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So I need some help.
Back at 2014 me and my friend went to Texas to see his GF he met on monster hunter, and we went to San Japan 2014.

As with all anime cons, there's that place where you browse and buy art. (Artist alley I think it was called) There was this REALLY freaking cool black rock shooter artwork a vendor had (along with everything, like I would buy all the stuff if I could, even the characters I didn't like, her pictures were like 4K masterpieces of art. My friend bought a roxas one but she didn't have her signature on either side -.-)

Problem being, I had no money at the time DX (my friend payed for my trip) so does anyone know how I can find this person's name and perhaps find an online shop? I can only find 2015 placements and info, not 2014. So anyone know how to find that? Because I REALLY want that art piece.


Browse online galleries for the picture your friend has and go from there. It's how I've managed to find plenty of art I glimpsed and never saw again.

Otherwise without a name or anything you're probably SOL.

friend went to Texas to see his GF he met on monster hunter

He has good taste.
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