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Greetings. I know you are not on Iwaku for flashy gifs. You're here for the plots. So let's focus on that. But first some rules and info about me.

-I took quite some time working on my resume, so I take the right to demand of you to read it. It is filled with my posting standards, a kink list, and gender preferences. In return, I will read yours thoroughly. You put in a lot of time in it too after all.
-Speaking of posting standards. Please try to match them. I can deal with one paragraph more or less than mine, but bigger differences are real mood killers. I also prefer quality over quantity. How you write is up to you, but it you set your priority on quantity, we're not going to be good partners. Should you be able to combine both though, I'm sure we can become roleplaying friends (May have sounded better in my head).
-I'm looking for someone who can contribute to the story. It's not fun if one has to write everything. Actually, it get's tiring after some time. Let's toss some ideas around together while playing.
-My roleplays are anime themed, and you're going to deal with that. If you don't like this style, don't post here. Same goes for when you want to insist on playing in conversations.
-If you loose interest in the roleplay, let me know. We can either work something out, or drop it. But should you let me leave without informing me of the disinterest, I'll make use of the ignore function. No exceptions.

I know that this sounds rather strict, and I'm sorry about that. But my thing is that I put in a lot of effort into the roleplays. Seeing them getting thrown away is a knife in the back for my muse. It's something I can not deal with too often. So one big mistake will cost you my partnership. Thanks for understanding.

Now that the serious stuff is over, let's talk about plots and characters. Genders and roles can be worked on. Nothing is set in stone, and I am open to suggestions and changes.

Medieval Fantasy

It is a common thought that once you see a monster, you have to draw your weapon and slay it for various reasons. Loot, personal protection, and damage prevention. It has been like this since old times. Your character is also thinking like that. No matter if because of special reasons, or common thinking. But after being saved by one, will she keep thinking like that, or try to widen her horizon with a new companion?
This idea is meant to be kinky, but also focuses on character progression. Your character would learn about a new way of thinking, while my little monster would learn to trust humans in general. Plot to smut balance can be adjusted.
Criminal x Royal
Medieval Fantasy

It's a great day to be a citizen of Ellies. A kingdom known for good technology and magic. What exactly makes this day great? The 100th anniversary of the kingdom itself. Nobles form the nearby countries are invited to celebrate, and a famous play is said to be performed inside the castle as special event. There are many benefits to this, but not all are exactly legal. Disguised as a performer, your character sneaks into the castle with the purpose of stealing something valuable. Just one hand of whatever is in the treasury would settle his wealth problems for the next month. With all pockets filled, he wouldn't have to work for the rest of his life. But things don't go as easy as planned. He is skilled in the arts of the thief and avoids detection well. But when a knight patrol comes his way, he has no choice but to hide in the closest room. And instead of treasure, he finds a person.
He gets an idea. This person doesn't look strong, but important. If he could kidnap her, he could get out of here quicker. But how? While thinking about how to trick her into following him out of the castle, so he could tie her up and hide her in the city, she approaches him. The woman figures out quickly that he is not a servant of the castle, and asks him if he could kidnap her. She has reasons why she wouldn't want to stay here and promises him a reward if he helps.
With his back on the cold ground, he hears a voice. Strange considering that his whole body took fatal damage. That beast demon hit just once with it's claws, but to be so devastating... He can even see one of his arms beside him, or what is left of it. And yet, there is that familiar voice. "So... This is how it ends?" With a bitter laugh, the world around him fades into darkness, and one last time, he thinks of his life.
When he was young, he walked the backstreets after losing his parents to thieves. His twisted desire to live, no matter what, led him to the criminal side. He didn't just survive, but became stronger over the years. A skilled fighter and assassin, strong enough to own a place to call home and get by.
Then one day, a surge of powerful magic shook the town. From the cracks in the air, a girl appeared. Unconscious and defenseless. She has small horns, pointy ears, and many wounds. As if she was beaten with chains. Without a doubt, this was a troublemaker. A demon from another realm.

There are 3 points in the story that have to happen.
1: He takes her with him. Motivation? Maybe he likes cute things (A few screws loose make people a lot more interesting if you ask me), or thinks she could be of use.
2: More demons appear after some time when she is partially recovered.
3: He dies fighting of the demons that come for her.

If 3 is the end? No. At least not if I have a say in the story. This can turn into an adventure, or a roleplay about the city and a couple of secrets around it.

I will add more later. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll answer ASAP.
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Well, you liked mine, and I'm liking yours.
I've read through your resume, and have revised mine slightly.
I'm very interested in role-playing with you. ^^
I'm interested in the first and third plots.~^^
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All plots have been taken. Thank you for your time.
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