Fighting Our Reflections



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I think few people remember this roleplay of mine. I believe that if life hadn't gotten so mean to me, this roleplay would have made its way to Hall of Fame. The members were so active, so great, and people seemed to love the story. Just thought I'd ask if people would be interested in giving it a second try!

I cannot find the old OOC to link everyone to. :/ I think it's on the old Homac proboards, which I couldn't access. So I'll just type up some information about it. (Like most of my other roleplays, this one was born in an acid trip dream I had.)

Okay. You all know about my Neko-jin (cat people) obsession. [And if you don't, you must not know who the hell I am! :D] The characters in this roleplay are, indeed, Nekos. Yes, that even requires you to get an animu pic for your appearance, GASP. It's set in a Medieval-typed era. They all live in a kingdom with a castle, a king and queen, all that good stuff. If you don't want to play a Neko (Like Xindaris, who played a werewolf) then feel free to run that by me. For the most part, humans aren't allowed for this one. There's a rival kingdom of only humans that I planned on talking more about in the sequel if I ever got that far.

The kingdom was built by a nice, big lake that's seemingly harmless. Well... It isn't harmless. The reflection of the kingdom in the water is not just a reflection; there's an actual, identical kingdom IN this water. Or rather, it's like another realm. An evil realm... There's a dark image of every person living in Lutaru. Pretty soon, these chaotic creatures will attack the castle on the other side with the intention of killing their pure-heart doubles.

Said attack will take place during a romantic ball. Them party crashers. D<

So if you like fantasy, magic, kitties, danger, romance, drama and...other stuff, I think you'd like this. I'd be playing the Queen for this roleplay. I'll personally ask some people if they'd want to play the King. :P Else, I'll play him as well.
...Cat people. Love. Do want.
Magic? Danger? Evil Reflections? Cat People?:downcat:
Count Me in :)
>:3 Most excellent!

Don't let me down, my loves. I'll work on reconstructing the OOC this week. Reel in more people/plot/etc. in the meantime~
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Hey, man. This doesn't look so horrendous. I probably wouldn't mind playing ;)
Dahling, I've never let you down before, have I? ;) This will be wonderful.
*loves all over Diana* THANK YOU~

Of course no, Kitti dear. This will be wonderful. I hope to see you play then, Meno!
You can count me in as interested. I spent a whole 8 hours reading through all the IC because I was hooked.