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  1. It was a warm spring day, the perfect time for a fresh start. And like usual Nai was grinning as she picked up box after box. Her fiancé Dave was inside, fixing some of the appliances, and currently she was helping lift up all those boxes into the house. It wasn't much of a property, plenty big enough for them and a few others. Just thinking about it made Nai giddy.

    Her wedding wasn't for a few months, but they had found such a good steal on the house they had moved in early. There was a lovely tree in the front yard, and the neighborhood wasn't in a bad part of town. Everything was perfect. Well, or so she thought. Grinning, Nai brought the last box inside, setting it down and then shutting the door after her. "How's the fridge coming Dave!" She called to the inside, taking off her shoes. "Dandy!" Came a gruff reply, after a few clanging sounds.
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  2. (I dun did wrong o.o we have Kai and Nai)
    Kai hasn't dated many people since Nai. After she dumped him he was left saddened but that brought him to get a good job and a semi busy job. Although he needed someone to hire to become his secretary as he is the CEO. The last three all left for the same reason, the hours he makes them put in. He thought of who he could hire or ask, someone willing and crazy enough to do that type of job. He knew just the person if she still had the same personality as she did last time.

    Soon Kai left his company to see if she wanted it or not. He had info of her new house as he drove over in his Dodge Charger and he soon came to her home. He soon got out of the car and knocked on the door waiting to see Nai...
  3. Nai had been working all afternoon, trying to get things in her house. Dave had been helping her set up the appliances and couches. He still had to move out of his place, so for a while he would be leaping back and forth between the two houses. Nai needed to find a job, to help pay rent, even though Dave insisted that she didn't need to. Nai had been bored out of her mind for a long time, so getting a job that took up a lot of her time would be refreshing.

    Nai was halfway through repainting the living room when there was a ring at the door. "Coming!" Nai called, setting down her brush and bounding off the ladder. It took a few moments for her to get off the ladder and to the door, but when she flung it open her smile dropped. "What are you doing here." she asked, her gaze hardening slightly. Dave noticed his fiancés apprehensive tone and he walked down the hall. "Is there anything wrong honey?" "No, just a old friend. I'll be fine." She said, shooing him away before looking at Kai.
  4. Kai had researched plenty of people for this job but all personalities didn't seem to work. He needed someone who was willing to work long and has the intelligence to log everything down and keep track of his schedule. He tried going through everything to avoid his choice but he knew what needed to be done.

    Once she answered the door he had a straight face she's the female who hurt his feelings 5 years ago. He wished she wasn't hurtful as she was when she dumped him. He saw she had someone at her house a lover probably so it would certainly suit her now. "Hello Nai, I know we had a past, but we can't change that. Now onto the more important stuff, I want to offer you a job. Its to become my secretary for my company, the hours are long but you get paid about 20 or more hourly, so it's worth your time there" he explained.

    Soon he was preparing to leave and he handed her his card "I'm assuming you need time to think so I'm giving you my card so you can call me and tell me your answer. My offer will end after 7 days so I hope you consider it worth it" he told her as he started to walk away
  5. Nai couldn't stand to face Kai. Not only did they have names in common, she had dumped him, quite cruelly in fact. She had always felt bad for that, she really had been a bitch in those days. Taking a breath, she calmed herself down, looking up at him.

    She was pleasantly surprised to hear him offer her a job. Her right eyebrow shot towards her hairline. 'A job? Well that is exactly what I needed.' She though to herself, biting down on her lip. Despite the thought of working for him, he seemed rather professional now. He was looking at her with a straight face, and his car did look pretty nice. She could use a job like that. Then she would have enough to go on nice vacations and pay for some of her wedding.

    Tapping her left hand against her lip, she hesitantly took the card, staring at it. It looked very official. Just as he was about to leave, Nai called out to him. "How many hours a day, exactly?" She asked him, wondering how much time she would get to spend with Dave. Sure, they were getting engaged, but he was getting irritated with her constant need for attention, despite how much he urged her to keep inside the house.
  6. Kai heard her ask how many hours a day it was and he soon smiled and he turned around "fifty to sixty hours excluding overtime Nai, that's how long it will be" he admitted and then he went to turn around. He soon spoke quickly "Think on it don't make your choice now" he said to her. He couldn't believe he didn't show any emotion including to the girl who ruined his love life.

    He soon entered his car and he drove home as he was done working today. He could let everyone in his company take care of things. He trusted them as he has worked with them for awhile.
  7. Nai nodded in understanding, looking over at him. "You know it won't take long for me to respond." She said back, before shutting the door. Dave was still sitting there, his brows furrowed. "You better not accept that job." He said sternly, before giving her a kiss on the cheek and going to leave. Nai knew Dave wouldn't like it, so she wasn't planning on telling him. Of course now he knew, which meant she would have to keep the whole thing a secret.

    It took her all night to do the math of how much time it would take her. If she started tomorrow, she would be working ten hours minimum a day, more like eleven. But that was about how much time Nai spent pining for Dave to come over, plus the amount of time he had overtime. Grabbing the phone, she dialed the number
  8. He soon wondered how long it would take before she accepted. He knew it was a brutal thing but she made a lot. It's better than nothing. He just needed her to keep track with everything. Soon he just thought of what she needed to do as there were a stack of papers that would be filed.

    He soon just about to head to bed as his phone rung. He soon answered "Hello this is Kai, who is this?" He wasn't sure if it was Nai or not.
  9. Nai bit her lip as she waited for Kai to pick up. His voice sounded exactly the same over the phone. "Kai, its Nai. Wow saying that never sounds normal." She jested lightly, a soft chuckle escaping her lips. "I would like to accept your offer. When can I start?" She asked, kicking up her feet.

    Nai was currently on her couch, watching mindless television for no reason other than to just have something to occupy her.
  10. He soon heard something and it was his new secretary. He smiled as he looked at her. "That's great Nai, you can start tomorrow come in at any time long as it's not past noon" he said to her on the phone. "I'm assuming you know what to do as a secretary, if not I could give you a slight breifing" he said.

    He was happy he got someone so willing to do this. He was giving her two Weeks of vacation time and 1 week of sick days. He thought that was fair as she's new to the company and hasn't proved her stay. It's always the secretary that leaves. He knew Nai was stubborn and she wouldn't want to quit.
  11. Nai looked over at the time. It was pretty late at this point. At the least Dave wasn't going to appear any time soon. It was a little reassuring that he wouldn't be showing up to yell at her for taking a job. She had just finished painting the other half of the living room. It was a nice pale blue color. Her ideal color would have been darker, but Dave insisted the light color looked better and she caved.

    Nai grinned, turning off the tv. "Please Kai, I have done a secretary job before. Besides, I wanted something to keep me distracted. It's been too long." She said, heaving a sigh. "Just make sure not to tell Dave about this, or he might murder us both." She added, pursing her lips. "He doesn't really want me to have a job."
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  12. Kai was waiting to hear what she would say in return. He soon wrote down some notes about her and her personality. He may act professional outside of work. Although it's truly just a ruse, he likes to have fun and hes easy going even if he requires long hours.

    He soon smiled at her reply "Alright Nai, I knew just Im not sure if you were rusty at it. And I see your boyfriend is wanting you to be more of the housewife type of woman? When I knew you, you would absolutely hate doing stuff like that" he admitted but he soon saw the time. "Nai I gotta let you go I need to get some sleep" he told her as he soon hung up and he started to prepare for bed as he needed to sleep for work. He usually is the first one in anyways
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  13. Nai grinned as he mentioned her being a little rusty. At the mention of being a house wife, Nai's smile faltered. "Well, I don't really mind it. I just get bored. It's a lot of the same day in and day out." She mumbled, looking at the ring on her finger. Hearing Kai hang up, Nai set down her phone. She looked back down at the ring, fiddling with it. She had no idea her happy marriage was doomed to end.

    By the time the next morning came, Nai was up and ready to head out the door. She had made herself a full breakfast, including bacon, eggs, and pancakes. To top if off she had lemonade along side it to wash it down. Checking every last detail in the mirror, Nai decided she was finally happy with her look. A simple white blouse with a black jacket over it, with a longer pencil skirt and high heels. She looked professional. It was only 9, but it would take her half an hour to get to work. Grabbing her new work bag, Nai headed for her car.

    It was a older sports car she had bought for cheep. She liked the fast cars, but she didn't have the money to get and keep a hugely expensive car. Maybe she could use her job money for that. Kicking the car into gear, Nai sped off towards her destination, the city. Soon the high-rises came into view, and Nai arrived shortly at the building where she worked.
  14. He wondered why Nai, an old popular girl and the bitchy type turned into a housewife. Just he hoped their past relationship won't hurt their relations as Nai expected a lot back then when he couldn't give her.

    The next morning Kai got up and prepared and he got a simple energy drink and an energy bar as he ate that for his breakfast. He soon hopped into his car and started to drive as fast as his car could take him. He hoped he wouldn't be second as he was always upset when his workers showed up before him but then again they want to get their hours down.

    Kai soon got to his work at 6 and he opened the doors and went up to the tenth floor where his company worked. Sure he's Ceo but he's more like the owner as the owner isn't really ever checking on this business. He soon started on work the papers for Nai to start putting down into their system. He was gonna be upset that she can't spend the hours he required but it was her first week and he would let her do as much time as she thinks is necessary for the week.
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  15. Nai was there at 9:30 on the dot, having parked a little ways away from the building. Walking in confidently, she took the opportunity to look around her. She sure got more than a few stares. Even though she had plain jane hair, and the usual work outfit on, she still seemed to turn heads. Maybe it was the way she walked. Heading straight for the elevator, she clicked the button for the tenth floor. It was a long ride up to the top, especially with the men and women from the office looking at her as she headed up.

    As soon as she reached the tenth floor, Nai walked out onto the floor, heading straight for the CEO's office. She could see Kai through the window to his office. Knocking on the door, Nai paused outside the door for a moment before she stated "I'm coming in." And pushed open the door. Kai almost fitted well behind a desk. He looked good in a official position. "Good morning Mr.Blackstone." She said, a soft smile coming to her lips as she spotted the pile of papers. "I am assuming this is the first stack of papers?" she asked him.
  16. Kai was waiting for Nai to come up. She was still just as pretty as she was five years ago. Although she has no desire of dating him of course. He wondered if she will ever tell her boyfriend about her job. He didn't care she was his worker and he knew she was willing to take the job.

    He looked at the door and let her come in. "Nai, do not call me by my last name it's too formal. I prefer if we are known by our normal names" he told her. She soon spoke about the papers he nodded. "You'll take my calls for me and if it's important send them to me and if it's for an appointment just put it down and remind when it happens. Also Nai, since today is a Wednesday and you don't get a full week feel free to work as little or as long as you think is good" he told Nai.
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  17. Nai looked at Kai, and she rolled her eyes. She picked up the stack of paperwork from the desk, plopping them into her arms. "Well then Kai, expect me in pretty much as much as you need me all week. Not like I have much to do." She shrugged, nodding slightly. "I will make sure to come in once I need more paperwork and I will make sure to both email and verbally tell you the schedule for the day in the morning." She said, nodding before turning to leave his office.

    Her desk was just outside his office, so he could have peace and quiet but she could be close enough. Setting herself down in the chair, Nai prepared herself for a long day of work.
  18. He heard her words then that impressed him. It meant she was gonna put in the hours. "I guess that's good I'll need you a lot plus that is atleast 5 hours of paper work, I guess this is an upgrade from housewife" he told her. Her next type of speech made him happier "I think your gonna be the best Secretary I've ever had. My others only emailed me it but not I have someone going to physically tell me" he admitted

    Next came her own personal space and he smiled. If he really needed her to move he could bring her to his own office. He loved his job as he can enjoy everyone's company.
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  19. Nai rolled her eyes, looking over at Kai. "Well I can assure you its better than doing laundry." She said, grinning widely. Nai was starting to enjoy her job. Kai was actually rather reasonable as a boss. She had always known he was nice, but back in the day she didn't want nice. She wanted something that would get her heart racing when she thought about them. But now here she was, getting ready to settle down. She had her fears, as usual, but she pushed them aside, settling anyway.

    It took her a few hours to actually get anything, but she had a few appointments, and she needed more paperwork. Knocking again on Kai's door, Nai walked in, shutting the door behind her. "You have an appointment at four today, and I have tomorrows schedule almost up and ready. Do you take food breaks ever or just have someone get you food?" She asked, since she had a cup of coffee in her hand. She placed the cup on his desk, and picked up the older one, and picking up more papers.
  20. "Clearly it is as you wouldn't take it if you wanted to be the house wife he expects of you" he told her as he watched her for a bit get settled in as he wanted to make sure she was safe. He was happy she enjoyed the environment.

    He soon saw her come in and he was impressed with her work. "What is this appointment for, as this was new to me. Just email me the schedule and tell me it tomorrow. And I usually don't have lunch as I'm too busy working. Although my workers are able to go get food. Just long as they aren't slacking off" he told her and leaned back in his chair watching Nai. She was perfect for him and he wished he could have her back although that time is gone.
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