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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]The house was a very old one, and looked like at one point a fire had burnt it out. Large sections of the roof had never been replaced, but any damage that had occurred took place long ago. Green vines and mosses had begun to reclaim the place, making it look picturesque, as though from a fairytale. Despite the missing parts of roof, some rooms inside were still darkened, cast into deep shadows. Only about a quarter of the old house was spilling light into it. In contrast to the nature that surrounded it in this wooded area, many of the boards were blackened and glass windows melted.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]A decrepit house like this was a place for hiding, and deep into it's dark depths Ravier was struggling with an internal pain that had plagued him for some time now. It had been an incredibly [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]stupid[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] idea to drink all that blood, to believe a demon had actually cared about what happened to a vampire. Now he was suffering the consequences. His mind was slowly being warped into a strange, unrecognizable thing. His sanity was slipping away from him, though he had moments of cognizance. The longer he stayed alone and deprived of food, the more he felt himself slipping into moments of pure mania.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He was sitting in a corner covered by a ragged, grey hooded cloak, which served to hide his face. Beneath the cloak he wore heavy black boots, and long gloves that came up to his elbows and met with the rolled up sleeves of his ragged blue shirt. He did his best to keep his odd skin completely covered. He even attempted to cover the bottom of his face with torn strips of cloth wrapped around it.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]A tremor ran through his body for the umpteenth time this day. Ravier was fighting a pain deep down that was leaving him unable to rest his body, as well as the mental struggles he had to put up with as his condition reminded him daily of his own stupidity and what he'd lost. Though he'd gained a lot from it as well. If this was gaining, in the end.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The odd decrepit vampire was in an upstairs bedroom, the windows blackened out with what seemed to be paint, fiddling with some idea in his head out of boredom. Things were usually eerily quiet in this place, only the occasional stir of a woodland animal would disturb the peace. During the day, he would not leave this place. And right now, he hardly felt like he could move. Ravier was going nowhere for a while.[/BCOLOR]
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  2. [BCOLOR=transparent]The old forest seemed to go on forever, the old trunks standing tall and proud albeit a bit crooked here and there, the trees stretched for a sky she almost couldn't see, only a dappled sunlight fell across the forest floor warming Erin as she walked leisurely along a faint trail probably only used by animals. This forest was large and this old part were most likely rarely traversed by anything else than animals at least Erin had not been able to see or hear anything indicating otherwise. It had been some time since she last pushed all her troubles away and just walked out into nature, just relaxing and doing nothing but now she had gotten ahead of herself and gotten deep inside the woods. If she didn't turn around soon she would not make it back before dark unless she took on a faster form than her own.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Any thoughts of turning around vanished as an old house came into view, it was beginning to lose a fight against nature and wines were growing across it and moss had started to climb the walls, parts of the roof were missing and it was a shadow of its former self, no glass covered the windows and the entire house was blackened underneath all the green. Curiosity lit inside her as she looked at the house, who had lived this far into the woods before it fell into ruin, it must have been quite some time ago judging by the amount of vegetation not only growing on the building but around it as well, there wasn't much empty space around the house like one would expect.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Pushing back dark strands of hair behind her ear once more Erin walked up what once must have been the front door and tested it, it resisted at first after the years of misuse and exposure to the elements but with some efforts it creaked open and the front hall spread out before her, light spilling in from the hole in the roof. Hazel eyes looked around eagerly, taking in the sight trying to imagine what it must have looked like before nature started to reclaim its land. Turning around as she walked further in Erin tripped over a small, broken end table lying on the floor, tipped to one side, in her attempts to avoid falling she reached out against the wall to steady herself.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She didn't worry about making any sounds, after all who could possibly be here in this old house this far away from civilization? At the end of the hall a staircase led upwards to the second floor and while part of her whispered to stay away and explore to bottom floor instead Erin stepped over to the stairs, it looked quite sturdy, all things considered and a test of the lowest steps convinced her it was safe, most likely. Making her way up, staying close to the wall just in case it was not as safe as it appeared. She walked slowly, taking in the interior, she had always liked old things, especially houses, to imagine how things must have looked while still in use and try to guess what had happened before the abandonment. As she reached the top of the stairs Erin hesitated, the light was beginning to wane, the hole in the roof didn't stretch this far and used as she was to the daylight everything seemed pitch black to her, for a moment she pondered on using the gem but instantly pushed the thought away, instead she waited for a few minutes in the dim light to get her eyes used to the dark.[/BCOLOR]
  3. As soon as Ravier heard noise from below, his silver eyes shot open. Other than that, he did not move, just listened. At first, his gaze appeared interested, then he started to look bored again. He was picking up on a smell from below but the scent was unfamiliar and his addled mind could not place it. Then there was another crash, as he heard the thing below him stumble awkwardly into the wall. He listened a little more intently, silently stretching his legs out before him on the floor. Upon hearing the creak of a foot on the first step he realized whatever this thing was was likely sentient, and coming his way. He smirked, finally interested. Perhaps this something could provide him some entertainment after all.

    Impatience was slowly getting the better of him, as he listened to... whatever it was coming up the stairs. Take your sweet time. He thought irritably to himself. The old house was hardly in sound shape, so he could hear every movement that was made from within, as well as the heartbeat of whatever was invading his home. That was the part that was bothering him the most. As he listened, he became increasingly more frantic, but he could keep all that contained for the moment. Finally letting his impatience get the better of him, he stood and motioned with his hands a few times, causing the shadows of the room to envelope him completely, making the room appear completely empty. His still form sat silent against the wall, waiting.
  4. Her eyes used to the dim light Erin continued her exploration, the first room she entered seemed to have been a study once, a rickety desk stood close to a broken window, there was no chair and the bookcases along the wall were burnt with only ash and burned out shells left. Any decorations was either destroyed in whatever had happened here or removed beforehand. Returning to the hallway Erin pushed back her dark brown hair from her eyes, the hall only got darker as she moved further in and the next few rooms were nothing of interest, a bedroom with a burned skeleton of a bed, what remained of a wardrobe and a broken mirror, she found a room that must have been some sort of family room, smaller than the one she had glimpsed on the bottom floor.

    A bad feeling settled in her stomach once she reached the next door, Erin couldn't explain it but something felt different, she was not the type that was easily frightened, with exceptions, and yet she had a vague feeling there was something here. Not about to let some strange feeling control her Erin pushed open the door and looked inside, ignoring her small human version of an animal's sixth sense.

    Stepping inside the room she saw nothing, nothing except darkness, the room appeared empty except the broken furniture and yet her feeling of drea did not vanish, instead a faint current jolted through her veins, longing to be let free, to change and let an animal, any animal, take over and bring some sense into her. Erin pushed it aside and took a few steps further in, cautiously looking around for someone hiding, the furthest part of the room was draped in heavy shadows and if someone was hiding it had to be there, yet there looked to be no one there.

    "Is someone there?." She called out, tension noticable in her tone, her voice clear and to her own ears it sounded higher than it was in the silent house.
  5. Ravier very impatiently waited for her to finish looking about the room. He continued to wait, nearly bursting with the need to expose himself. Hiding had never been his strong suit, he was much more likely to be the brash, rush into a situation without thinking type. Yet here he was, being patient. His uncle would be proud. Then disgusted at the reason why he was waiting.

    While he waited, he took notice of the girl wandering around what he considered his room. Honestly, the place was not his, though he frequently referred to it as his house. It was simply where he chose to stay while he slowly lost his mind. Her voice echoed around the barren house, making it sound very lonely. He found it interesting that she seemed to have a feeling he was there, and wondered if his work was flawed. But she had stared right at him, and not noticed a thing, so either way it was good enough for his purposes. She seemed interesting, and he wondered why she had decided to wander into this decrepit place to begin with, but it mattered not. He still could not place her smell at all, and he wasn't sure if it was because he couldn't remember what it was or if he had never smelled it before.

    Once she had turned again around the room to try to find the source of her anxiety, he finally let himself slide silently from the shadows towards her back, and wrapped his arms around her form from behind, pinning her arms to her sides in a powerful grip that tugged her up against his front. He leaned down to her ear, whispering into it so that his cool breath could be felt on her neck. "Oh look, I caught a little mouse." His voice was melodic, almost sing-songy in a slightly crazed way, and held a strong British accent. "You've been prowling around my house," His grip tightened briefly, giving her a squeeze. "And I think you broke a table." He added, putting a hint of woe into his words, though it was entirely fake. "But no matter, you shall pay me back. Just a taste.." His last words were soft, his lips so close to her neck they brushed it as he spoke. "Shan't you?"
  6. In a split second Erin's bad feeling turned into reality and the part of her who had demanded to be taken serious chided her for ignoring reason, chills crawled down her spine as the man holding her spoke, he was close enough for his breath to glide across the sensitive skin on her neck, and she struggled wildly against his grip, but her efforts yielded no result. The man just kept talking, his voice having a clearly noticible British accent and he did not sound entirely stable, although if it was faked or not Erin couldn't tell, she was too busy trying to free herself from his grip to judge his mental state. "You'll see how far from a mouse I can be if you don't let me go," she spat fiercly, her lips curled back over her teeth. Of course she had no fangs of any sort to back up her threat as a human but the motion in itself was familiar to her and also offered a sense of normalcy.

    "Didn't you hear," she repeated, her voice rose slightly in volume, a hint of desperation laced into the words, shying away from his touch as best she could still held tight by his arms. Erin had not had much interractions with vampires before but she knew about them and she could only guess what this man was judging by his actions and she was not about to become food, or even a small snack if he know was a vampire. Her entire being called out instinctively to change, the ripples moved down her spine eager to grow in size and importance but Erin swallowed her instincts and held back, she might be stronger in another form but she wanted the ability to speak. She grew still in his grip, closing her hazel eyes she took a deep breath to calm down.

    It didn't work completely but it was good enough for what she intended to do, to a degree she could control her shifts and decide what to change and in what order but it took a lot more energy to hold back the power and manipulate it and for that she needed concentration and a calm mind. The familiar, almost addicting currents coursed through her arms and down into her hands, the bones cracking and shifting to morph into her desire, her first times this had hurt almost more than what she could bear but now she only felt the rush of adrenaline. "Let go of me!" Her voice was strong again, the adrenaline released had pushed away her beginnings of fear and she clawed at him with her hands that were strikingly similar in shape to a bear complete with long, vicious claws ready to rip the man's skin apart if he did not move to get away or hinder her.
  7. Ravier had been about to bite down into her supple neck when he noticed her hands shifting. He had mostly ignored her shouts and struggles, significantly stronger than a normal vampire. But she had no way of knowing that. When the long claws finally found his covered arms, he could vaguely feel the tearing they made against his flesh as they just barely made it through the thick leather gloves that went all the way up his arms. Yet, he seemed fairly nonplussed. Red blood gushed from the shallow cuts, having gotten him on the underside of his arm where a large vein lay. If she wasn't too distracted by trying to get away even if it meant going through him, she might have noticed that his blood sizzled as it hit the ground, eating its way through the wooden boards to drop below. He just watched it drip for a moment, gaze distant, before he let her go. If she had gotten any on her in the process, she would be feeling it burn her skin as it had through the floor.

    After releasing her he had stared at his arms as though in confusion, but he didn't look like he was in particular pain from the cuts. Ravier sighed. "Sad, really," He slowly removed the blood soaked gloves that were currently burning from his blood, little tendrils of smoke wisping up from them where the blood touched the leather. "I liked those gloves." What she saw was not a common sight at all, even for a vampire. Ravier was blue. His literal skin color, that is. Slowly, ever so slowly, the blue skin was knitting itself back together before their eyes. It was not going quickly enough to stop the bleeding, but it was certainly a lot faster than a human's would have been. Before the hood of his cloak had covered his eyes, and the makeshift wraps had covered the bottom of his face. Every inch of him had been covered. Now he pulled the hood back and the wraps down in frustration, eyes glinting a dull silver. "Shapeshifter..." He mumbled, more to himself than to her. His skin was the same blue as his arms, lips a darker blue. His once red hair had turned a strange purple that he wasn't sure he liked. But maybe it matched the blue better than the red would have. He never could decide... not that it mattered.

    With a quick decision, he flicked his hand in the direction of the door without even looking at it, causing it to slam shut in a flurry of shadows. The click of the lock could be heard to follow it, ensuring that she could not easily leave this hell hole. "Figures. I never could have a nice chat without bleeding at some point." He looked at her pointedly, scowling for effect, but beyond his coloration he didn't look all that menacing. His mind was certainly not all there, that part was not fake. He had let go of her mostly because he hadn't wanted to burn her by getting his blood all over. It just made such a mess. He shook his arms, nodding as the last few droplets of blood went flying off to the floor and the wounds finally closed. It had taken far too long, and he knew that. With a sigh he looked up from the sizzling on the floor to stare at her again. He didn't move towards her. "I was only going to take a taste, anyway. No need to be so dramatic about it." He rubbed his arm absently where the cuts had been, never taking his eyes off of her. Even for something dead, he looked particularly unwell.

    Ravier had been through quite a bit in his time, though in comparison to many it had been a short time. Technically speaking, Ravier was still of the undead, a vampire as she had guessed him to be. His heart did not beat within his chest, yet he was able to speak - mostly - coherently and function as though he was a living thing. He still needed to consume blood if he was going to keep his sanity and his body going. But by the way he was looking, it had been a very long time since he had fed. And there was definitely something off about him, if the blue skin and acidic blood wasn't a big enough hint. Most vampires couldn't control shadows, either. There was a long list of features that identified him as anomaly among his species, if you could call the undead a species.

    In the meantime, the more sane part of his mind was telling him that there was no point in feeding on this one, while the hungry part of him told him that it was way past time to take control of the situation. But here he had a shapeshifter, and he could barely even heal a shallow cut on his arm. The odds were not in his favor, and he knew that. Still, he was having trouble reasoning with his insanity as to why he should not just try anyway. He didn't have anything to lose at this point anyway. Weak as he was, his shadow tricks were hardly more than that - tricks. He could move an object here and there and hide himself well enough, but beyond that the shadows were harmless. That, however, was not the skill he had acquired upon his death. Ravier was a manipulator of memories, and he could draw them from a person's mind like water from a well. Feeling mischievous, he decided to see if he could still pull this particular trick. Again, it only worked to his favor in some situations, not the most dangerous skill to have. He gave her a smirk, showing one half of his fangs. He was actually sporting two one each side of his mouth, both the canine and incisor had become elongated, unlike most vampires where it was just the canine. She would feel a very light brush against her mind, like fingertips grazing, as he searched for a memory that would bring forth the most recent happy memory she had, in complete opposition tot he current situation. He hoped to confuse her, but there was no real purpose to it. He was simply messing around.
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  8. Ever since she entered this house nothing seemed normal any longer, she expected the man to release her and avoid her attack or scream in either anger or pain but her stood perfectly still and barely seemed to have noticed his bleeding arms, her claws had not dug in as deep as she would have liked either but her awkward angle and the thick leather on the man's arms had prevented that. Erin's mind was not focused on the blood that poured from the wounds and was more intent on escaping, not hearing the sizzle as blood burned the ground but a sting on her own arm snapped her attention away from why he suddenly released her now. A few drops of blood had splattered onto her arm, probably when her claws left his skin, the sudden pain confused her but as the blood burned through her tanned skin she frantically tried to brush it away, her hands having returned to normal. Due to the small amount it didn't leave any large wounds but her skin looked like small embers had landed there.

    Erin looked on with her eyes growing bigger, this was not a normal vampire as she had guessed, what vampire was literally blue and had blood that burned through what it landed on? Her brow furrowed as her mind reeled to find an explanation but none came to mind, his behaviour setting her more and more on edge as time went by. Her head snapped around when the door slammed shut behind her on its own, the lock turning sent a jolt through her and Erin battled down an instinct to run over and try to rip it open but instead she returned her eyes to the man, whatever he was, not about to be taken by surprise once more. "If you took some notice of personal space maybe you would bleed less?" Erin remarked pointedly returning his scowl with a glare of her own, if he behaved similarly around others it was no surprise he was attacked. "Just a taste?" She said, looking at him incredulously. "That's not the impression one gains from your kind." She still lumped him together with vampires, judging by creatures she knew about he resembled them the closest although he clearly was far from a normal vampire in that case. Even if he meant what he said maybe he would get hungry anyway and drain her, he did not appear entirely stable no that she could look at him, apart from his strange hair and skin colour that is, something about him that she couldn't put her finger on felt off.

    "What are you really?" She finally asked crossing her arms in front of her chest, she did not expect an answer that easily however, his behaviour so far didn't encourage a normal conversation but the question burned in her mind like his blood had burned her skin. "You already know what I am so why not?" His earlier playful, albeit slightly insane, tone however gave her more dread for mind games than it did hope for a straight answer. She would gladly leave this place, wishing she had taken another route through the forest, although what if's didn't do much to change reality, but she doubted strongly he would just open the door for her and let her go, even if he didn't do anything else to her he would probably keep it locked just to spite her.Erin didn't dare shift into something large and strong either just in case the house decided the weight would be too much and finally collapse, something small perhaps but this bedroom was one of the better preserved ones with a whole window and nor holes in the roof or walls, so for now she was pretty much trapped like the mouse he'd referred to her as.

    The smirk revealing his fangs made Erin suspicious, more than she already was, it gave her a feeling he was either up to something or was about to do something and yet he didn't move, maybe that was also part of why she expected something. the first gentle brush against her mind was barely noticeable but it grew in strength, without any prompting from herself Erin felt happy emotions start to spread through her, recoiling with surprise she started at the only other person in the room, either she was beginning to fall into insanity as well or was it his doing? Despite her tries to regain control of her own mind, to cling to what was happening right now, her own mind ignored her, like part of her had been removed from the control centre. Vague pictures of a younger Erin and a young man around her own age flickered past, he bore a slight resemblance to Erin but with blonde hair, other shifters came to her mind but with them another sort of fear and regret surfaced once more, a deeper feeling of the inevitable and the sense of powerlessness that came with it. Nails, growing sharper under the emotions the memories, pierced the skin on her upper arm and the pain snapped her mind back to the present again, the decript house with the strange man. "What are you doing?" She hissed, her voice holding a slight tremble as she spoke to the only one she could throw her accusations at.
  9. He had ignored her questions earlier in favor of playing with her, but his mind came back to them as he let go of her memories for the time being. He had only been tugging gently, anyway, to see if he could still do it properly. Satisfied at his accomplishment, he had stopped. But as he thought back to her last question he frowned, a look of genuine confusion passed his features. "What am I? I don't know." He paused to look at the ground, folding his arms across his chest so that one hand held his face in thought. In his current state of mind, thoughts left him quickly. Things that he had been considering only moments before had suddenly lost importance, and his mind shifted to what felt like this very important new question. Though he couldn't remember clearly why it was so important. She was a shapeshifter and he was a... "I used to be a vampire." He said abruptly, looking up at her again. "But I suppose I'm not anymore."

    He seemed satisfied by that answer for now, as his features shifted from confusion to a mischievous grin that showed all four of his fangs. His finger tapped the side of his head knowingly. "Did you have a nice memory, pet?" Only now did he begin to stalk closer to her again, but very slowly. The look he gave her was almost playful, with a hint of predatory glint deep down. "We could go deeper if you'd like." She was right to think that there was something seriously wrong with this vampire, but his actions weren't actually strange for a starving vampire. If he did manage to get some blood, some of his sanity was likely to return to him, but it was questionable whether she was better off with the insane vampire or the sane one. Ravier had never been a particularly good person, and becoming a vampire had only amplified that aspect. It was only then that his mind went back to the even earlier questions she'd had, and he began to address those as well. "Who needs personal space? I'm just being friendly." By the time he finished this sentence, he had come very close again, standing just in front of her. He pressed his hand against the wall she practically had her back to, leaning on it but not touching her. He looked her over with hungry eyes, scanning her entire body. "You're being very greedy, you know." He said quietly, his voice a little husky, but he was still smirking at her. He was only about a head taller than she was, and he leaned down a tad to bring their eyes level. She may or may not have realized, but honestly the best thing she could do was keep talking to him. In this state of mind Ravier was easily distracted, and frequently confused by questions, which took him longer to answer and confused him further for a time. Conversation would be almost as good for him as the blood in making his mind have to work again, but those moments of clarity wouldn't last long.
  10. Her predictions came true, partly, when his answer was as cryptic as anything else he had said so far, her first guess as to what he was had proven to be correct but then it took a turn for he strange again. Not anymore. What the heck did that mean? Could you just stop being a vampire and turn into something else, or was this just his unstable mind speaking, although his blue skin clearly spoke of something not being right with him, no vampire Erin had ever seen or heard about was blue or had blood that could burn through objects. Further creeping Erin out was the grin that revealed another set of fangs behind those she had already glimpsed, her mind scrambled to remember anything that could match all this but ended up blank. Perhaps it would have helped if she had payed more attention earlier in her life and not just memorized the basics, but she had always been more interested in her own kind's skill and not the abilities of other races.

    Ignoring his remark about her memories, not planning on giving him more fuel on that particular subject, although the unwilling travel through her happy memories were over, the feelings from it it still lingered in her mind, contrasting greatly with the current situation. Erin recoiled inwardly at the word pet, it was not a word a free spirit like her appreciated being called. While she did not have a strong bond to a certain animal Erin shared the need to be free like the majority of the animals she borrowed the shape of. Erin's anger against the man turned against herself when she retreated backwards as the man advanced towards her, all too soon her back hit the wall and she once more found herself uncomfortably close to him, had she had fur her hackles would have rose as a result of mixed feelings of anger, fear and unease.

    "I'm being greedy?" She exclaimed, an incredulous look in her hazel eyes. "And how do you figure that?" If he still was on the subject of personal space Erin wondered how he would like being pestered and never left alone, of course that would never happen as she would do anything but cling to the slightly insane man, even if it was to prove a point. "Aren't you being greedy as well then?" She countered, refusing to shy away further from him, but not actually willing to push away from the wall and step closer to see what he would do, she wanted to keep whatever distance she could from his fangs. "In that case I can see no problem with me being greedy too." She wondered if he was always this distracted by questions, he seemed to jump back and forth between them, answering some that she had thought he was ignoring while instantly tackling others, it was confusing to try and talk with him but he had not done anything to her so far, except creeping her out, so maybe she should keep up what she was doing? "What are you doing here for that matter? This isn't exactly a picturesque cottage in the woods?" It also seemed too isolated for a vampire, sure he had said he wasn't a vampire any longer but he still had been about to drink her blood earlier so one way or another he still seemed to need it, or at least liked it and she didn't imagine there came a lot of humans by this place.
  11. "You are being greedy," He returned fairly quickly this time, as the thought was still in his head. "Keeping all that blood and... skin, to yourself." He had paused in his sentence, glancing over her form again. The vampire-thing chuckled deep in his throat at her next question, his smirk extending into a wide grin once more. His eyes sparked mischievously. Telling him he was being greedy had probably not been the best course of action, if she was trying to avoid touching him. "Quite. How rude of me." He pushed back from the wall just long enough to throw off the heavy grey cloak he had still been wearing, tossing it to the side of the room carelessly. Next he went for his shirt, which he had clearly been wearing for some time. The beaten up white tee was stained with black spots from blood long ago and riddled with holes from where his own blood had previously splattered it. Completely unconcerned about it, he tore the front open and shrugged out of it, revealing his entirely blue bare chest. It was well sculpted, as it had been before he was turned as a vampire, but covered in criss-crossing scars that stood out as a slightly lighter blue than the rest of his skin. In fact, if she looked closely she might have noticed that even the shallow cuts from earlier on his arms had scarred over, very lightly. He bit his lip, shaking himself as though a weight had been lifted. Since his change, he had been very self-conscious of his appearance, and had decide it was best to cover himself up thoroughly rather than think about it. Ravier didn't really like the blue, himself.

    When he leaned back to her, he put one hand on either side of her, propping himself against the wall without touching her, but giving her all the opportunity in the world to touch him. "See. I can share." He knew there was the risk of her using this opportunity to hurt him, but this time he was expecting it, and he was still quick enough to avoid an attack should she try. That, or she risked a retaliation in earnest. So far, he had really only been playing with her, toying with her like a cat with a mouse. He could have already grabbed her and fed, instead of taking his sweet time with her. But she was his only entertainment for... he couldn't remember how long it had been since he had come into contact with another sentient being. However, her other questions, which until this point he had ignored, started to irk him. That same confused look from earlier crossed his face, but was quickly replaced by a look of irritation. "I'm not exactly picturesque myself, love." For that brief moment, his voice sounded a tad mournful, and a lot less insane.
  12. This just got better and better, Erin felt like hitting herself if not for the fact that he would see her frustration, could this day get any worse? Yes, yes it could, if he decided he was hungry enough to stop his games and go for her neck then it would just be another step down the ladder of stupid things she had gotten herself into. She did not believe that she attracted bad luck like a magnet or was born under an unlucky star but she did have a pretty bad track record of decisions so far, her intuition was not really on par with the animals she often changed into. She was at a loss on how to get him away from her, for one he was a stranger and she didn't like being too close to people she didn't know, it wasn't made better by the fact that he was insane as well, and secondly it was unnerving to be this close to someone who saw you as a potential food source, and had at least one pair of sharp fangs too many. "How kind of you." Her voice laced with the tiniest hint of sarcasm as she spoke. Tracing the myriad of scars crossing his skin Erin wondered what he had done to get so many, did he really pick a fight with just about anyone he met, ignorant of their skill, or had he had one hell of a violent life, it wouldn't surprise her if it was a bit of both actually, even beneath his madness he did not seem like the well mannered type.

    "Have you ever heard the expression that you shouldn't corner a wild animal?" Erin asked, she had by now gotten tired of standing defiantly straight and leaned back towards the wall, hoping her weight combined with the pressure from the man wouldn't break it, on the other hand that would actually be a good thing. She was not entirely sure it was a good idea to attack him again when he would clearly be more prepared than last time she tried, he would be foolish not to be, and trying to duck away from him would not be very likely to succeed, as a vampire or whatever he was notably stronger than she could ever be in her normal human form. But there were other options, how easily could he catch and feed off a small bird or perhaps a mouse if she changed right now? His sudden answer to her question shifted her attention from possible escape routes to him again. Ain't that the truth. The burned remains of the house looked like it could blow over in a breeze if it weren't protected by the forest and his scarred skin and equally damaged mind seemed to match that image quite nicely, but it was still not a suitable house to live in, even if he was a vampire, at least partly. "True, but does that mean you can't live in a house that isn't about to collapse?" She asked, with such bleak surroundings it was no wonder he found this game of his so entertaining. "Maybe a change of scenery is just what you need?" Not likely but what the hell, whatever she said would probably either lead to something bad or something worse than bad so why even try to figure out what could trigger him and avoid said subject.

    Not until now, when he had taken them off, did his choice of clothing make her think, when she first saw him she had only seen the upper half of his face and those eerie silver eyes, was it just his fashion statement or were he actually hiding? Erin had no clue what the reason might be but her mouth seemed certain and decided to operate without help from her brain. "You should view things in a more positive light," she said. Although she was only going on a whim here since she had no idea what he really thought, or even if he himself knew that. "Whatever happened to you didn't turn you orange, blue is not the worst colour out there." She could perhaps have worded that better, scratch that she was sure she could have worded that better, in fewer words or no words at all preferably, who knew how his insane mind treated jokes, jokes on his expense no less. Feeling rather vulnerable were she stood, trapped in front of a man who potentially would not like her humor Erin prepared to shift as soon she saw a sign that he was not pleased, feeling rather certain that a mouse would both be small and wuick enough to get out of the way.
  13. The sarcasm was not lost on him, but he enjoyed the attention all the same. He knew he was not pleasant to look at, not anymore. At one point in time he had been quite the catch for the ladies, so long as they ignored his personality and allowed themselves to be swept off their feet by his looks and skin deep charm. He had somehow managed to keep from getting scared on his face, though. The only thing that really stood out were the scars on his torso, both front and back. There wasn't much to be said about that.

    He had been mostly ignoring her questions again, or at least not processing them rapidly enough to respond. His main concern right now was the issue she had made him think of before, of why he was here and not trying to go off and be a part of society, or at least live in a place that was not on the verge of collapse. Ravier had always been eager to meld into a crowd and cause some kind of trouble. He had grown up an aristocrat's son and had always played the part of being at the top of the social hierarchy. For some reason, this memory was important to him. It was ironic, in truth, because despite his ability to manipulate the memories of other people, he was having difficulty bringing forth his own memories. Perhaps if he could, he'd have held onto his sanity a little bit better. He didn't hear any of her questions until she said the word 'need' and then he looked at her again, his attention sharp. His voice was clear when he spoke. "Actually, I know what I need." He stared her right in the eyes, never leaving them as he pushed back from the wall and reached down to take one of her hands slowly and place it on his chest. She would find that the skin was ice cold and ridged where the scars marred his skin. A smirk curled his lips again, and he shuddered at her warm touch. "Mm, I need blood." Despite his words and intense stare, he released her hand.

    Her next statements baffled him for a moment, and he blinked at her dumbly a couple of times, clearly confused. If it had been intended as a joke, it had flown right over his head. "The light and I don't get along." He mumbled innocently enough, but it was the color subject that had really thrown him. Almost as thought he had forgotten, for the briefest of moments, that he was blue. He wasn't sure how to respond to that, and it left him staring numbly for several moments. Finally he looked down at his hands, turning them over a couple of times. Even the nails were blue, but not like they had been painted, more like they had been dyed. "I was always more partial to the color red." Looking up at her again, he reached up to pull a strand of her hair from behind her ear to let it dangle awkwardly. Honestly, he was beginning to get bored again, which did not play in her favor. If his mind stopped turning, his hunger was likely to take over. "I still need blood." He stated flatly, mind wandering away from colors. "But yours would hardly do." He sounded almost disgusted in those words. There was a good reason he lived alone in a decrepit house in the middle of the deep woods, but he could not remember it. He was sure it was important, but he simply couldn't remember. Hunger was beginning to cloud the strange vampire's better judgement. In a brief flash of cognizance, he got control of himself long enough to make a suggestion. "Look, just a taste." He held up the pointer finger of his right hand, and pricked it with a single fang, causing a drop of blood to form on his fingertip. He turned it to show her. "Like that. I promise."
  14. A bit surprised at the contact Erin shivered slightly when his fingers gripped her hand, it was not the touch that caused it, no it was his cold skin, it was not much of a difference between him and a block of ice. With the exception of the scars, the light blue lines criss-crossing across his chest, she could feel the ridges against her hand and wondered once more what he could possibly have done to earn this many scars, not something that concerned her really but she had not walked into the house if she lacked curiosity in the first place. Her hand dropped back down to her side as he released his hold on her, relieved to be free from the icy grip, she highly doubted this was any normal cold that a few extra layers of clothing could fix but she did wonder if his temperature had to do with his vampirism or if it was whatever that had made him blue, which was somewhat of an irony actually seeing as blue was regarded a cool colour and was connected with ice and cold.

    Looking into his pale eyes for some kind of hint to his thoughts, which proved futile, she pondered on what just a taste, did that mean the same for vampires as it did most other races? The small drop on his finger looked innocent enough but if she relented and allowed him a small taste of her blood to maybe bring some amount of sense back to him, would he really be satisfied with it, what could guarantee that he wouldn't just drain her when given the chance. Although she had to admit that he could have done that several times already, like she was now there wasn't much of a chance for her to fight back and yet he had not done anything else than teased her so far. Of course he had proven several times already that his sanity was not exactly in good shape so all these tries to find rhyme or reason to his words and actions were pretty much useless.

    "What's wrong with my blood? Not that I would be heartbroken if it turns out it's bad in some way but still." She knew it was probably a stupid question that would get him to focus on her blood again but his words had made her curious. "What would hinder you from drinking too much, if hypothetically I agreed?" Erin asked, but it was tempting to give in just so he would stop bothering her about it and maybe there was a chance he would be more stable. Vampires did rely on blood so even if he was not a traditional vampire to say the least she didn't overlook the possibility that that particular need was the same. Even if he gave his promise how much could she trust the words of an insane vampire, then again maybe it would improve his mood.
  15. He frowned just slightly at her question, and gave her a serious look. "I would vomit like a drunken school girl." He said bluntly, a slightly bewildered look on his face as though she should have known that. There was no way she could actually know that because most vampires didn't have this problem, but it was one of Ravier's biggest problems. It was the root to many of his problems, in fact. It was one thing to be blue, have strange blood, and be able to manipulate things that other vampires could not. But to also have the stipulation that he cannot drink the blood - blood that he desperately needs for his own sanity - of most living creatures... it took a huge toll. This kind of problem meant when he was hungry, being around a populated area would be like torture, because he could no longer feed on humans, werewolves, and many other of the most common populations of creatures that were available to all other vampires. Ravier had learned since his transformation generally what he could and could not drink. Her blood was on the list of 'no' but he was feeling desperate enough to see if he could take a sip anyway and try to restore some of his strength.

    Ravier shook his head. "I still might." He honestly wasn't sure if he could keep a small amount down at all, or if his body would reject it all over again. He was busy staring at the finger he had pricked, watching it knit back together with frustration in his eyes. When it finally closed, he looked back to her, and held out his hand in invitation for her to place her own in it again, this time of her own free will. It was a question, to see if her offer had been legitimate or not. If she were to say no, though... well, he was done with being cordial.
  16. It was not an answer she had been expecting, and while it shed no light on why he apparently couldn't stomach blood it did provide a little bit of light on the situation however. Why a vampire couldn't handle blood was not just strange though, it was unnatural, if you could describe vampires as natural to begin with, but they could only function by drinking blood, Erin might not know much about them but she knew that much at least, so what was wrong with this particular vampire in that case? It wasn't her problem but it certainly was intriguing none the less.

    "Fine," she said after a few beats of silence, straightening up from the wall as she pushed back strands of dark hair behind her ear, an unconscious habit of hers. It might not be the best decision she had ever made, but probably no less stupid than her other choices today, besides if it was true that he couldn't drink blood without feeling sick then the chance was smaller that he would actually take more blood than he said. She was hoping some blood would clear his mind just a bit, whether that was a good thing or not she would soon find out. "Just a sip though." She said before stretching out her hand, placing it in his, the cold instantly beginning to seep into her skin but this time she didn't flinch.
  17. He gave her a winning grin as she placed her hand into his willingly, satisfied that he had finally needled some kind of cooperation out of her. He could see no better opportunity to play around, so he took her invitation a step further and pulled her into him intimately close with his other arm around her waist, so that she would press against his cold bare chest. He maneuvered her hand so that he was holding it palm up, and pressed his lips slowly to it as though in a kiss. Soon after, she would feel the brief sting of her fingertip being sliced open by a single well-placed fang. Then his lips wrapped around her finger solidly and he began to pull the blood from her finger steadily. With a wound this small, and from a place such as her finger, there was no way he could take much before it would close up. So he sucked slowly instead, trying to make each drop last as long as possible.

    In far too short a time for his liking, Ravier pulled back from her finger, but did not let her go. He smiled at her tauntingly, some of the haziness lifting from his eyes. Her cut had stopped bleeding a little while before he had stopped sucking on her finger. "Better," He said slowly, looking and sounding more lucid. "Not great, but better." He grinned at her again, giving her a smoldering look. "See. Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" He chuckled, clearly amused by the discomfort he knew she felt. Whether it was from the small sample he'd had or their proximity it mattered not. A little spark of his old self had returned to him, which could prove good or bad for her.
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  18. Instinctively Erin wanted to pull away or hit him when he pulled her close, it was definitely not needed for him to reach her finger, but she had a feeling he wouldn't take well to being punched besides she had agreed, to the blood at least but still. Besides he was doing this on purpose, his expression said it all, and she didn't want to protest and squirm to get away and be an even greater source of amusement for him. Instead she stood still, feeling the cold seep through her shirt and into her skin as he pierced her finger. It didn't hurt like she had thought, a slight sting not worse than pricking yourself with a needle, instead it was the feeling of blood leaving her body that was disconcerting despite the small amount.

    When he was done she was not too surprised when he did not let her go, during the short time that had passed since she made the stupid decision to enter the old house Erin felt that some things could be predicted when it came to the mad vampire. "No, it wasn't" she agreed, trying to leave any trace of her discomfort out of her voice, having to tilt her head upwards to be able to see him. "It's starting to get a bit cold however, but I could always change into something with warm fur if you don't feel like letting me go." It was not a threat to harm him this time, how much damage she could do even as an animal was debatable anyway, no it was merely a test to see if he would step away, if he didn't she could still get warm.

    "Are you always this cold?" Strange as it may have seemed to a human it was not his skin colour that was in the top of strange things when it came to him. Growing up in a world where the ability to change your shape, using magic and meeting a, by humans believed, fabled creature was as normal as breathing did make you more accepting towards the weird, most of the time.
  19. He had to think about that before he abruptly let her go, turning his head to cough once. "Shapeshifters..." He muttered, mostly under his breath. Sometimes he swore he was as allergic to shapeshifters and werewolves as he had been to cats when he'd still been alive. He probably wasn't really. Probably.

    Ravier frowned at her in regards to her question. His mind was still not working at full capacity, but he was definitely gaining as time went on. Even a little bit was helpful to him. "Yes. No. I was quite the hot-blooded bloke when I was alive. But dead bodies don't have their own heat, love."

    He heaved a breath he didn't need, then leaned over again in a fit of coughing as he struggled to keep even that little bit of blood down. After a few moments he grit his teeth, looking like he was in a decent amount of discomfort, and stood up straight again, clearing his throat. His eyes held anger, but it was directed at his own body. "Bloody hell," He mumbled angrily, almost all of his earlier playfulness gone. "I'd walk into the sun but I think I'd just turn purple. Huh." He had turned sideways to her while coughing, and now glanced at her without turning his head, as though he'd forgotten she was there. All of the previously forgotten reasons that he'd been keeping himself in this place alone were coming back to him, and it was pissing him off. Insanity was almost bliss compared to this, because at least he hadn't been able to remember how much of a fucking idiot he was for getting himself stuck here in the first place. This moment of lucidity he was having was more of a lapse in his insanity, and it wasn't likely to last. If she'd had questions before, now would be the time to ask him about his situation... but at her own risk. The blue-skinned vampire was radiating irritation, but at least it seemed he was going to be able to keep that tiny bit of blood down after all. Small victories.
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  20. [BCOLOR=transparent]Erin felt like rolling her eyes or maybe slap a hand to her forehead, it should have been obvious, in hindsight it was, but in her slight defense she didn't interact with vampires much, barely ever actually so that fact had eluded her completely. Apparently she had encountered a vampire who didn't especially like shapeshifters however, at least that was how it appeared, when she thought about it though she wasn't certain that was good or bad however. It could be either but judging by how her day was going so far Erin didn't hold too much hope that it would be the former. His violent coughing brought her attention back to him where he stood doubled over, he looked pretty run down even as he calmed and straightened up, the hint of clarity in his pale eyes was a bit comforting, his anger was not. She didn't get the impression it was aimed at her but depending on her words it may very well end up that way.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Have you tried some other food source?" She asked a bit warily, his irritation setting her on edge, not being able to predict what would make him snap. "Granted I don't know much about vampires but how about animal blood?" She didn't know of any vampire that drank from animals but then again she didn't know many vampires so who knew, maybe it was possible, it didn't seem like a drop of blood here and one there was doing him any good anyway judging by the reaction he had to the small amount he drank from her, if it could be called that, it was more of a sip.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The more she was reminded about his differences compared to a normal vampire the more tempted she became to ask him what had happened to him to cause all his problems now that he seemed to have regained some clarity, but that logical part of her pointed out his obvious irritation and asked if it was really such a good idea to tempt fate even more than she already had. "You closed the door earlier," she said, unable to contain herself, you didn't get anywhere by not taking risks anyway. "How did you do that?" Sure vampires had pretty cool abilities but she wasn't aware that they could do that normally, and with her curiosity she really wanted to know how he did it. "Does it have anything to do with you saying that you were a vampire but not anymore?" The saying 'curiosity killed the cat' came to her as she spoke, but she couldn't muster up enough fear at the thought. Perhaps you could grow less fearful if you were around a threat, maybe it was the body's way to conserve energy by not being stressed all the time or maybe it was just the mind growing foolish over time.[/BCOLOR]