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  1. Grimmjow growled as he was outnumbered by a rival gang; he was in no mood to deal with these idiots today but he knew he wouldn't be able to get away without causing a little damage. The blue haired man made a fist and started fighting them, only problem was he was outnumbered and ended up over powered; he groaned in pain as they hit him over and over and soon lost consciousness.
  2. Ichigo sighed as he slung his bag over his shoulder and looked at the setting sun. It was late he was walking home from school. He was brought of his world of thoughs when he heard a bunch of yelling, from the sound of they were all gruff voices. Ichigo was tempted to just walk away but that just wasn't him "Why is it always me?" He asked he turned into the alley "What hell in going on here?" He yelled, he was prepeared to fight the gang he saw but they ran leaving a blue haired man bloodied and bruised on hard ground. "Hey" he shook the guy by the shoulder, but he was far to beat up. The 15 year old looked over him to see if there was any fatal wounds, but found none over his muscular for. "Guess I'll stay here" he knew that carrying the guy won't work, so he was going to stay until he came to.
  3. After a while a groan escaped the blue haired man once he woke up, there was so much pain everywhere in his body; he tried to sit up but his muscles ached all over. Grimmjow was sure to have bruises everywhere, but it wasn't like he expected a few rival gang members to go after him like they did.
  4. The teen heard the groan comming from the man and he moved closer softly touching his head and shoulder, his hands were actually quite small compared to the man's shoulders "Hey you okay" he wasn't really sure what to ask but tried.
  5. Grimmjow froze and opened his eyes, turning his sights on the orange haired man beside him. "I'm fine, just a few bruises and some blood...nothing to be concerned a bout..." He tried to sit up but the pain was too much. "Damn, they did a number on me."
  6. "Whoa" Ichigo supported the larger man at his back and helped him to sit up against the wall "Man whyd they do this" he asked not really expecting an answer. Instead he grabbed a bottle of water he had in his bag and held it out the blue haired man.
  7. "You know, piss off a few rival gang members and they'll do a number on you." He took the bottle of water and drank it up. "Only it was a a few gang members and I was ill prepared. I'll be fine." He assured.
  8. His eyes went wide an he pushed back a bit 'A gang member?' He asked in his head 'man no wonder this guy looks like some sort a mafia member' he looked the guy up and down "my dad's a doctor...maybe you should see him" he said getting up from the floor.
  9. Grimmjow rolled his eyes. "I'll be fine, I don't need a doctor." he said and tried to get up but was in a bit of pain.
  10. "Yeah tell me a story" he said and grabbed the other man's arm "I'll take you even if you don't want to" he said, he had seen some injuries in his life and infection was a major risk.
  11. Grimmjow gave a puff and groaned. "I don't need your damn help..." He said as he grabbed his side, the blue haired man hated being fussed over, especially when he was injured, but damn he was having a little bit of trouble.
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  12. "Yeah I can see that" Ichigo said sarcastically but didn't let the man go, once he set his mind on something it won't be swayed easily, and now he was set on getting this guy to his dad.
  13. Grimmjow sighed and rolled his eyes, the kid was not going to let him go till he was satisfied and he was just going to have to deal with it. "Why would you want to help a gang member?" He decided to ask.
  14. "Does everything need a reason" the teen sighed as he walked on. It was just in his nature and no one ever really understood it when he tried to explain it.
  15. Grimmjow rolled his eyes and went with the other; he sighed. "No, I guess not." He said. "So, what's your name?" Grimmjow asked as he glanced at the other.
  16. It wasn't far from the house, they would be there in no time "Ichigo" he said and slightly shifted the other man's weight to make it easier to walk.
  17. "Ichigo? What a girly name." Grimmjow chuckled a little. "Name's Grimmjow." He said as they entered the house.
  18. Ichigo made a sound much like a squeak when the man called his name girly, he ignored it and all he had to show was his blush "Well..ah...nice to meet you then" e said to Grimmjow.
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