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  1. Dark / High-tech / Thriller

    Welcome to Odyssey.

    This is Odyssey. A dark, planet-sprawling city that is unified by one government and power. Despite the expansive city, successful city (world), and economy the leaders are not as corrupt as one might initially think. There is corruption, but most of Odyssi's population exaggerates it.

    The world was successful. The leaders were neither corrupt or tyrannical. The population was happy. For the first time in a world's history light had prevailed over dark without Cosmos's intervention. Not yet, anyway. Chaos, however and of course, soon wanted this to change.

    Though rarely utilized, the Odyssian military did exist. It was controlled and operated by the secretary of defense; Ulysses La'Estone.

    Ulysses is the soul reason Odysseus never fell to darkness. Whenever corruption or treason reared it's head - whenever a mislead rebellion rose above street level - Ulysses snipped the bud. More often then not, with little blood shed. Even those who dislike the government do not share this view with the hero, Ulysses.
    No one dislikes Ulysses.

    There is one spot on the planet that is un-ruled by the sprawling city. This spot is fittingly known as Terras. It is the size of a small forest. It's a canyon-ous area that little venture to, despite it's considerable beauty. This is due to the fact that, even military personal in Magitek Armour, ever came back without a few dead and the living injured. Ulysses, after a few attempts, gave it up. It wasn't worth the injured and dead and the area never... seemed hostile when they weren't there. So it was left alone.

    The world is at peace, or as one man would call it.

    Technologies in this world are similar to the ones seen in Final Fantasy VI, VII and XIII. Metropolises, as opposed to medieval/ fantasy look.

    The Odyssi Military is built on Magitek Suit's and armor.


    Primary weapons include Gunswords, Daggerguns, Magitek Gauntlets (an arm brace and claws made from Magitek armour) and so on.

    (Note: Your own weapon can be of your own design, just something along this concept.)

    • No power-play/God Mod​
    • No controlling other player's characters​
    • Character death can happen; with consent from both parties​
    • If you need to drop from the RP let us know as opposed to just... leaving. Please?​
    • Profanity is fine, just don't make it overly-excessive​
    • I'll add more as needed​

    Character Sheet:

    _________________Magitek// Odyssi Application
    • Name:
    • Age:
    • Race: Hyur (Human), Lalafell (short - stereotype Black Mage), Viera (Rabbit-people), Miqo'te (Cat-people)
    • Gender:
    • Appearance: (Use picture or vivid description)

    • Role in Odyssey: Pilot (Ranged DPS*), Soldier (DPS), White Mage (Healer), Black Mage (Ranged DPS), Citizen (Multi-class. Can do more, but can't get as good.), Sargent (Tank), Grey Mage (DOT*)

    • Background: (Brief history of your character)

    Player List:(1/6)​
    • Azuremoon (Ulysses)​
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  2. _________________Magitek// Odyssi Application
    • Name: Ulysses (You-lis-es) La'Estone (Law-S-toe-nay)
    • Age: 56
    • Race: Hyur
    • Gender: So obviously male~
    • Appearance: (Use picture or vivid description)
    • Role in Odyssey: Sargent // Tank
    • Background: Ulysses is a blood-son of the planet. He was born when the vast city first made it's name as a planet-wide city.
    Even from a young age the born soldier took pride in the planet and city around him. He saw it as his own and his to protect, even in primary educational academy. With all that said, he was not your stereotype of a hero. He's always known evil is necessary, and trying to vanquish it completely is both fruitless and counter-productive to the cause.

    In academy, he learned bullies were necessary to motivate other to cherish the rules and the law. Later in life he learned petty criminals encourage citizens to appreciate law enforcement and the consequences of these criminals reminded them why they needed to follow the rules. The occasional coup' allowed the military to prove it was still around, and that it could protect it's people.

    Besides his ideology on good and evil, his life was more nonchalant. After primary school, he attended Military Academy and rode hard work and natural talent into the ranks of the military, and then from the military into the military branch of the government. He became a planet wide symbol of hard work and ambition and love for the planet and after a life time of peace and gradual success, even those who would throw coup, might stop because it might place them again their own hero. Most coups' never happened just because of his existence.

    Now, coup's are rare and the local law enforcement in all one-hundred and twenty-four sectors of the city deal with the not-so-petty crime. A hero is no longer needed. Ulysses finds himself in a difficult position. Like trying to sharpen a razor-sharp sword. Wanting to improve something perfect tends to cause imperfections that show later on. So he focused his efforts on "Terras", the only part of the planet that hadn't allowed them to take over and make their own and a part of Odyssey. At first he sent men - not to terraform, just to investigate why the planet might want to protect it - but... the squad never returned and his efforts had lost them both men and magitek armour.

    So he watches it from afar, constantly intrigued by the area. Making sure he isn't...

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