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  1. A little about me!

    I'm 22, a female, and seeking active long term partners to roleplay with. My favorite themes for my roleplays are romance, horror, supernatural, fantasy, dark, action and adventure. I can write from anywhere from 1 to 12 paragraphs depending on what my partner is giving me, or if there is a lot to work with. I consider myself an adept writer, but I'd be happy with anyone that is intermediate and over. I dislike one liners, so I ask that my partner always push for two full length paragraphs on average, but if things are particularly slow a paragraph won't disappoint me. I also expect my partner to be able to help drive the plot forward and to add in their own twists and turns.

    If you couldn't tell by the title, I almost exclusively only do lesbian roleplays and I prefer the submissive character of the two. I like dominant females as my character's love interest, and I rarely bend on that. However, I don't mind futanari characters. Side characters can be any gender or orientation. I mainly do roleplays through private messages, and I am fine with mature content of pretty much any level. With that being said, here is my generic list of pairings and plots that I am currently interested in. If you have something in mind don't hesitate to throw out your ideas as well.

    I generally post at least once a day, but sometimes I don't post at all. Know that I won't up and abandon our roleplay, so I also expect the same courtesy.

    Pairings I am currently open to:
    Super Hero x Sidekick
    Super Hero x Villain
    Super Hero x Love Interest
    x Knight
    Singer x Band member
    Nice girl x Badass girl
    Sheriff x Saloon Owner


    Sailor Moon!
    Usagi x Seiya
    Usagi x Haruka
    Attack on Titan!
    OC x OC
    Legend of Zelda!
    OC x OC (Either hyrulian, rito, zora)
    Resident Evil!​
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  2. Hello. I'm checking in with you real fast because of a couple things you said in your post.

    If you are seeking a roleplay that will contain explicit sex scenes, this should be moved to the Libertine forums. While I saw that you tagged it for 18+ and therefore likely know the age rules on Iwaku, that is still the safer bet to guarantee avoiding confusion between the two different age groups. I can easily move this for you, just let me know. If you are not looking for a roleplay that contains sex scenes, it would be best to edit out the parts that imply this, to avoid potential confusion.

    I would also like to let you know that writing smut over PMs is highly discouraged, because of potential age differences.
  3. I'm not looking for a roleplay that contains only explicit sex scenes. They'll happen through natural progression of the story, and all of my 1x1s have been private in the past.

    Also, do adults not have red stars and teens have cyan stars? I'm not sure how I would get confused if that's the case as it's super easy to tell and I'm not interested in having a private roleplay with them.

    Finally, this is a copy and paste from my original femme funhouse post which got archived after I stopped bumping it last year and no one told me I needed to change anything. I'm basically letting potential partner's know all of my expectations and limitations.
  4. I just reread my post again to see where you would get the idea that I'm seeking a role play with explicit sex scenes and I only mentioned sexual content once. My general partner request differs little from everyone else's that says they're fine with 'smut' and 'romance'.

    But I digress, I've changed the wording around.
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  5. Hello, I'd be interested in RPing with you :D
  6. You can PM me.
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