Fighting Fiction (Monster Apocalypse Roleplay)

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    Time: 14 Hours after the first wave
    The creatures have begun their assault on the major cities of the world. A few cities such as Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow, New York, and Paris are ready to crumble down to dust. Many of the worlds leaders are dead, and their military's are trying to hold the creatures off. The world is holding it's breath.


    Time: 2 Days after the first wave, the beginning of the second wave.
    The creatures were victories, and now are spreading through the rest of the world. The main cities are now nothing, and are pronounced No-Man's land, or the Dead zone's. Most, if not all, governments are lost, and the world is beginning to go into chaos because of the lossing war. The world as we know it is lost.


    Time: 5 months after the second wave.
    The world is gone, only a few makeshift forts are mad. Few governments are still operating, but some have arose from the ashes of the past. Some military's are still trying to find a weakness to the none stop wave of monsters, but no luck has been stirred. Now freak storms are hitting the world, bringing snow to places that rarely see it, destruction to the worlds buildings by wind, hail, and lightning. The world is crumbling.

    More information will be given once I get some interest (two or three more people). Any questions?

    **Much of this is based off of Legendary, the game, along with all these pictures found here: .
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  2. I'm definitely in, I love this already
  3. Sweet!
    Now which city would you want this in, London, Paris, or New York
  4. I would say London or New York. Can a survivor join a group of soldiers or must they be already a part of it?
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  5. Check the OOC! You don't have to be a soldier, but I've given the option for people to be!
  6. Is the thread above OOC or IC
  7. Oh wow I'm interested, I even read the OOC part too! Is it too late to join though?
  8. Awesome! I'll have my character up possibly within the next day or so!
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