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  1. Hiya! Lately I've been wanting to do a Pokémon RP. Whether it be the usual gig of getting a Pokémon and going on a journey, or a new plot all together, I'm really looking forward to one! I preferably want it to take place in the Kalos region, or a brand new region, however I am open to anything ^^ Now for a few rules!

    - This one isn't as important, but with one x one's I like to do them via PM.
    - No one liners please! I can usually work off of a few sentences, but not one liners. Just remember that my usual posting length relies on what I have to work with. The bigger your post, most likely the bigger my own would be. I don't shy away from multiparas!
    - I don't mind cussing or sexy times, but please keep it to a minimum. Too much of these two things would make me grow bored of the RP.
    - I tend to get a little realistic, so this RP will be darker than the games or anime where Pokémon get bruises and faint. In this RP, expect Pokémon to bleed and/or die.
    -Please do your best with grammar and spelling! I don't demand perfection, I just ask that it's decent. If I don't know what you are saying, because let's say, you have a giant run on sentence with no complete thoughts, I cannot reply. Also, bad spelling just gets on my nerves.... Being as I have dyslexia, bad spelling can really mess me up.
    - Have fun! Chat with me a little! It's not all about the RP! After all, what fun is it to RP with someone you don't really like?

    I'll post my OC here, too ^^

    Name: Auria Autumn

    Age:16 going on 17

    Birthday: April 3rd

    Gender: Female

    First Pokémon: Fokko (Fennekin, I just have been watching sub, and find some Japanese names better)

    Pokémon Nickname: Kira

    Profession: Pokémon Performer

    Appearance: [BCOLOR=#ffffff][​IMG][/BCOLOR] (Hair is carmel, shirt is full, wears a hoodie and fingerless gloves, and sandals are tennis shoes. Closest pic I could find)

    Pokémon Appearance: Kira.png (Yes edited, will go back and draw her later. This is unofficial, but basic. Her looks are unique to a Fokko, but not all Pokémon look the same. There are unique ones.)

    Personality: Auria is strong spirited and hard headed. She is stubborn and determined, but also very loyal and will face anything to protect her friends. She has a quick temper, and often that creates problems, but she is slowly gaining control over it. She will never give up or give in and she is very optimistic. It's very rare when she's serious around others, but when alone she is quite serious or lost in thought. She loves listening to music and often that influences her battle or show pattern.

    Pokémon Personality: Kira is practically the same as her trainer with a few added perks. She loves to be groomed and to keep clean, as well as making a statement. But that doesn't mean she won't get dirty. When it comes down to it, she'll roll in the mud if she needs to.

    Starting Region: Kalos (She's from there, doesn't mean the RP has to be within that region)
  2. Anas!!

    I'll RP Pokemon wif you ;w;
  3. Yay! PM me and let's talk ^^ Also, I may add a few things to Auria here and may change the picture to one I made with a creator earlier.
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