Final Fantasy! Just because I can.

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  1. I have (Possibly had, I'm not sure of my partner's status. o_O) a Final Fantasy roleplay going on, but with the lack of movement with it, I am looking for another one. I am most familiar with 7, 8, 9, and 11 (The original online version).

    Usual rules that apply:
    -Please be able to give me at least two decent sized paragraphs. (I'd appreciate more of course, but I get bored with anything less.)
    -Be willing to play multiple characters.
    -Contribute to the story.
    -The plot is not going to be focused around sex, so if you're looking for pure smut, you've got the wrong girl.
    -If you get bored, or want to drop, please let me know. I promise I'll give you the same courtesy.

    Pairings- (Roles on the left are the ones I want to play.)


    Tifa x Cloud
    Yuffie x Cloud
    Yuffie x Vincent

    Riona x Squall
    Quistis x Squall
    Selphie x Zell
    Quistis x Zell

    Dagger x Zidane

    OC x OC
  2. asdfghjkl I just popped in to say I love your Siggy! asdfghjkl It makes me happy to see it.
  3. Thanks! :)

    And Bumpers.
  4. Would it be too strange to ask for an OC X OC roleplay in the Final fantasy 9 world?

  5. Not too strange, I don't think. o_O
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  6. You're my hero! My favorite FF pairing ever is YuffiexVincent!
  7. Thanks, I think. o.O I thought everyone knew about that pairing. And bumpers.
  8. I always liked the QuistisxSquall pairing, would you mind PMing me about your chosen role and any plots or craving you may have? We'll brainstorm from there.
  9. Wow, never noticed this thread before. I'm sure you are probably full of RP's or something, but if you want to do Yuffie x Vincent or Tifa x Cloud I'm willing o.o
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.