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  1. Terra Matthews sighed and readjusted the grip on her bag. Her head was pounding with the effort to keep her shields up and she wanted nothing more than to yell at people to keep it to themselves.

    The young Empath cursed softly under her breath. It was easier to block out other people’s emotions now thanks to the training on how to do it in the weeks she’d been here at the Academy, but she couldn’t do much when people kept projecting at her. Dammit, if this kept up she wouldn’t know what emotions were hers and what ones belonged to other people.


    Taking a deep breath, Terra forced a smile on her face. She would not let this control her life. She’d get the hang of this, she would. She’d get better at blocking out people and be able to have a somewhat normal life.

    Walking into the cafeteria/dining hall/whatever they called it (she hadn’t really been paying attention) she slumped into a seat at an empty table and put her head down. That would be later though. Today, today her powers - and people - sucked.
  2. It started off a slow day for Alex. He was up early. Enough time for a run, a shower, and even a little time extra to finish any school work ahead of time. He'd already had it planned out that it would be a good day today.

    He strapped on his backpack and headed for the cafeteria for some breakfast. As soon as he arrived, he took a look around and paused. His best friend had recently graduated. He was finished with his training, he was ready for the world. Alex had to admit, no matter how much he loved the academy, he was jealous. He wanted to be out in the real world.

    He had visited his family a couple times already. He could be off, join them for breakfast and make it back just in time for class. As long as no one found out, he was just fine. Sometimes he wished he didn't have to spend every single day there. Even out of class and training, they were to stay in their dorms, or at least on the mansion grounds.

    He started towards the table they usually sat before Riley left. There was a girl sitting there. And that was no problem for Alex. In fact, it was a good thing. He sat across from her, smiling. "Hello," He said nicely.
  3. Terra looked up, a feeling of, not happiness exactly but something similar, with a bit of irritation lapping at the edges of her shield. She looked up, glaring, but her biting comment and urge to scream "GO AWAY" died on her lips. She wasn't sure if it was her empathy or not but something about this guy just screamed Friendly and she found it almost impossible to be snarky toward him at the moment.

    "Hi." she said, followed by a blunt "Who are you?" She might not want to be snarky or sarcastic, but tact was not something she had this early in the morning. "I'm Terra," she added. It might come across as less rude if she introduced herself to him first.
  4. Alex tilted his head slightly at the weird response he got from her. He figured she was new since he'd never really noticed her aorund. But he didn't exactly know every single mutant in the mansion either, so no way to be sure without asking. "Nice to meet you Terra, I'm Alex," He said with a friendly smile. He leaned forward on the table and started driking his orange juice, "Are you new or have we just not met before?" He asked her.
  5. Terra smiled slightly. He seemed nice enough and even though he was projecting a bit, it didn't feel like he was bashing at her shields with a cast-iron skillet so it was bearable. "I'm new. Sorta. I've only been here a couple weeks." She sighed, she like it here and was glad they'd found her when they had (she'd been close to going insane), but some days it still felt weird being here. "It's different. Nice, but different."

    She reached into her bag and pulled out a water bottle, taking a sip. "How 'bout you, how long have you been here?"
  6. "Ah, so you're in the begining classes..." Alex nodded, listening to her. He'd been here way to long, since he was 15. For some reason, the professors were sure he wasn't ready yet. He hated it. He was sure he was the best in everything he did, yet he hadn't graduated. Alex took a breath and finally spoke, "Almost three years," He said. He made a face then. "I mean, I love the place, but I'm just about ready to start a life or something." He chuckled. "So, what's your specialty?" He asked her.
  7. Terra smiled, "I can understand that. It must be annoying to be here for almost three years and not moving forward. No, not must be, is." She spun the cap of her water bottle, "I'm an Empath, I can read and feel others emotions." She sighed, "It's kind of annoying because I'm not very good at blocking people out yet. I can also control all forms of water. That's pretty cool." She shrugged, "What are yours?"
  8. Alex made a small O with his mouth as she spoke. He let go of what she'd said for a moment to answer her quesiton. "I'm a fast guy..." He said with a shrug. "And you know... that's pretty much it. Speed, agility... And I can kinda adapt really quickly which can be a little strange at times. Keeps me safe though." He smiled and looked down at his hands, thinking about what she'd said again. "So, uh... Annoying how? Like... Am I bothering you?" He asked.
  9. She blinked, "Oh, that's cool."

    Terra sighed, running a hand through her hair, "It's annoying because most people accidentally project what they're feeling - they don't keep it to themselves- and then I don't know what I'm feeling or what belongs to other people and then I get all mixed up and and..." Realizing she was rambling, Terra blushed, "Anyway, well it's not pretty." She looked at Alex, chewing on her bottom lip. "You aren't bothering me though; you're emotions aren't bashing at my shields like a frying pan. It might have to do with your power to adapt." She shrugged, "Whatever the reason, it's nice."
  10. "Ahh..." Alex nodded as she spoke. It must suck being unable to block other people's business. He bit his cheek and tilted his head slightly, "I'm sorry..." He said. Some people had horrible 'gifts.' He was lucky enough to have somehting fun, something controlable, somehting instinct took care of on it's own too. Every mutation had to do with personal survival, but sometimes it could be too much. Or too little.
    "Do you know if there's any way of keeping it in?" He asked. "You know, like, not projecting? If you could tell me, I'd gladly keep it all in," He chuckled softly.
  11. (Crap. Sorry I thought I'd replied ages ago and I didn't get an alert that you'd replied. I'm so sorry)

    Terra shrugged, "Don't apologize, it's not your fault. And I don't want your sympathy. Besides, I'm getting better, I can block out enough that I can leave my room without feeling like I'm going insane anymore." She smiled, "According to Professor Song, I'm doing amazing well considering I only started three weeks ago."

    She bit her lip, thinking, "I'm not sure. Projecting isn't normally a conscious thought; people do it automatically. I'll let you know if you're projecting to much though, okay?"
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  12. He nodded and smiled at her. "But seriously, don't hold back anything... you can be completely honest with me if I'm," He shrugged and gestured, "You know,"

    He watched her for a moment, thinking of what to say next. He realized that might be a little creepy though, so he cleared his throat and looked to the big windows instead. "So you think we might have anything together?" He asked. It took him a moment to realize what it sounded like. "Oh, I mean classes... any classes we might have together..."
  13. Terra smiled at him. she hadn't met very many people here yet and the few she had, she couldn't stand. "Thanks I will." She suddenly blushed, "If I suddenly get really bitchy, let me know. Odds are I'm picking up on someone and can't help it, but let me know anyway. It's not fair to take it out on you."

    She looked down, spinning the bottle cap again. "I dunno. Probably some of the regular ones, like History or English or something though. At least I hope so, It'd be nice to know someone in my class....That came out creepier then I meant it too."
  14. (Sorry I've been gone for so long! D: Not much internet available to me where I am...)

    Alex bit the inside of his cheek and shrugged. "Nah..." She was new here. Probably younger too since the professor hadn't brought her in before. Either he'd just discovered her, or he figured she'd come on her own eventually. Alex wondered which it was. "I mean like...." He paused and tilted his head at her. "Have you gotten your schedule?" He asked. "How old are you?" He realized he'd been asking too many questions and paused for a while to breath.

    "I mean... Sorry. It's just, you know there's like training courses too, right? Like: Control of your powers, Leadership courses, Gym--which is basically just to keep us in shape. Apart from those classes, we're put into the main subjects by the placement tests, though those aren't the classes we focus on the most," He explained. "Can I see your schedule?" He smiled hoping he hadn't annoyed her already.
  15. (It's okay :) I understand, no worries)

    Terra blinked. And blinked again before grinning widely at Alex, eyes lighting up. It had been a long time since anyone had asked her that many questions at once.

    “Okay, one question at a time.” she said with a small laugh. “First, I’ve just gotten my schedule last night. We’ve been rather focused on getting my shields up and strong enough before I venture into classes so I don’t get overloaded with emotions and go insane.” She grimaced slightly, she’d had Empathy for a while, years, now that she thought back on it, but with appearance of her water powers last year, it had grown stronger and the flimsy shield she had subconsciously built hadn’t been enough anymore.

    Smiling again, the blonde moved on to the other questions. “Second, I’m seventeen. A bit late I know, but my empathy wasn’t all that strong until recently and I just got my water manipulation ones last year. How old are you?” She looked him over. He couldn’t have been much older than she was. “Third, I know there are other classes, but I’ve only had Power Control constantly since I got here. I took my placement tests yesterday.” She reached down into her bag and pulled out a notebook, opening it and pulling out her schedule and slid it across the table.

    “Here, knock yourself out.” She made a face before giggling, “Not literally of course.”
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