Finished Shows you wish weren't finished.

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  1. Basically what are the shows that are finished airing which you outright love and wish you could get more of.
    This may not be continuing the main story mind you, this could also be stuff like side stories and such.

    For me it would be the Fate Series, Shiki and more firefly DAMMIT FOX!
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  2. The fate series gets new adaptions and side story series all the time though o_o Since it's based on a game there are different routs they can take thus there will probably be more anime of it in the future :p Since 2010 they have gotten at least 2 new series, specials, OVAs or movies per year. In 2012 there came out one TV-series and between 2013 and 2015 there came out two TV-series per year. There is even a movie coming up for the heaven's feel route. (Dunno if it will come this autumn or during 2016 though.) So while this season is finished, there is a super high chance that they will continue this series in the future with either a new route, a side story, or the history of some other people in the war. The heaven's feel route might get a movie now, but that does not discriminate it from getting a series in the future. Unlimited blade works also got a movie first, and look where it is now :9

    My list

    Japanese anime
    Manga based series:

    Natsume yuujinchou: 4 seasons is not enough D: Considering the last season came in 2012 there is a chance they won't do a season five, but considering they are still doing OVAs almost once a year, there is a chance they might still consider making a fifth season o_o (If not I do hope they at least do an OVA that's about Matoba's latest manga arc.)

    Skip beat: There is soooo much new material from the manga that can be made into an anime, and they aren't using it Dx Make a second season! Animate Reino for God's sake!

    07-ghost: Seriously? No second season? ... ]:<

    Karneval: Preeetty coooooloooors :D And Nai! Give me more of that!

    Kuroshitsuji: Can never get enough of it. :D (This is so popular so I'm fairly certain there will be a forth season sooner or later.... Make it sooner. Or at least give me another musical :9)

    Ouran highschool host club: You would have thought with its popularity that it would get a second season o_o but noooo. Everyone needs to read the manga ]: What if I both want the anime and the manga to have completed stories??? D:

    Sekaiichi hatsukoi: Yeah yeah, Junjou romantica is the most popular work of this mangaka, BUT SEKAIICHI HATSUKOI HAS THE BEST STORIES! It deserves a third season more than junjou ]: Junjou is just a rape story in disguise D: (Still love it though o_o GUILTY PLEASURE D:)

    Shiki: A follow up story, a backstory story, a side story about some other place with vampires. Whatever. Just give me something.

    Tokyo ghoul: Considering this one apparently has diverted completely from the manga, I can't even check what will happen there D: GIVE ME MAH SEASON 3! (at least there will be an OVA coming up soon o_o Though I'm not sure if it will be more of a backstory, side story, recap or continuation OVA... Hopefully a continuation.)

    Vampire knight: Just finish it already. If you have made 2 seasons you can make one more to finish the story ]:

    Non manga based series:

    Hakushaku to yousei: I just wanna see more of this world and these characters. o_o

    Brothers conflict: Guilty pleasures, everybody has a few, guilty pleasures, I want more of these hot dudes :D (Bonus points for anyone who can figure out which musical review I stole a song from xD)

    Ghost hunt: Just make a second season with more ghost hunting o_o Pleeeaaase

    Kino's journey: I NEED THIS AS MUCH AS A NEED NATSUME YUUJINCHOU! JUST GIVE IT TO ME! Isn't there a ton of novels for you to work with? T-T

    Magic kaito 1412: I usually don't get so into these kinds of shows, but this one was really good. I want another season D: (Considering this one is so new, there is a possibility for a season 2 if it was popular enough)

    No game no life: I love this show o_o I didn't even notice all the fanservice before people started pointing it out. That's how good it was. It made me completely blind to fanservice! Give me more of this!!!

    Sci-fi harry: I want either a continuation or just a side story that has nothing to do with the main story but takes place in the same world with someone else who has powers.

    Western cartoons:

    A.T.O.M - Alpha teens on machines: Seriously, there are so many questions that hasn't been answered D: DUN CANCEL IT DAMN IT!

    X-men evolution: U no continue? ]: Stop canceling all the good shows D:

    Live action series:

    Torchwood: I really don't like how the show became towards the end, but if they could go back to their original format, I would want another season o_o Actually I would like it even if they continued as they did towards the end... I just want some more Jack... JAACK!!! COME BAACK! OR AT LEAST HAVE A CAMEO IN DOCTOR WHO!!!
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  4. There are a few series out there that really need proper conclusions. And some that got conclusions but I miss terribly.

    If BBB doesnt get a second season. I will lose my shit.
  5. Forever
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  6. There are A LOT. But the ones I can remember right now off the top of my head:



    Moonlight. It was kind of cheesy, but it was a cute lil vampire show. O__O I'm sad they killed it.
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  7. I second Ouran and Kino's Journey. Especially Kino's Journey. That one was just way too good to end so soon.

    Also: Trigun. It needs a better ending. Plus, it would look amazing with updated animation. Too bad the movie that came out in 2010 didn't seem to spark enough interest to lead to a rebooted series...
  8. I know of all the games, I just want more show adapations. Which could be brand new stuff or off those games for all I care.

    But what do you mean two new series per year?
    All I have ever heard about (and this is talking to other fate fans) is Fate Zero, Unlimited Blade Works, and the Original Stay/Night (which people advise against).
    That and I already hard of and am pumped for the Heaven's Feel movie, hopefully like Bladeworks that also becomes a Series.
  9. Constantine. I forgot Constantine. The show was everything I ever wanted. And it got cancelled ;_;
  10. First series came in 2003 which was Lunar legend tsukihime which apparently is connected to the fate series, but I think it's just the setting. The plots have nothing to do with each other. The wikia says that the end of that series is the beginning of the fate series, so in some subtle ways they seem to at least be taking place in the same universe or something. I haven't seen lunar legend though so I don't know. :p

    2010 came the unlimited blade works movie and a two part OVA.

    2011: Fate zero season 1, carnival phantasm: Illya's castle (a one episode special), Fate/prototype (OVA)

    2012: Fate zero season 2, and a 6 episode dvd special

    2013: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya TV series (which was a spin-off of the fate zero series focusing on the girls. I have heard it's more of a comedy, but I haven't seen it.) and a 5 ep special.

    2014: Fate/Kaleid OVA 1 ep, Fate/kaleid season 2, Fate stay night unlimited blade works TV series, Fate/kaleid season 2 special 5 eps, Fate/stay night unlimited blade works prologue episode.

    2015: Fate/kaleid season 2 OVA, Fate/kaleid season 3 (currently ongoing), Fate/stay night unlimited blade works season 2, fate/stay night unlimited blade works season 2 DVD special, Fate/kaleid season 3 DVD special.

    2015/16?: Fate/stay night: Heaven's feel movie

    And that's just the anime, there are a shit ton of manga too o_o Once a year there comes at least one new title. Except for 2014... They jumped that year for some reason. Some are still ongoing and others only had two volumes.

    You can find a full list of related series here:
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  11. Star Trek: Enterprise really did deserve three more seasons to explore the Romulan war arc. That would have been neat. Could have hearkened back to the Cold War, with the unstable and young Federation trying to figure out a way to deal with the Romulan's cloaking technologies and espionage. Show how the Federation grew to have its sickeningly infectious philosophy about the universe, how it ballooned in size so quickly without resorting to expansionism and war. Root Beer, anyone?

    Instead, it got cut short three seasons because the fans became so OCD about the timeline (that had already been shattered multiple times prior to Enterprise even starting) that it never stood a chance. It's likely what ultimately led the studio to greenlighting wannabe Star Wars the new Star Trek movies and timeline. The philosophy of the show has been replaced with random explosions and Benedict Cumberbatch stealing a non-white role and turning it ostensibly British for no reason.

    I miss my old Star Trek, and because Enterprise was cancelled, I'll probably never see it again. Yay.

    Also, yes, Firefly, but lots of people have already mentioned that, so I figured I'd mention something else that was worth seeing more of.
  12. Forever! I loved that freaking show. Initially I didn't think much of it from the previews but watching it turned me into a fan. I was PISSED when it got cancelled....still am. I need a cookie.
  13. So basically it's a movie, some short specials and then that spin-off series?

    I had looked at the spin-off (actually I had seen it before the rest of fate) but I didn't care for the spin-off.
    It is essentially a Magical Girl Comedy, carrying nothing from the rest of Fate except for character names and faces.

    I'll definitely need to find all those OVA's and Bonus Episodes though! :3
  14. I love how, with the black background that I have, this just looks like a bunch of dots. :P
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  15. I guess I shouldn't have gotten the one with the transparent background xD
  16. I honestly just thought random dots were posted... :/
  17. Nanatsu no Taizai. The ending was so open it made me want to cry. But it's popular enough for a second season, only there isn't enough material to work with just yet.
  18. You will get to see him reprise his role on this season of Arrow, supposedly.

    For me it's Firefly, Almost Human, The following, Resurrection, secret Circle, Star-crossed, Witches of Eastend...and there's others my mind is drawing a blank atm.

    I am so thankful Hulu picked up the mindy project tho.
  19. He has a episode yes :D. It was the most exciting part of the season trailer.
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