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  1. Just before dawn
    “Come quickly, Ankou.” A male voice said as he looked around for anyone that would see them and started to walk up the dirt path to his home. Yes, it was about four miles away but they could get there quickly. “I would rather not allow any human to chance seeing us.” The man glanced towards the elder looking man behind him as only got a grunt in response to that. The elder man was sitting atop a cart, a pile of bodies in the back of the cart, and he gently flicked the reins of the horses, making them follow his master. The elder held an almost sunken in look about his face and his eyes were a bright blue as if he were dead (I’m basing his looks off of the White Walkers from Game of Thrones.).

    “Ní gá na daoine a fháil amach faoi seo. Ar chóir dúinn a fuair sé amach, beidh sí ag foghlaim luath nó mall, agus ní féidir liom a iarraidh eagla uirthi. Beidh sí a bheith scanraithe ba chóir di a fhoghlaim ar ár ngníomhartha agus déanaimid ár ndícheall chun cur chuige di.” The first male frowned at the thought and shook his head. He knew she was alive once again. He could feel it. She died once again not long ago, about thirty years, and now she was reborn. It was a constant cycle and he did not like it once bit. It caused his darkened heart a lot of grief and pain. To him, it was like witnessing the first death all over again and it was heart wrenching.

    Shaking his head of the thoughts, he continued down the road, the elder man in the cart behind him following, and glanced towards the sky, noticing that dawn was quickly approaching. They reached his home within a few hours, the sun now brightening the land around his home, and the two quickly unloaded the cart, placing the dead in the shed behind the house. They knew that they would have to take care of them the next night before anyone got any bright ideas and attempted break into the little shed. The first man locked up the shed and the second was gone. He pocketed the keys and glanced around as if looking for anyone that had seen what they just did. Seeing no one, he turned on his heels and walked up to the back door of his home. He opened it up and stepped inside. Closing the door behind him, he locked it and glanced around before starting to walk towards the stairs, planning to get ready for the day.

    (Translation: We don't need the humans to find out about this. Should we be discovered, she will learn sooner or later and I do not wish to frighten her. She will be frightened should she learn of our actions and we try to approach her.)
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  2. Rosaline would have usually slept in. She would have stayed wrapped her blankets until at least 10 am, cozy and comfortable. But she had one of those dreams again. He was there, beautiful and real and tangible as she slept. But getting a glimpse of him... his eyes and smile...was so fleeting. So when she could feel the sunlight warming her cheek through the window, Rose tried to wake as slowly as possible. The redhead drifted into that land between dreaming and reality, holding his hand and trying so hard to keep her grip on his desperate fingers. Neither of them wanted to let go, but she was bound to slip away again. She could feel her fingertips slide past his and then fall away before-- blue eyes fluttered open to a rising sun outside the window of her hotel room. The ray of gold shimmered in the single tear that lingered on her cheek, heading toward her chin at the same speed that her mysterious dream faded away, never to be remembered quite right ever again. She blinked a few times, eyebrows furrowed because she no longer remembered why she would have any reason to cry.

    So she shrugged it away like she always does and took her time rolling out of bed. That is until she caught sight of the breathtaking sunrise right outside her window by the lake. Her eyes widened and she scrambled out of the sheets, nearly tripping onto the floor in her rush to capture the moment. She dug her sketchbook out of her bag along with her favorite pencil (which she tends to chew on when she's thinking) and opened the curtains wide. Plopping herself on the floor in front of the pane, she started sketching swiftly on the next blank page. The image was fleeting, but she managed to capture it beautifully, occasionally blowing away a stray strand of hair to soak in every detail. When she was done, she thought it turned out halfway decent.
    She smiled, took a deep breath and returned her pencil and sketchbook (which used to be her mother's) back to their place in her messenger bag before shaking out her hand and wiping the graphite off of her fingers on her pajama bottoms. She had yet to brush her teeth or hair and there was a weird taste in her mouth, but the sketch was worth it. Even though she would have to be quick through her morning routine to get to the library on foot by noon. She was looking forward to walking. Ireland has an air about it that she adored. She still wasn't sure where she would go next. It seems like...she's still looking for something (or someone) she hasn't come across yet.​
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  3. Sulian's eyes drifted towards the rising sun and he stood there quietly, watching the sky change colors and everything be greeted by the light of a new day. It was a common sight to the ancient man but today, something seemed a bit different. Something was going to happen and he could tell. He had that odd feeling. You know, the one in your gut that you know something good was going to happen. Shaking his head of the thought, he strolled towards the house and stepped inside, closing the door behind him. He knew better than to dwell on these feelings. His darkened heart couldn't take much more of the false hope.

    His feet carried him up the stairs and he walked down the hall to his bedroom. He opened up the door to the room and stepped inside, closing the door behind him. Nobody lived with him but it was a habit to close the door, something he really couldn't break. After his shower, he got himself dressed and made himself look presentable. That was also another habit of his. He always liked to look his best despite how he never had anyone to visit or anything of the sorts. Slipping his only piece of jewelry onto his middle finger on the right hand, he exited his room and walked down the hall before down the stairs. He didn't bother with breakfast and just walked straight for the front door. Reaching over, he grabbed his key and pocketed them before exiting the house. He trusted that Ankou could watch over the house and started to walk, making his way towards the main town with no set destination in mind.
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  4. So after her quick morning routine, Rosaline was feeling optimistic and even a bit chipper. Humming a tune softly as she chose an outfit, she redhead smiled and then slipped on a pair of worn out sneakers. She checked the time, widened her blue eyes, grabbed her bag and hightailed it down the stairs of the bed and breakfast. She gave a wave to the owner on her way out with a roll between her lips and then she was off. Even though she knew where she was going, Rose looked aimless, walking down the gravel road with her eyes on the sky and her hands swinging back and forth when they weren't assisting her to munch on the little bread roll. She had no concern today. She let the breeze play with little strands of her hair and let her eyes light up thanks to this gut feeling that something good was going to happen today. Her heart was pumping with renewed purpose, her ears delighted at the sound of the morning songbirds, her skin relished the feel of the slight wind, and her eyes took in everything around her from the sunlight in the leaves above her to the way the clouds decided to form today.

    Sure, she had yet to share this joy with anyone, but it wasn't that lonely to travel it? Rosaline shook away the notion and headed toward the library. She wasn't looking for any book in particular, but she wanted a good selection to choose from. She finished her bread, but her lips stayed parted as she sang a nameless melody quietly. When she arrived to the white building inside the small town, she walked in, appreciated the scent of books all around her and began to wander among the shelves.
  5. (Finally getting around to this. Sorry it took me so long. School has kept me so busy, it's unreal)

    Sulian's eyes drifted around and he continued on his way. He sighed softly under his breath and stuffed his hands into his pockets. Dropping his head, his eyes kept the the ground and he turned the corner, walking down an alleyway. Humming lightly in thought, he lifted his head up and looked around once he stepped out of the alleyway. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and so he relaxed just a little more. He shook his head and turned the corner, making his way towards the library. He had nothing better to do so he felt like indulging himself in some books, it was better than going home and doing nothing for the rest day.
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  6. The librarian smiled at her on her way in, giving her a slight nod before the redhead headed to the fiction shelves. There were so many to choose from and she never had enough time to read them all. Part of her was always disappointed to know she could never read all the books she'd ever want to read and part of her was always glad to know there was always going to be a new book to read. She could never run out of ways to escape reality in such a beautiful way as reading. The floor to ceiling shelves kept her trapped by books on either side and she briefly red the spines, head tilted and searching for something interesting. The Spark and Burn.
    Hm. Near the back of the building, Rose stood secluded from the entrance, reading the back cover of the fiction novel to get a brief summary. She'd continue this process until she could bring herself to choose one or two to bring with her.
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  7. Sulian stepped up to the building that the library was housed in and reached forward, pulling open the door. He stepped inside and looked around. Books everywhere. This was the sort of place that he enjoyed being in. It held a very calming atmosphere for the ancient man and he relished in it. Not many public places were as peaceful. They were loud and buzzing with people. And with electronic tablet readers becoming a very common thing, Sulian thought that the library became more peaceful than before. Pulling his other hand out of his pocket, his eyes drifted around and he spotted Rosaline. She didn't seem so different from anyone else but at the same time, she did seem different to him.

    Shaking his head of the thoughts, Sulian started to walk forward and let his eyes drift around as he attempted to look for some new reading material. Yes, he had a library at him but he had read the books over and over, more times than he could count. He needed something different, something that would catch his interest. Stopping at one of the book shelves, he looked at the titles of the books and crossed his arms lightly as he stood there and thought about what he was really looking for.
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