Female rpers pwease

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  1. I need a female Rper to RP with me. Why? Because I'm bored......I have a few Ideas I want to do....

    HighschoolerxNew student
    MistressxRescued Neko(Kinda want to do this one)

    The choice is yours
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  2. Interesting. I'm up for Neko x Human or Angel x Human. Whichever one you wanna do most.
  3. Heyyy~ I'm interested in AngelxHuman and HighschoolerxNew student!
  4. I'll PM you
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  5. Nekoxhuman. PM me
  6. Hey! :) I would love to do the mistress and rescued neko.
  7. Okay. Pm me
  8. I would be happy to do anything you would be interested in ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.