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  1. After a long day of slacking off and writing music, Marshall made his way toward Fiona and Cake's place. His hair in a messy fashion and his shirt worn with three of his top buttons undone. Fiona liked when he wore his shirt like that. He'd figured that out last week, when his shirt was almost ripped off by Prince Gumball. Yeah he was angry that day no doubt about that, but when those red cheeks lit up he knew how she felt about his body.

    He smirked at the thought. Once he arrived to Fiona's door he knocked three times. He floated in the air letting his face meet hers as she opened the door. His face was probably a few inches away from her's as she opened it. "Hi there smexy lady," he said with a teasing tone.
  2. Once she opened the door, Fionna blushed. "Hey you." She said, stepping aside to let him in. "Cake, Marshall's here!" She called, letting her sister know about the vampire visitor.

    "He better not break anything like the last time!" Cake yelled back, looking up from her cooking. Fionna giggled, remembering how the vampire kind had broken their table by accident. Cake was so mad she refused to go anywhere near the vampire for at least a week.
  3. He chuckled. "Sorry." Marshall Lee floated in slowly. He smirked "Oh so I see you got a new table!" he snickered. "So I came over here to pick you...see if you wanted to hang or somethin. If that's okay with kitty cake over there," Marshall smiled and waited for an answer, hoping that Cake wouldn't snap at him for asking.
  4. "I don't think so." Cake said, walking up to the two. "My tail puffs out whenever he comes over, Fionna baby."

    "Oh come on, Cake." Fionna said, crossing her arms across her chest. "I'm a big girl! I can handle anything that comes my way!" She smiled, striking a tough pose to show how strong she was.

    Cake frowned slightly. "You better be back before dawn." She said before walking away, not wanting to be near the vampire for too long.
  5. Marshall Lee smiled wide. "Perfect!" he exclaimed. He took Fiona's hand and kissed it in a flirtatious way. "Come along my sweet," he said before taking her out slightly tugging at her arm. He stuck his tongue out at Cake, and made his way out the door with Fiona's hand in his.
  6. Cake hissed at him as Fionna blushed. She said nothing, knowing better than to get riled up by his flirting. He liked it when she got mad. So she would stay calm. Though, her red cheeks gave her flustered-ness away.
  7. "So how's life Fiona? Oh better question! How are you and Flame Prince?" he asked. Jealousy began to course through his body. Flame Prince and Marshall Lee didn't really talk to much, but knowing that Fiona's dating Flame Prince instead of him, makes him a little angry at times.
  8. Fionna blushed. "It's going really well. We actually sorta maybe sorta kissed..." She said quietly, playing with her fingers. She always got embarrassed talking about her and Flame Prince's relationship.
  9. "Oh really???" he asked in surprise. "I-I bet it hurt," was all he could thing to say at the moment.
  10. "Not really." Fionna said. "It was warm. Though, I did have to wear burn cream on my face for a month." She stretched as she looked at the Vampire King, wondering why he was asking about her love life.
  11. "Oh well um...I guess I was wrong then," Marshall felt like he wanted to just leave, but of course he couldn't do that. He was going to prove that he was better than flame prince. He was going to win her over once and for all. "Hey so what do you want to do? What are you up for dollface?" he asked/
  12. Fionna rolled her eyes. "Adventures, of course. You got something new for me, Marshall?" The human asked, watching him. She was sure he was just teasing her with all of the nicknames.
  13. "Posh! Of course I do..." no I don't! he thought to himself. He only came over just to be kicked right back out by Cake. He didn't think he would make it this far. " about we hit up the dungeons, then we go to my place?" he asked giving a smirk.
  14. "Well then, let's go!" Fionna said, smiling. She ran toward the direction of the dungeons, excited. Hopefully the vampire could keep up with the energetic human.
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