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    Hello all! I'm so glad you've stumbled upon my humble little partner search! I've been desperately craving a roleplay of this fandom for quite some time but have never been able to find a partner, so I've decided to try my luck here and see if I found any interest! As a small note this is my first time trying to make a search thread really fancy, so bear with me if there are any formatting errors.

    Table of Contents:
    About Me
    Rules - allowances/preferences and limits/requirements
    Plots - Potential pairings and plots

    About Me
    So to start us off I'll mention a thing or two about myself! A lot of people call me Kiki, but I really go by anything - I'm not picky! Feel free to give me nicknames if you'd like. I'm not completely comfortable saying my age, but the important thing is that I'm under eighteen. I am a female, as well, in case you were wondering. ^-^ I've been roleplaying for nearly four years now, and I also like to write in my spare time. In terms of my writing ability I would place myself somewhere around the adept and advanced levels (according to Iwaku's guide).


    I'll split this section into two boxes for organization's sake. The first will include my 'allowances and preferences, things I like or otherwise allow in my roleplays, and the second will include my 'limits and requirements', things I will not do or things I require of my partner.


    Allowances and Preferneces
    1.Romance is definitely a plot candy of mine. It is not required, so if you want to have an action or drama centered roleplay by all means let me know. However, if you want romance to be involved in the story by all means! I think it adds a level of depth and emotion to a story, so it can be quite fun to have.

    2. Violence and gore are A-OK with me so long as they're done in moderation! Excessive gore especially can be kind of irritating, but a little blood would be kind of hard to avoid in a game like this, I think. I like to make large battle scenes dynamic, so I'll go all out on boss battles and the like if you're up for it.

    3. Sensitive, dark, or possibly triggering themes don't bother me either. So if your character has a dark past -so long as they're still a balanced character and if affects them accordingly, of course- or if you want to have a darker roleplay just say the word! Of course these things are by no means necessary and not even preferred. They're just an option if that's what you're looking for.

    4. Doubling is great. Again, not a requirement by any means, but I do really like to double, or even triple if you're up for that. In a non-romantic roleplay that's all perfectly fine, but if an element of romance in involved and we don't double I prefer to take on a female role.

    5. Roleplay through forums or PM's are both completely fine with me, so if you have any preferences we'll go with that. ^-^


    Limits and Requirements

    1. Lemons and smut are a no-go in my roleplays. I'm sorry, I'm just not comfortable with that. If we must I can fade to black, however I would rather steer clear of that area in general.

    2. MxF only. Sorry if I disappoint anyone or somehow offend anyone, but I will not do MxM or FxF pairings.

    3. One liners are something I can't do. I'm usually pretty lenient on length, being able to go with anywheres from five sentences to a multi-paragraph roleplay, but I just can't do one liners. It gives me nothing to work with and will bore me quickly. So again, please try for five sentances at the very least. I have no limit on how long a roleplay can be though so write as much as you'd like! Just keep in mind that the longer the reply the longer it will take me to respond.

    4. Posting expections, that is, writing ability does matter to me to an extent. I would like those who roleplay to be at least at the elementary level, and at most advanced. Douche level roleplays stress me out too much, and anything below elementary would probably grow irksome... sorry!


    Alright! Finally through all of that it's time for the plots! I'll list potential pairings below this and put each plot in a separate spoiler box. Remember, most plots can be either romantic or not romantic depending on how we decide to play things. I am also more than willing to play through the game's plot with a new or experienced caravan, so that's always an option as well! Any plots listed are alwas open, even if I have the same plot going with someone else. Anyways, without firther ado, the pairings - keep in mind, the italicized role is the one I'm most interested in playing myself. If there is not an italicized role then I'm up to play either character.

    Bal DatxOC

    Setting Out
    Character A and Character B are new caravaners who are just starting out on their journey. A more simple roleplay of the two novices continuing on their journey, discovering the true responsibility of the caravan and and exploring the wondrous and terrifying world.

    Loss and Acceptance
    Character A is newly joining his towns caravan at the start of a new year after the unfortunate death of one of the caravan's members the previous year. For the most part his is given a solemn welcome by all. All, that is, except Character B, one of the veteran carvaners who was quite close to the fallen caravaner Character A is replacing. With all the conflict caused by this will the caravan even be able to complete it's duty this time around?

    After many years of research Character A was finally able to find out the mystery of the secret elements and the true cause of miasma in the world. Unfortunately, however, after encountering Raem they were left broken and defeated without any memory left at all. Without any recollection of who they are or where they belong Character A has become a bit of a wanderer, moving seemingly aimlessly about the world. That is, until they meet Character B. After a bit of a bizarre meeting Character A ends up travailing alongside Character B (and their caravan, if they have one). There is an itch in Character A's brain, however, and they can't stop themselves from picking up their research again. Eventually this leads them right back to Raem, but this time Character A has the powerful Character B at their side. Will they be able to prevail this time, or will history repeat its self once again?

    Guilty by Association
    Character A and their caravan (if they have one) come across Character B on their travels. Character B is stranded and near dead from the miasma but Character A manages to reach them in time and saves their life. Character B hasn't any recollection of who they are beyond their name and a few very basic things about their past. (reason for this can be varied. It can be Raem's doing either directly or gradually or could have come about for some other reason) As it turns out however, Character B had gathered quite a terrible reputation for themselves and is shunned nearly everywhere they go. By extension, Character A and their caravan are now in the same boat.

    Darling Understudy
    Character A is a seasoned caravaner, having been on the noble quest for myhrr for quite a few years. One day during their travels they meet Character B, a caravaner out on their very first journey. Something about Character B just strikes a cord with Character A and they come to form quite a soft spot for the novice caravanner. Over time Character A decides to take Character B under their wing and teach them all that they've learned during their own lengthy journeys.

    A plot taking past in the cannon past of the game. This roleplay centers around the selkies during their quest to find a homeland of their own, including their time traversing Conall Curach. Character A and Character B are a pair, potentially with children. They continue to work diligently but it isn't long before Character A grows almost cripplingly discouraged and depressed. Now the two not only have to deal with the growing burden of searching for a homeland, but they also have to struggle through the emotional toll that that effort is taking more than ever.

    Labors of Love
    Another plot taking place during the game's canon past, during the war that is mentioned to take place long prior to the game's events. Character A is drafted as a solder into the army, leaving their spouse, Character B behind. Crippled by lonliness Character B ends up joining the army themselves in a desperate effort to at least have some semblance of being closer to Character A. Eventually, with time, Character B is moved to the same division as Character A. Though Character B is pleased Character A is not. They worry for their spouse too much and wish to see them return home desperately.

    So that's about all I can think of at the moment. If you have any ideas yourself or just want to go with the game's plot again, please just let me know! I look forward to hearing from you! :D

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  2. This is one of my favourite games of all time!!

    I'd be interested in doing an OC x OC for "setting out", or possibly "guilt by association" (if it's not too pityparty/angsty) if you like :)
  3. It's one of mine as well :D

    Awesome~! I would love to do either one of those plots. I imagined 'Guilt by Association' as more of a slightly humorous though potentially slightly survival-esque plot sice many towns and shops would turn them away and they may have to fend for themselves to an extent.

    Would you like to include the canon plot at all or would you be more interest in leaving that alone?
  4. I prefer an original plot to the canon one - I already know how the game goes, y'know?

    more of a humorous vibe works for me :3 Wanna take this to PMs?
  5. EDIT: I added a few more plots. ^-^
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