That said these chapters are EXP goldmines, so if you want to limit your gains you might not want to go after them until post-game. Most child units are emo and angsty anyway and there's enough to go around in the first gen to beat the final chapter without them.
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