Feudal Japan & Victorian Era [18+ for Adept/Advanced]

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  1. Really wanting someone to play a yoriki working for the shogunate to my imperial princess (who is in my blog area if you want to read up on her bio) and/or dive into a gothic horror set in Victorian era! I'll make this quick and easy.


    1.) No one-liners. At the very least, three paragraphs or more. I'd love it if you can mirror post!

    2.) DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS!! Don't go overboard with them but please put some effort into your writing by describing everything- showing, not telling. Little to no "fluff" please!

    3.) No god-mod, metaplay, spoonfeed, and all that bad stuff.

    4.) Proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling please! I understand typos but please, at least proofread. I don't want to be the one who reads and suddenly sees incorrect grammar without so much as a twitch. I have a good eye so few spelling and grammar mistakes are GREATLY appreciated.

    5.) When needed, be willing to play male and female NPCs. You'll play a dominant male lead but NPCs will be used to keep everything fresh and not stale. This applies to both roleplays.

    6.) Have knowledge of Edo period and Japanese culture in general. It's not going to be historically accurate through and through but things like the Shinto Gods and Goddesses, as well as Japanese Honorifics, who the shogunate are, what happened during Edo period (and how it came to be) is highly acknowledged. I want the rp to feel like we're there, not some crappy feudal Japan setting which has absolutely nothing but common names of today, a modern day Tokyo, and Jpop. Absolutely not. This applies to the Edo period idea.

    7.) If you want to do the Victorian era roleplay, look towards the first sentence above and replace Edo period and Japanese with Victorian Era and England.

    7.) Be patient with me. My posting speed ranges a little but primarily focused on one post a week, a few posts a week, and slow as molasses because I'm dually enrolled with high school and college. I will keep in contact though and I expect the same of you.

    8.) I will look at your roleplay resume and recent roleplays if you do not provide them straight away. No show = no evaluation = no roleplay. I am selective so please, don't feel offended when I tell you politely that your writing style isn't what I'm looking for.


    The idea is that the Shogun deputy (current liaison for the imperial family) requests a yoriki (samurai below machi-bugyo whom the liaison supported), to investigate the disappearance of my character. This samurai then begins a trek to bring her back although he has never encountered her before. My character and this samurai in particular meet up with each other during a sudden fight (i.e. sneak attack) match between them (causing them both to become unknown rivals) and while the man does not know her, she knows him. Therefore, in order to keep from being executed because of sedition, she deceives him and decides to pull him along to find the imperial princess- which just so happens to be her. Both form a bond with each other and soon enough, my character realizes that she must either tell him the truth, risk sacrificing herself and protecting him, or doing the complete opposite and letting him die and/or whatever because he was unable to uphold his duties.​

    Please be capable of handling sensitive topics such as violence, death, grit, and blood. Proper grammar and spelling is expected. Use punctuation correctly please! Italics for thoughts, quotation marks outside of the period, et cetera. The main focus will not be romance. Instead it will primarily be drama (i.e. intrigue, etc.), action, and possibly a little bit of adventure and combat. Be ready for a serious world of Victorian times. Don't count on roleplaying this if you're looking for something light-hearted and frivolous. The small ideas and/or things added to create drama is a blood feud between the classic vampires and bipedal werewolves (that is the main theme), a human (my character) escaping captivity from a vampire lord and a werewolf saving her, keeping her in hiding. More details will be revealed through private messaging.​
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  2. 3.) No god-mod, metaplay, spoonfeed, and all that bad stuff.

    What do you mean by that?
  3. @NeonMasterz God-modding basically means your character has the ability to do anything within a roleplay without limits or boundaries. Metaplaying means that your character knows something about another character that they're not supposed to know, and spoonfeeding means to impart knowledge towards someone else's character without any further thinking.
  4. I would be open for this! Feudal Japan is one of my greatest loves!
  5. Yay!! I'll send you a PM~!
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