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  1. Well, folks. Seeing as I am new here and all, I figure it best to start by making an impression. How, you ask? Why, by helping out the site and GMing a great RP... both at the same time!

    But Beta! You're new here and no one knows you or cares who you are!

    RIGHT! They don't! What better way to GET known than to show I'm a cool guy, a cool GM, love helping my fellow RPers, and can make the help as fun as simply roleplaying with other people and having a good time!

    So let me lay out a basic information bit for you all, ok?



    Welcome to New Peaks Academy, otherwise known as the Fight School! Normal classes do exist, but I can assume that's not the main reason you're here. No, you're likely interested in the many fights to be had; officially sanctioned or otherwise, 1 vs. 1, team battles, and even tournaments... all taking place within the same continuity. Friendships and rivalries will be formed, great victories and bitter defeats felt, and all while you figure out who to ask out to the prom!. For better of for worse, the memories of your adventures while attending New Peaks High for these four years will last a lifetime. They will mold you from an unknown fighter to a champion worthy of worldwide recognition.

    New Peaks Academy is a sprawling campus, with several buildings that house the various classrooms. In addition, off of the school grounds there are same-sex dorms where the students live. Sorry... no Co-Ed stuff here. The staff knows you're all a bunch of hormone-ridden teens. Other than the dorms, there are several restaurants that the students and faculty can stop at to eat, shops to get books and games and trinkets, a couple parks to relax in (complete with those charcoal grills you see in some parks, if you feel like having a cookout!), and a grocery store where you can buy foodstuffs to take back to your dorm.

    Characters will resemble characters from many fighting games such as Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Tekken, etc. There can be magical abilities of varying nature as long as it isn't powerful enough to give you a definitive advantage over fighters without magic. For example, Blanka from Street Fighter can shoot electricity out of his skin, but he's still able to be defeated by someone without any such magical powers. His electricity cannot instantly fry their heart, it's not always on, not so fast nobody can see it coming and not able to avoid it, etc. There must be considerable disadvantages either to the magic or other qualities of the fighter to balance things out. Magic should also follow a theme, so no "I can do everything" magic.

    As for non-magical fighting, it will involve some suspension of disbelief. The fighters will be able to act around peak human and not blatantly break the laws of physics, although may have some highly unlikely fighting ability being demonstrated. You can be knocked back dramatically and slam into walls and still keep fighting, do flip kicks, run along walls for brief moments, etc. Obviously, for someone without magic, they'd probably be better at this sort of fighting in exchange.​


    That's all the more I will say for now. I don't want to give EVERYTHING away before the RP starts, after all.

    So... what do you guys think? I think a bunch of you should take a chance and give this a shot.
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  2. Ah, Beta. I would have joined the OLD version had I known you then. So you've got your muse/support here if you need it. :P
  3. I am SO down for this!
  4. I'll think about it.
  5. So, basically a Fighting Game eh?

    Magic and Fists are allowed. Considering the environment, are machines and inventions allowed?

    As in, someone who uses them.
  6. @Crow

    Hmm... that would depend on HOW they were used. If you mean like... summoning them ala quarter-circle forward + punch, then no. This isn't so much like a fighting game as it is a unique twist on the old Arena-style Group RP. But if your character brings a couple neat toys with them and maybe incorporates them into their fighting style, it might work out.

    The magic/powers will be relatively low-tier, so nothing like throwing fireballs, slowing time to a crawl, or shooting lasers out of your face. Still, unique and interesting supplementary abilities or minor offensive ones will be acceptable within reason.
  7. I'll go for this one again.
  8. I was notified, so I came to express my interest.
  9. This sounds quite enjoyable, you have piqued my interest.
  10. @Nico @I.S. Zero @KiroAkira @Cactush @Shadow @Crow @Greased Smitening

    I'll be getting the OOC up this afternoon/evening. I think we have a pretty decent starting group to get this off the ground. So be prepared, do some research into the martial arts, think up a neat little low-tier power, think up concepts for your character, and so forth.

    I'll get to work on it once I get home from running errands, going to the store, etc.
  11. My advice to you, since this is your first. Be wary of bringing in too many people. You'll definitely want a cap on how many people can join, and you won't want it to be a high one.
  12. This is far from my first rodeo. I've got a decade of RPing under my belt, as stated in my introduction post. I appreciate the advice, but I definitely know the ropes. If everyone who expresses interest here joins, that is a good starter group. I can handle up to around eight to ten people before needing to appoint an Assistant GM.

    In any case, I am off to do mundane boring things. I'll get to work on the OOC when I get back.
  13. Good.
  14. Dang. That didn't take long. Oh well, I'm more or less ready when you are mate.
  15. Can we use swoooooords?
  16. The rules stated no brutal weapons, and the most we can go is kendo sticks.
  17. I just read that in the OOC. And I'm sad, now. That means I'll have to resort to fist cuffs.
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