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    The royal city, home to the king and his family, the core castle made from alabaster stone, it’s pristine moat and gardens of gold grass. The grand expanses of its grounds cover almost eight hundred meters, jus the interior island alone is eight kilometres. Around that surrounds a mot and then the city, it’s white stone blokes having faded to an ash grey over time. Still the town thrives happy and peaceful. The easy days just breeze through, the smells of break beer, meat and sweat the main exports of the early morning, and the late night alike. The town square supports a huge fountain adorned with the grand over dragon, Shinryu.

    The whole city covers a total of fifteen kilometres either side of the main castle. The city is home to some hundred thousand citizens, the closer the houses are to the castle the more important and well off the family. The noble district the smallest, with just over eight hundred homes, the largest district is the workers, with over fifty thousand homes. In between lays the business and the middle district. The business district sits around the central square.

    Within the palace walls patrol the royal guard, their coats of shining white and armour of lustrous silver steel. All royal guards, repost to the guard commander Danir. A cold, but fair man. As captain of the royal guard he is also the commander of the city guard. Every single guard in the city reports directly to him.

    Loric Team – Coeli, Fuyu, rich’ki


    Lorric carried out his duties faithfully standing guard was always an easy job, in this city especially with this king. Smiling lightly beneath his helmet, loric stood to attention as the king strode into the room, and began working in his solar. Loric had duty to guard the solar that day. Standing to attention was the hardest work he did all day but today…
    “Guard, what is your name?” Loric turned his head towards the king.
    “My name is Loric, Loric Vindiciae, Your majesty. “ Loric bowed before the king, the heavy shield and katana on his back tilting forwards as he bent his back. The sword at his side swing as he bowed his head. His kept arms straight at his sides shrouded beneath long sleeves and a pair of large steel gauntlets. The king simply laughed and beckoned him over. He began speaking to Loric as if he was his own son.

    “Loric, I need another opinion.” Loric simply nodded, awaiting the question from the king before even opening his mouth to reply. “ This world is in a bad state of affairs, each country is at it’s wits end, but every country believes another is at fault, so how am I to solve this mess?” Loric simply shook his head having no answer before stating exactly that. The king laughed and began to converse with Loric before asking Loric to return to his guard duties politely. Leaving and returning to his post, Loric felt a little happier knowing that he’d done something worthwhile today.



    The outlaws it’s, home to an untold amount of bandits thieves mercenaries, cutthroats, assassins and all round bad guys. The wooden fortifications of an old frontier fort eventually became this small hustling town, filled to the brim with people who would so virtually anything for money. Wooden palisades and walls encircle and entrench, the dirt track streets compacted and worn into a hard road from the sheer number of feet crossing it daily.

    The main feature of this town is the notice board. A huge thirty foot board across the back of the town, hundreds upon hundreds of job listings litter this board. From unknown sources to well-known respectable figures every single one is posted here for the people of this town to choose from. The largest building in town is the travellers lodge, a huge tavern big enough to huse over three hundred people.

    Pristine Team – Nivalis, Velisha, vulpasha, constinetta.


    Sat inside the travellers lodge the ungainly number of worthless scum that littered this place was both annoying and innumerable. Niva sate reading from her tome, the great sword sling across her back. Thumbing through he pages upon pages of spells within this book all of which she had written. Lifting the mug next to her she took a long drink the alcohol warming her from her stomach out. She’d been drinking since noon and not show any signs of slowing down, nor inebriation.

    The din of the room grew louder as two men started a brawl in the back ground, and all she wanted to do, was finish revising her own spell book. The sword on her back itched in place, she just wanted to level the two idiots who’d begun fighting behind her. Mentally swearing and promising that she’d kill the first one who touched her.
  2. He had always hated how bright this castle shone. Honestly, all people with power and money seemed to have a fascination with light and bright and white, but this was by far the worst. Lyth felt his lips pulled down in a scowl as he skirted his way around the palace grounds, searching for a way in. Honestly, walking through the front door would yield such fun, but then his friend might run and hide before he got a chance to talk with him. That would do no good. So he needed a less conventional means of entering. And it seemed he had found the perfect way in. An entrance that was open for use, and meant to be hidden from the critical eyes of noble men. The servant's entrance. Taking a quick look around, and finding that no one was paying particularly close attention to the entrance, slipped inside. It was tight, claustrophobic and cramped inside, barely room for two people to pass without having to squeeze. The roof was low, the man having to crouch lest his head hit the ceiling. It was a narrow passage, and thankfully short, opening up into the palace kitchens. As the man left the passage, his body seemingly faded from existence, becoming invisible to the people who were busy prepping meals and running about the palace.

    Moving as silently as possible, Lyth made his way quickly through palace halls, peeking into rooms quickly to check for the one man he needed to speak to. Well, speak to wasn't exactly what he was planning. More so along the lines of threaten and torture. Oh he would enjoy watching the man scream out his secrets. His fingers twitched with the desire run over the metal hilt of his favourite dagger. Pain was such a loosener of tongues. A delicate eyebrow was raised as he spotted a lone guard standing watch, dutifully still and silent. The blonde crept up int front of them, walking lightly on his toes to keep as quiet as he possibly could, coming to stand in front of the man. He wondered how long it would take the guard to become uncomfortable is he stood here long enough to find out. Ah, but that would have to wait, for his eyes had spotted the one he had traveled to find. Pulling away from the guard, Lyth darted up next to the working man, fingers gripped around his dagger's handle. The blade was pressed up against the man's throat, puncturing the skin lightly.
    "Good day your majesty~" He spoke quietly.

    "Excuse me sir, would you be interested in little game of chance?" The Viuli male grinned good-naturedly to the del dressed man as he turned to look at him, gesturing the set up in front of him. "Its really very simple, and it could win you a fabulous prize. Perhaps something for your lady-friend there?" The die felt right in his hand, slightly heavier than what they should have been. Ready to seal him in another few gil, as the man walked forward, taking a seat at his table. "Alright, what's the game?" Rich'Ki grinned widely, holding up a gold ball, rolling it between his three fingers. "Very simple. I roll the dice. If they roll six or lower, I win the bet. If they roll seven or higher, you win back your money and..." He turned in his seat, pointing to the small merchant stand being run a few feet away. "One free item from her." Nodding, the man handed over 20 gil, which Rich'Ki placed in a bag to hold the money. What the customer didn't know was that the box was full of fake coins, made to look like gil. "Wonderful~"

    Placing the dice in a small cup, the Viuli shook them vigorously before letting them roll over the table. Both men looked intently at the numbers. A five and a two.
    "Well~ Looks like you're a winner!" He cheered, offering the man a friendly pat on the back. Reaching into the bag, he handed the man back 20 gil. Was it his own gil? More than likely, at least half of the coins were fake replacements. "Just mention to the nice lady that you won our little game, and she'll give you your prize." Rich'Ki kept his smile wide and friendly until the couple was out of sight. Moving quickly, before his partner could inform the couple that the money they were using was fake, the Viuli collected up his equipment, and ducked into hiding.

    Velishia cast her gaze around warily, feeling unwelcome and out of place in this city. Why had her and her sister come to such a place? She ruffled her feathers, shaking off the anxiety as best she could, turning her attention back to the large board of job listings. Hopefully she could find something for her and Vulpasha to do together, though that was proving to be rather difficult. Most people weren't looking for a two mages, one dark and one light, unless they were heading into danger. Velishia didn't want to put themselves in any danger voluntarily.
  3. HANGAREST - Pristine

    There was nothing fancy about Hangarest, nor clean, everywhere Pristine went there always seemed to be more than one form of filth crawling about in the cracks of allys, a knife around every corner, a haggler at every stall. Begging, threating, promising, pleading, she ignored them all, any who dared to make a move against the darkly clothed figure was foolish and desperate, or quite possibly mad or paid. The weapons wrapped around her waist, strapped to her side, and tied to her back made sure to scare away the feint of heart. Those whos fates were written on the massive listing board were doomed anyways, threatening her or not, she would find them and do as the job ordered to.

    Money, it was a sin, it was, still is needed to survive in the most harsh urban envirement but those with the skill to make it lived to see another day, they could hold their own.

    This was one such day, Pristine stared up at the board, scanning for jobs that paid good money and even some that could offer her release from her brooding nature. The assassins hand rested on the hilt of her katana comfortably, the other arm tensed, free hand in a tight fist. Narrowing her eyes, she caught sight of a few good listings and ripped one off before turning around, face never betraying a hint of interest as she made her way towards the Travellers Lodge to read the chosen jobs inquiries. Was she going to drink? Noo.. Not at all, for that would require taking off her mask in front of many, albeit, drunken and most likely unobservent morons.

    RALACATH - Adreanna

    Emerging from an allyway, Adreanna breathed in the sweet clean air of the city, the bustling and humble city of Ralacath. Serving as one of the kings imperial snipers, why ever was she out on the streets and not at her post? It was simple really, even the most dedicated archers needed a break now and then from boring themselves into insanity day in and day out. Though she was serious about her work, Adreanna found that if she took a break from yelling at her comrades to pay attention more often, her thunderous headaches dwindled away into mere nothingness.

    Those who played around on the job often got on her bad side, and she was very much a monster to behold when her temper snapped into spitting out rageful words (but she would never strike anyone during such a time, her words would already bite people in the arse enough as is without taking an arrow to the foot or shin.) When the play and the flirting began, not on the job, she was perfectly fine with it and even partook in such flirtacious behaviour.

    Crossing her arms, her ever observent sniper eyes took in everything, waiting for trouble to brew around her. For some fun to 'show' up, the small woman chuckled somewhat darkly to herself at the thought.
  4. It was a shining day in Ralacath; sunshine, glittering waters, and Fuyu's favorite, the shimmer of Gil well-earned. The warm sun beat down comfortably upon her long, dark hair, and she was cooled pleasantly by the breeze coming off the castle moat as she used her best outside voice to entice her customers. She was selling an incredible assortment of her own home-brewed potions and tonics today, as well as some...less scrupulous items. It wasn't her fault that some people were so desperate to own a piece of the royal family for themselves that they didn't even bother to check if the spoons she was selling were REALLY used by the crown prince to eat his soup last week.

    She raised a bright scarlet and gold fan into the air to attract customers' eyes to her, and then quickly rapped it upon her box, calling out that she was having a five-minute only special on locks of His Majesty's hair.

    She was approached by a man who informed her that he'd won the game (what game?) and was here to collect his prize from her. She was sure the man was mistaken, until she spied an oily-looking Viuli sneaking off with some equipment. Fuyu narrowed her winter blue eyes and mentally vowed to find that fuzzbutt and extract her revenge later. As for now, she would try to turn this encounter into a sale!

    "Congratulations, sir! You have won one free glass bottle, suitable for any of your potion and tonic-holding needs! I happen to have here an incredibly potent and affordable tonic, which would fill that bottle quite nicely! For you such a handsome man, only a hundred gil!"

    This was bullshit.

    Coeli snarled at the guard that was patrolling in front of her cell, but got no reply. She'd been in the castle dungeon for more than a week now, arrested for attacking a city guard and for public indecency in the noble quarter. She was supposed to have been released today, but so far no one had come by to let her out. Her sandy fur was dirty from lack of a bath and she was seriously getting sick of the prison diet. Her mood was incredibly sour, and she slammed her strong body into the bars, rattling them and reaching out as far as she could; while the Viuli female had no claws, her fangs were quite formidable, and she bared them in an enraged growl.

    The worst part was that they had made her wear a terribly ugly and uncomfortable garment, which appeared to be a solid white variant of the common potato sack. Coeli DESPISED wearing clothing, and would likely shed the annoying sack as soon as she was out of sight of the palace; that is if anyone let her out.

    Unlike her sister, Vulpasha was not uncomfortable in the rough, seedy city of Hangarest. She was confident in her ability to roast anyone that gave them trouble with a well-placed Thunder spell. Her sister didn't really approve of such methods, but Vulpasha couldn't care less; whatever it took to protect themselves was alright to her. This was a common argument between the two siblings, who were otherwise quite close; they were much closer in age than most other Ethriam children tended to be, and had spent a little more than seventy years growing side-by-side.

    Scanning the board much more vigorously than Velishia, she quickly planted a feathered hand onto one of the posters.

    "Here Velishia! 'Needed: help in exterminating pack of Flans terrorizing east side of city! Offering reward for their defeat.' Sounds easy, we've faced Flans together before!"
  5. "Ladies, you have more than earned your gold today,"Sylke said with a smooth chuckle, a deep sigh of pleasure leaving his lips as the talented ladies of Ralacath's brothel finished their delicate ministrations. He sat reclined on one of the many sedans that were placed strategically inside the high end brothel, a crooked smile on his face as a particularly pretty blonde set his pants back in order with a rehearsed pout. Sylke reached into his coin purse and took out a few silvers, placing them in the front of the girl's corset, his fingers lingering before he did the same to the next two women that were eagerly waiting. He was not fooled by the girls' pretty pouts or noises of disappointment, they were all carefully rehearsed to get a rise out of him, hoping to get him to stay and take more of his money. In truth, he had had much better than what they provided, but pleasure was pleasure, and he preferred this than taking care of the deed himself.

    Getting up from the comfortable chair with a sigh, he straightened his clothes, running a hand through his messy white blonde hair and ignoring the cries and tugs on his cloak by the women. "Perhaps if you three were a bit better you would have earned more of my time and money. Keep practicing,"he said rather coldly with a wink to all of them, relishing their shocked faces before turning and making his way through the crowded room to the entrance. Sylke knew that he had taken more time than he probably should have at the pleasure house, knowing that one person in particular didn't like his habits. But damn, a man needed some attention every now and then right? What kind of man would he be if he didn't enjoy a feminine touch on occasion? The thought made him frown, his lips drawing into a thin line as he opened the entrance door to enter the lobby....only to find someone that he particularly didn't want to see at the moment.

    Sylke closed the door behind him slowly, wiping any irritation he may have felt from his face as he looked at the man that was sitting and waiting. He looked like any other man, one that you would see walking down the city streets, but Sylke knew what lay beneath the surface, and it was something that was not to be angered. In fact, he frightened Sylke to an extent, and while he wanted to learn more from the man, Sylke wasn't always sure it was worth his time. He never mentioned that out loud of course. Keeping his body relaxed, his signature crooked grin appeared on his face, thinking to approach his situation with a bit of humor. "So, did you come for a wild time as well? The ladies here could use a bit more training,"he said with a chuckle, unsure how the man would take his joke.
  6. Endgame sat. And waited.

    Lounging in a chair as any other man would in this filthy brothel, but not here for the same reason, he closely watched the entrance to the private rooms and waited for the man he was looking for to emerge. Any other day, he would not have cared what the man was up to, just as long as he did his job, but today was important. Today there was a job to do, something that transcended the man's debaucherous habits and rampant self-importance. To be honest, Endgame (who called himself Ferrin publicly) could do this alone, but he felt that he needed to have at least one powerful mage by his side.

    When Sylke walked into the main lobby, Endgame's calm annoyance quickly morphed into anger. As Sylke spoke, Endgame huffed a deep breath and his eye twitched. He stood, ignoring his joke, and walked forward. Each step was slow and deliberate, designed to fill the mage with more and more fear the closer they got. He stopped right in front of him and stared down at his face. "You are lucky today, Sylke. I am in an exceptionally good mood." His oice was calm, but with a certain strain to it that betrayed his anger. He turned again and acted as if he was going to walk away. He took two steps, then turned rapidly, swinging his hand around. There was a loud smack! and several of the girls squeaked in surprise. The back of Endgame's hand had neatly connected with Sylke's cheek, jerking his head to the side. "Next time I might ruin that pretty face of yours these girls like so much."

    He beckoned that Sylke should follow him and walked out of the brothel. Certain that they were out of ear range of anyone who could pose a problem, and told Sylke exactly what he expected. "Lyth is doing our dirty work for us as we speak. In a matter of moments, the king will be dead. We are going to go right up to the castle gates and deliver our ultimatum. And they will be able to do nothing to stop us. First, we must go and get my armor. Endgame needs to be the one they look at when we do this, not Ferrin." He looked back at Sylke. "Of course, they will not simply accept us. We will be in for a fight. Do a good job and I might leave that whorehouse of yours intact." his last sentence was said with a hint of sarcasm.

    When he had retrieved his armor, Endgame stood there, a beacon of power and darkness. He becomes for Sylke to follow and began the trek towards the castle.

    A living breathing ghost sailing silently through the crowds, Aine walks in his own mind, even as his steps fall upon the dusty roads of Hagarest. His wandering has taken him from the forests to the north, through the plains, and into this town of sin and danger. Not that it mattered much to him, mind secluded within itself, he barely noticed his arrival. Others, however, took great note of his arrival, a seemingly addled man clothed all in silk, surely an easy mark?

    Aine moved though the crowds, silently contemplating his current situation, his world was gone, his safe haven destroyed, the beasts who once followed him and called him brother all returned to their forests.... this world of humans would never bring him solace, he knew that, but his feet brought him here despite the knowledge. He could feel it even now, the malevolence, the dark intentions of those around him, their eyes constantly watching, testing for weakness. He sighed sadly, confrontations is inevitable in a place like this.

    Even as his mind worked over his problems his feet sent him dancing in small swirls around the people of the town, many stopping to stare at the unusual apparition in their midst. His body moved on its own fully used to a lack of direction, of conscious command, and also fully tuned to the dangers of the world. When, as was inevitable, a cut-purse charged him, the body changed direction seeming to flow out of the boys reach. Confused he tried again and once more the Aine moved his hand shooting out from under the robes to grab hold of the boys hand. With a distracted frown he looked down on the boy, his eyes devoid of life," I would appreciate it if you kept your hands away.... friend." With that the boy was released and pushed away. Aine already disappearing into the crowd.

    Already he was targeted, what a sad world..... his feet continued to shuffle along, though winding streets and seedy back alleys, only to stop at a large wall. Intrigued Aine finally glanced up, his eyes focusing enough to see what lay before him... not a wall, a board, covered top to bottom in requests. With a glint of interest he pulled one free, "Urgent, beasts hunting the roads" He smiled, maybe he could find a place out there.