Fever Typing

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  1. Does anyone think they write better when they are sick?
  2. I type poorly when I'm sick because it tends to make my already awkward eyesight worse to the point my glasses don't help much. However...I do write better when I'm stressed by emotional triggers, especially depression. I'd write well when I was manic, but I can't keep a thought for more than a second when I'm like that. Depression makes it hard to write due to lack of energy, but I can think straight... So...

    I basically just write when I write, and when I'm sick I stop at a point because of my eyes getting dizzy xD
  3. It's best that I don't write while I'm sick, especially if I'm running fevers. I'll write posts that don't make sense or have content unrelated to the plot. ~__~ More often than not, I'll get a PM from the other author asking me wtf I just wrote. lol

    I do come up with awesome story ideas when I'm ill, though. My most successful group roleplay, in fact, results from a dream I had whilst running a high fever.
  4. I don't get many dreams when I have fevers- though I just don't get many in general. My most vivid sickness-based dream is from when I was sick with a really bad headache as a kid. But my dreams are too wild to have a plot normally. But it's neat that you used one of your dreams from a fever to make a role-play out of! :D
  5. I'm a better typer when I'm depressed.
  6. I struggle with it all the time. Being ill sucks, and really affects the quality of my work. Trembling hands don't really help either. Rarely I am clear headed enough to produce quality posts, but I do struggle with it all the tme.
  7. I can't say so. though I have found that i write better int he morning or when I'm just 'waking up' and 'fresh.
  8. Depends on the sick. Generally, if I'm ill, I have a hard time focusing and am very fatigued, though, so no.
  9. I can't even go on the computer when i'm sick ....