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  1. So, what do I mean exactly by the title of the thread? Well, just that.

    For example. Find a music video with the word love in the song on Youtube, and add the video of the song you found that has the designated word in your post.

    Once you have done that, then give your own word.

    For example, since I gave the word love, and you found a music video containing the word love in the lyrics, now it's your turn to give a word for someone to find a music video with the word you gave them in that song. However, please refrain from making your word a swear word or something that's vulgar and inappropriate (I do hope it will be common sense as to what is and what's not).

    I should also ask you not to use words to find such as "I," "as," "the," "you," seeing as those would be way too easy and much too commonly used.

    To try and better explain, hopefully this will be a better example of what I'm trying to say:
    EXAMPLE 1:
    Previous Word: Love
    {music video with the word love in the lyrics}
    New Word: Rose

    EXAMPLE 2:

    Previous Word: Rose
    {music video with the word rose in the lyrics}
    New Word: Day

    Have fun and enjoy the challenge!
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  2. :)

    I choose "planet" for the next word.

  3. I choose the word 'fate'.
  4. Do clips/videos of (pure) game music count?

    Because if so, then:

    I choose you, "Inside"!

  5. How about... parasite?
  6. Oh, wait. D'oh! I completely misread the OP >_<. I thought the word in question had to be in the song title. My bad! */me Feels very stupid now*
    So, per logical extension, pure music videos without lyrics wouldn't count, right?
  7. I'm sure it's alright. I think, strictly speaking, it's supposed to be in the lyrics rather than the title... but it can't hurt to post up a pure music video every now and then. :3
  8. The designated word is supposed to be in the lyrics of the song yes.

    Also...I didn't think about theme songs from shows and movies or games...Um...I'd rather it be an actual song by an actual artist, but 'cause I wasn't thinking about that kind of stuff, that one time can slide. Though from now on I'd rather you take the challenge as finding an actual song from an actual artist.

    Apologizes for the confusion.

    And, I suppose if you really want to make it interesting, you could do a double word. Like "day time," and the lyrics of the song have to have both those words in the lyrics in that order too if you really wanted.
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  9. Previous Word: Parasite

    Actually was difficult for me but I got it!

    New Word:
    Or any tense of the word;
    • Danced
    • Dancing
  10. Previous Word: Dance, Dancing

    New Word: Perfect
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  11. Previous word: Perfect

  12. Previous Word: Loss

    New Word: Repeating

  13. Next word: "Ride"