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  1. Music club.(High School group RP idea)

    -Outcast/wall flower(girl)**Taken**
    -teacher/counselor(any gender)**Taken**

    A teacher close to all his/her students notice four of there students are each going through frustrating things in life but noticed each have a love for music. The teacher decides to make a school club inviting each of the kid who have nothing in common but there love of music. In the beginning they have to show the song that represents who they are or how they feel each day in the club and the other kids have to guess why they picked the song (so it would be helpful to post a link to the song after your message). Each kid judged the other by the stereotypes they heard and neither one trusts the other. Each wanna ditch the club but they keep coming back weather it's for free time, a get away, or just have nothing better to do. Things start off rocky with yelling and hatred towards each other since they all have something the other wants(ex: prep jealous of rebel cause they be themselves, rebel jealous of jock cause of perfect life/jock jealous of wall flower cause they don't have people expecting things out of them/ wall flower jealous of prep because she's smart) but learn that each other's lives aren't perfect. They learn each one of them has a major flaw in there life that there afraid to tell the other since there afraid there life will collapse. Through the club and the teachers help they form a bond and learn about each other through friendship and understanding. (Romance is accepted. Makes thing interesting.)

    Needed: Goth, Jock, Wall Flower, Teacher

    Character Sheet:
    Social status:(jock,goth,wall flower)
    Song that describes them most:(first song presented on first day)
    No go's:
    Music Genre:

    -3 paragraphs or more please. :)
    -try to use proper grammar. I know I fail sometimes so I'm not that concerned about it.
    -try to post everyday? I don't and I know life gets in the way. Just inform the others before hand so we won't do too much to make you lost.
    -be able to role play more characters in the school. Ex. Friends, teachers, family, relationships.
    -please don't reveal what there life flaw is. Wait until the perfect time to present it and it's fine to drop little hints. Don't be too judge mental either about the flaws.
    -but if you do have a limit, list your No Go's so we don't go overboard. Ex: murder, abortion, suicide, drug addiction
    -it's alright to have more then one flaw, but just have one MAJOR flaw.

    Name: Annabelle Fitzgerald(Anna)
    Social Status: Prep
    Age: 16
    Grade: Junior
    Song that describes them the most:

    Bio: Anna is an over achiever. She has perfect grades, dresses neatly and formally everyday, has a large house and a privileged life, and has a normal perfect family. Anna always knew she had high expectation that needed to be met. Her mother was a wonderful Lawyer who never lost a case, her dad was a famous Doctor who never lost his patient, her older brother was well on his was to making the next biggest electronic, and she practically had a Harvard scholarship calling her name. She only ever socialized with people similar to her and never complained about a thing. It was a comfortable life that satisfied her well. And she would rather die then let her secrets get out and have everything crumble out from under her.
    Personality: she's a very impatient girl who would much rather have things done her way, the right way. She is always obedient to any higher up figure and wouldn't dream of challenging then unless they were utterly wrong, head strong and independent.
    Other: has a slight soft spot for anything cute. Expert at the violin and has a secret passion for reading romance books. Favorite violinist is Lindsey Stirling.
    No Go's: Murder. I'm alright if they feel like there the reason some one died but no murder, it's not that kind of RP.
    Music Genre: Any.
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  2. i would love to fill the spot as the wall flower
  3. Fill out the CS please! ^^
  4. May I be the teacher ^^
  5. Go ahead! Fill out the character sheet just don't include grade since your not a student ^_^
  6. Yeah ^^
    Name: Raven St.Hilaire (Or miss St)
    Social status: Teacher/Counselor
    Age: 24
    Grade: teaches Juniors
    Song that describes them most:

    Bio: (I can't tell you her bio when you don't want me to tell you her flaws ^^; its very hard )
    Personality: she sweet and kind and is always willing to help
    Other: she loves the piano she plays very beautifully in her past she even had many people come to see her play ^^ but that was a long time ago..... many many years ago V^V
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  7. Name: Naomi valeana
    Social status: wallflower
    Age: 17
    Grade: senior

    Song that describes them most: Meditation from "thais" by j. Massenet (on viola)

    Bio: Naomi is the younger sister and only daughter to three well known classically trained musicians. since birth she had grew up in the shadow of her families fame. Out of the many instruments her mother forced her to play, the viola was not one of them. Naomi favored the viola the most ironically. Her second favorite being piano. Naomi did not want to be be apart of the "Valeana group". She has always longed to be her own person. However every time she went out with her family has was always bombard with questions about when she would her family in the spotlight. due to this unwanted attention Naomi slowly started to fade away from her family and human interaction all together. high school did not help her internal struggles. Even though Naomi is very talented she refused to go to a music school. She rather be normal and practice when no one is around. Not having any friends caused people to whisper and gossip about her. This forced Naomi to become even more secluded from the world.
    Personality: Naomi is quite, reserved, and very smart. Other students called her a freak because she never seems to be paying attention in class, but some how gets high scores. You hardly ever see her without her headphones, ignoring the world to drown herself in music. Naomi avoids talking to others whenever possible. if you ever crack her shell, you will know that underneath it all she is a very sweet and loving girl.
    Other: Naomi plans many instruments with crazy skills. Those instruments being violin, cello, and piano. Naomi has learned to play bass but did not like the sound. Her main instrument is viola. She is expertly skill at the viola. she adores the violist Anna Serova. Naomi also loves anime and reading vampire novels
    No go's: not too big on horror or crazy scary RP in general.
    Music Genre: classical
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  8. oh wait is the wallflower suppose to be dumb/average? does it matter? i kinda used myself in a lot of my character description
  9. heheh wallflower is a shy or unpopular individual who doesn't socialize or participate in activities at social events. aka me in real life ^^
  10. ok i feel like she fits to the T what do you think?
  11. Yep ^^ but they are not allways smart people they are sometimes just that person in the background in the movie you know. they fail but they don't have the highest marks, they also never be noticed unless bullies and stuff.
  12. mmmhmm i need to start thinking of how she is going to react to all this attention the teacher is giving. i feel like her past made her a wallflower by force, she just wanted some peace and isolating herself was the only way.
  13. I would be glad to fill the Jock spot if you can stomach my character.

    Name: Tyrell Jackson
    Social Status: Jock
    Age: 19
    Grade: Senior
    Something I drew up in like 5 minutes,

    Song that Describes Him most: Mental Explosion by Madchild

    Bio: Tyrell is considered to be one of the most promising highschool football players in the state. The school's star Strong safety, nearly everybody in the school at least knows his name. He tends not to socialize outside of his social circle, generally surrounded by a group of other football players. Tyrell was supposed to graduate last year, however he went missing during his senior year, only to return the next year as if nothing had happened. Nobody knows why he was gone that year, and nobody asks. While Tyrell is a talented football player he resents playing because his father forced him into the sport, his father never showed him any true love when he wasn't on the field either. Tyrell's true passion is music. He learned classical piano from his mother when he was young and since has taken an interest in percussion, drums, kit, tuned percussion, and bells, Tyrell has learned them all and uses his musical knowledge to produce and write his own rap music.
    Personality: Tyrell is a confident, almost arrogant person. While he doesn't often seek out new people to talk to he isn't shy about letting new people know who he is. Considering his size, Tyrell comes off as extremely intimidating, he often uses this to his advantage when faced with any type of conflict, Tyrell is quick to jump into conflict and escalate it as far as he can.
    Other: N/A
    No Gos: Nothing really.
    Music Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  14. Now only one more person is needed ^^
  15. I'm gonna go for the rebel/goth
    Character Sheet:
    Name:Alex Zanner
    Social status:(jock,goth,wall flower) Rebel/Goth
    Song that describes them most:(first song presented on first day):
    Bio:Alex grew up in a large family that was filled with geniuses. To actually be seen, Alex learned to rebel against things which led to him doing it in school too. He has 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers, all of which are considered perfect angels. Alex can't stand them most of the time.While most people see him as someone who will go nowhere in life, Alex has a passion for piano and is self-taught.
    Personality:Sneaky, cunning but can also have a heart for people he truly cares for
    No go's: Torture
    Music Genre: Pop
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